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Female, 25, Canada

I'm from Saskatchewan and I love video games and Transformers. I draw a lot in Colors!3D and I always seem to end up promoting it like crazy. I use Twitter faaaar too much so you may not want to follow me. XD

Thu 25th Oct 2012

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Kujo1597 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Tales of Eternia on my PSP but I hope to also get in some Persona 4 Arena playing too. I don't have a VITA so I can't play Golden. :/ But I'm really in the mood for something Persona 4 related that isn't the original game since I'll be playing Golden soon enough. :3



Kujo1597 commented on Colors! 3D Receiving Update Before The New Year:

@Erica_Hartmann That's the result of the developers not wanting to have invisible barriers around the edges. <a rel="external" href=""></a> Here's their words on the Support section the Colors! 3D gallery:
Question: When I paint, why doesn't the brush cursor always match the stylus position?

This is a consequence on how Nintendo exposed the stylus to us developers. There is no stylus movement reported at the 5 pixels closest to the screen edges. As we worked with that limitation, we decided that it was better to compensate for that and let the brush cursor position go all the way to the edge of the screen rather than have it hit an invisible barrier.

If you use Colors! 3D a lot, you can actually calibrate it to get around this. If you in the calibration screen touch the red circles a few pixels further out than you normally would, you will be able to paint accurately even at the edges of the screen. Of course, this has an slight effect on all other titles and while that is usually only noticeable during drawing and similar activities, you might only want to do that if you plan to spend a lot of time in Colors! 3D.

So I don't think it's something that's going to be fixed. I can see how it bugs you though.



Kujo1597 commented on Colors! 3D Receiving Update Before The New Year:

Ah, I totally forgot about wanting a search feature on the actual program. The search function on the site used to look in both the title and description but it stopped doing it after an update. Which kinda sucks since you can't look up "Firion" and find my comics. There are also times where the title doesn't say the thing/character but it's in the description. It can help people be more likey to get noticed while still keeping a title that isn't a paragraph long.

I'd like on on the actual program still. The site sometimes takes a while to load and I really like the gallery layout on the program. It's faster and you can see more thumbnails at a time.



Kujo1597 commented on Colors! 3D Receiving Update Before The New Year:

I'm looking forward to the Colours! 3D update. I hope that you will be able to check who all "Liked" a picture you drew. I tried that once by clicking on a star and that's why my Meru picture has 5 Likes. XD

@Thos who want straight line tool; Horizontal and verticle ones are pretty simple. You can use the edges of your touch screen. But I'm sure you already figured that one out. But I do wish there was something that chould be done about diagonal lines. My hands are super shaky. :/ I'm, glad I know about the borders though. Yeesh, just look at my first comic's borders and compare them to my last comic's borders.



Kujo1597 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st November 2012 (North Am...:

@Prof_Clayton Yeah, pretty much. You gotta take the good with the bad.

I'm not going to be picking up anything this week. I'd be more tempted to get Freakyforms if you weren't stuck only being able to use predetermined shapes. I loved Drawn to Life because I could draw my own guy to save cute little critters.

Well, I may download the Stylesavvy demo to see what all the hubub is about.