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Thu 19th Feb 2009

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KrazyKain commented on Review: The Ignition Factor (Virtual Console /...:

I unfortunately can't name the firefighting games I've played, but there's Firefighters: real heroes on Wii, theres one on the ps2, where the first level had you in a tunnel with lots of crashed cars (quite realistic at first, up until you were axing robots...)
And there was also a cartoony platform type firefighter on the PS1.



KrazyKain commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

Wow NL, I've never disagreed with any of your reviews as strongly as this one... when IGN and Gamespot are giving better scores then NL you know something is wrong..

I think you are trying to take it too seriously. Conduit 2 doesnt take itself as seriously as the first game and because of that has become a far better game.

I'm just glad I bought the game before reading this review because I'd have been very pissed if I missed out on the game.



KrazyKain commented on Review: Cosy Fire (WiiWare):

make fun of it as much as you want... my dad bought a dvd that just shows fireplaces and aquariums for his restaurant and people actually like it...

so obviously there IS a market for it



KrazyKain commented on Live Out Your Glory Days on January 17th for 2...:


I'd have to agree.
never liked them myself, and this, while graphically pretty is (in my personal opinion) the worst type of tower defence game, the ones where you can only set your towers on the side of a very strict path.



KrazyKain commented on GoldenEye's Success "Proves Core Games Sell on...:

OldVikingSchool... have you ever played a Cod game? melee is always overpowered, nothing more frustrating then unloading a clip into a guy who was just close enough to punch your face in... but its something I got used to by Cod2