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krakensoup commented on Feature: Have You Played... ZombiU?:

Funny this topic should pop up. I recently bought ZombiU for $10 brand new and thought I'd give it a shot. I played it for the first time last night and was actually quite impressed. Way better than I thought it would be and probably the best $10 bargain I've ever bought! Highly recommended game for Wii U owners! (Well, and PS4 and XB1 too now Isuppose)



krakensoup commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Somehow I don't think Star Fox Zero is really a system seller. I think it looks great and whenever it comes out I'll be getting it day 1, but I just don't think it has that mass appeal that everyone will be running out to buy Wii U's to play Star Fox. For people who mentioned Xenoblade, it looks great and will probably do well but it doesn't have that mass appeal either. Super Mario Maker is the real AAA title of 2015. Sadly for the entire year of 2015 we'll only have Splatoon and Super Mario Maker as the only 2 real mass appeal AAA games. Again, that doesn't mean Yoshi and Xenoblade are to be discounted, as those are greta games but they're not system sellers IMO.



krakensoup commented on Feature: The Wild And Wacky World Of WarioWare:

I keep wondering why there's no WarioWare on 3DS yet. The gyro controls would work perfectly in a new entry in the series, kind of like Twisted. You don't need to reinvent the wheel here, just make a new WarioWare game that's fun! Game & Wario was a letdown that strayed from the original formula. But the rest of the series is fantastic. All this article did was remind me how sad I am that no new WarioWare game has come out on 3DS.



krakensoup commented on Mario Memories: Rediscovering the Wonder in Ga...:

I just replayed Super Mario Galaxy a few weeks ago, for the first time since 2007. I forgot how great the game is. Not as groundbreaking as Super Mario 64 but a fantastic game in its own right. SMG2 is almost as good, but I enjoyed the original more.



krakensoup commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer...:

Super Mario 64 is and will always be my absolute favorite Mario game. Its a timeless classic just like the others before it. The levels were creative, open and varied. The gameplay still holds up well today. And Super Mario 64 is still the most groundbreaking game I've ever played.



krakensoup commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

Super Mario 64 - one of my all time favorite games and my all-time favorite Mario game. A true masterpiece in my opinion. No game better showcased the power of its own console. I would argue that Super Mario 64 was just as influential as the original Super Mario Bros - if not moreso. Most, if not all, modern day games owe something to the genius that is SM64. The gameplay holds up extremely well today, the graphics maybe not as much, but who cares? NES games' graphics don't hold up either. I think the majority of the people who dislike SM64 or don't appreciate it are those who never grew up with it, or if they did then all they care about is graphics. The N64 constantly seems to be referred to as an outdated console that didn't age well but I think that's completely blasphemy. The N64 is as timeless as any other retro console. It had so many fantastic games that really pushed the hardware and showcased what the system could do. Super Mario 64 in particular is just the crown jewel of the system and we just got lucky that it was the first game that came out for it. We didn't have to wait at all to get the best that system had to offer.



krakensoup commented on Collectors Rejoice, Rare amiibo Figures Are Ge...:

I've grown so tired of the whole Amiibo craze. I love Nintendo, the games they make, and even the concept of Amiibos, but the lack of restocking in America is just a joke. I've read countless articles about how rare Amiibos will be restocked and frankly, I haven't seen an ounce of evidence that verifies this. By "restocking" do they mean "each store will get 1 or 2 more in"? Because the shelves everywhere I go are already pretty bare and even then all I can find with no effort is Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Pikachu. The rest are all MIA.



krakensoup commented on Video: Take A Drip Down Memory Lane With Game ...:

I had Smart Ball. I thought it was a fun game but I had no idea it was made by Game Freak! I bet this article will send a lot of people hunting for a copy of Smart Ball / Jerry Boy! Also I had no idea they removed any content between the different regions.



krakensoup commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

Don't care about multiplayer at all. I'm a 100% single player. Way back during the N64 days my friends and I did play multiplayer all the time but that was when we didn't have jobs yet and lived down the street from each other. Perhaps one day when I have kids I'll play games with them but until then I'm all about single player.



krakensoup commented on Review: WarioWare Twisted! (GBA):

Ugh what a tease! I definitely thought this was coming to Wii U. The gyro controls would be a perfect fit for this game! Twisted was one of the best WW games.



krakensoup commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

Like most people I've been waiting for the Wii U to really take off. Sadly it doesn't look like it ever will. Yes we have Mario Maker, Star Fox, Xenoblade this year and Zelda next year but I would almost guarantee that after Zelda there will be nothing and then the NX will launch sometime in 2017, leaving a good 9-12 month gap with absolutely nothing in between. Oh well. I'm not planning on getting an NX unless they really impress me with it but I have a feeling the U will be my final Nintendo console. I haven't been truly happy with a console of theirs since the Gamecube.



krakensoup commented on Exclusive: We Almost Got A Wii U F-Zero Create...:

So...their request was denied and they just give up? Why can't Nintendo develop F-Zero themselves? Hell, give the game to Sega, they did an awesome job last time. Criterion would've been an excellent choice for F-Zero Wii U but come on, Nintendo, if they can't do it, do it yourself or give it someone else! Just watch now...we'll beg for a new F-Zero and we'll get something like F-Zero: Adventures of Captain Falcon which will end up being some sort of point and click adventure game. "Hey at least they gave us F-Zero though right?"



krakensoup commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

For me, the presentation itself was disappointing, not the games that are coming. Star Fox Zero looks great, Yoshi's Woolly World is a must-have as well as the brilliant Super Mario Maker. Even some games on 3DS like Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer look fun. So I'm not disappointed in the line-up of games coming in the next 8 or 9 months...BUT I was really let down with the Direct itself. 80% of it showed games we already knew about even if they are cool. The few newly announced games we got did not impress me and they could've seriously filled a lot of that space with more interesting stuff or games that do not get their time in the spotlight like Devil's Third. To waste a segment on an Animal Crossing Party game that's not even a retail game is ridiculous. At first I was mad when they revealed Metroid Prime Federation Force but honestly I don't care anymore. I won't be buying the game but it's not the end of the world. So, in the end the E3 presentation ultimately doesn't matter. What matters is we get a bunch of games in the coming months.



krakensoup commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

@NintenBo Do we know that it's extremely short with no extra content? From my understanding it's about the same length as Star Fox 64 which, with one playthrough is fairly short, but can be replayed multiple times to see all the content. To me that's not short. That's replay value. I understand the disappointment with lack of online play but it doesn't affect me. I still think it looks great.



krakensoup commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

So people are hating Star Fox now? That was the most impressive thing during their presentation. I think Star Fox looks fantastic. Yoshi and Mario Maker have been must-haves ever since they were first announced and they keep looking better and better. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse but Federation Force is not for me. M&L: Paper Jam looks great and was an unexpected surprise. Everything else I was pretty much take it or leave it.



krakensoup commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

So this confirms that a Metroid Prime 4 is NOT in the works right now. But probably will eventually be. So no Prime 4 any time soon. And basically Wii U is being killed off very slowly, which is what most of suspected anyway. RIP Nintendo RIP Wii U.



krakensoup commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

@IrishGamer97 That's the part that gets me. If they had a proper Metroid in development WHY would they cancel it and give us Federation Force instead? It literally makes zero sense. Release both then if they're so dead set on making a game that doesn't involve Samus. If they had shown off a Prime 4 or Metroid Dread IN ADDITION to the Federation Force I really don't think people would have flipped out but because Federation Force is all we were given it feels like an insult.



krakensoup commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

On the subject of Star Fox... the game can be played without gyro controls so I don't understand why people are disliking it for the controls. The game looks phenomenal and was pretty much the only impressive part of yesterday's E3.



krakensoup commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I'm a Metroid fan and I think it looks terrible but I'm not up in arms about it. I won't be buying it but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be made. Very disappointing to see that after 5 years since the last Metroid, 8 years since the last GOOD Metroid, and 11 years since the last 2D Metroid...this is all they can offer us. I have no problems with spinoff titles but remember in 2002 when Metroid was thought to be dead back then? The last game at that point was Super Metroid in 1994. But they rectified the drought of 8 years with Metroid Prime AND Metroid Fusion. Job well done. But imagine INSTEAD of Prime and Fusion we got Metroid Prime Pinball and ONLY Prime Pinball? LOL What a joke that would've been. But because they gave us not one but TWO legit entries in 2002 even after an 8 year drought they really made up for lost time in my opinion. But releasing Federation Force after an 8 year drought since the last Prime game and 5 years since Other M which most people hated...this game is a slap in the face.



krakensoup commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:

@JoakimZ Agreed. It looks bad, and maybe if they rebranded it as something else it wouldn't have been hated so much but to make us wait 5 years since the last Metroid, 8 years since the last good Metroid, and 11 years since the last 2D Metroid... and they give us THIS... is extremely disappointing.



krakensoup commented on Feature: What We Expect from Nintendo's E3 Dig...:

Huge list of things I'd love to see (but I'll be happy if even just ONE of these is shown):

  • Diddy Kong Racing 2
  • Mother 3 remake on 3DS or on Wii U Virtual Console
  • Mother 1 + 2 + 3 compilation on 3DS
  • Donkey Kong Country 6
  • New F-Zero
  • New Wario Ware on 3DS
  • SNES Remix
  • New Advance Wars on 3DS
  • Pikmin 4 or Pikmin 3DS
  • Any new 3D Mario game (Galaxy 3, Sunshine 2, SM64 2, Sunshine HD, etc)
  • New Paper Mario
  • Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U or Metroid Dread on 3DS


krakensoup commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

I gotta say I'm not really a Star Fox fan. Star Fox 64 is a blast and Adventures was great but only a SF game in name. Never got into the original, Assault, or Command. However I'm still looking forward to seeing what this one will be like. I'm hoping whatever it is it will impress the hell out of me.



krakensoup commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:

@JaxonH The fact that they're not producing enough of the more "niche" characters to meet to demands. There's no way they're making enough of ALL of them. There are plenty of Marios, Bowsers, Luigis, Links, etc but what about Shulk, Ness, Marth, and the 3 Pack of Splatoon? If they made enough to meet demand they wouldn't be going for $50+ on eBay being sold by scalpers.