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krakensoup commented on Interview: GungHo's Daisuke Yamamoto Talks Puz...:

@Kirk As I play the 3DS version I'm having so much fun that I'd never know it was a mobile game in the first. It feels like an honest to goodness Nintendo game. (At least the Mario Bros portion does) There is no forced tutorial but they do throw hints at you in the beginning but in my experience its never annoying. Honestly the 3DS version is fantastic. Probably my favorite puzzle game on the system right now. I absolutely loathe mobile games and everything they stand for. I hate the F2P model and the constant pop-ups and reminders to play everyday. I don't want to connect to Facebook every time I play a game and I avoid playing any games on mobile for these reasons. The 3DS version is void of all of that nonsense and I really cannot recommend it enough.



krakensoup commented on Interview: GungHo's Daisuke Yamamoto Talks Puz...:

@Kirk I haven't played the mobile game so I can't comment on it but from the sound of it I'm glad I never did. But I can talk about the 3DS version which is absolutely a fun game with no hassle. You just boot up the game and can choose between Puzzles & Dragons Z or P&D Super Mario Bros. Thats it. No advertising, no "agree to terms and user licensing" BS or whatever. It plays just like any other 3DS game. No in-game purchasing, no DLC, everything is there. I highly recommend it.



krakensoup commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

I think both physical and digital have their benefits but the day physical releases are no longer being supported is the day I stop buying new games. I know digital is the way of the future and from a business standpoint I also know its the route that makes the most sense but as a consumer it makes me unhappy. Years from now I'll be able to play my favorite retro games since ikk own the cartridge/CD and no those formats are not perfect but as long as you take care of then they should last you a lifetime or longer. As for digital you're completely at the mercy of the developer whether or not that game will be available to you years from now.



krakensoup commented on Hardware Review: REVO K101 Plus:

GBA SPs are not that expensive. If you get a loose system it will usually run you $50-80 depending on condition and brighter screen or not. Sounds like a decent machine though but I guess I just prefer the original hardware.



krakensoup commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

Probably my least favorite Mario Party game yet but still mildly entertaining. It feels way too streamlined at times and most of the minigames feel like rehashes. It's not a bad game in small doses though. I personally love the Bowser Party mode but I couldn't help but feel they could've expanded on this so much more. For what it is though I'd give it a 6.5/10.



krakensoup commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

Unfortunately never owned a Dreamcast but I've wanted one for some time now. I might just bite the bullet and get one and start a collection one of these days.



krakensoup commented on Nintendo Submits Trademark for NES Controller:

They should produce more NES, SNES and N64 controllers. It was great to see new GCN controllers being produced even if they were meant for Smash Bros Wii U.

@Grumblevolcano That thought has me frothing at the mouth. A console that is compatible with all Nintendo controllers? They'd have to make every console's entire library available or at least most of it. That'd be the ultimate console.



krakensoup commented on Playtonic Releases First Animated Footage From...:

Ugh I can't wait much longer! It's been so long since I last anticipated a game this much. Rare of the N64 era was my absolute favorite developer and now it feels as if they're back but with a new face. I seriously hope Project Ukelele turns out as great as I think it will. Btw the animation is pretty cool!



krakensoup commented on Feature: The Making of Rocket: Robot on Wheels:

I rented this back in the day but honestly didn't remember too much of it. I bought it recently and played it last night and can affirm, yes this game is indeed great. I didn't think the "Chick-Tac-Toe" minigame was too obscure. I figured it out in a minute or two. A sequel would be most welcome (by me at least)



krakensoup commented on Review: Terranigma (Super Nintendo):

I am playing this for the first time right now and I feel like I just took a portal to 20 years ago. What a truly amazing game this is. I remember trying this on an emulator about 15 years ago but ended up not liking it because I thought the 5 Towers part was the whole game, and I grew very bored of it. But now I'm playing it on an actual SNES, I'm far past chapter 1, and now I get why this game is considered a masterpiece of the SNES.



krakensoup commented on Satoru Iwata Reiterates Plans for Quality of L...:

Hmm "third pillar".. Where have I heard that term before..? Oh right! The Nintendo DS! Remember when the DS was introduced as a third pillar alongside the GCN and GBA? Well what happened then? Wii replaced Cube and DS replaced GBA. No third pillar there. So which console is this QOL nonsense replacing?



krakensoup commented on New Fire Emblem 3DS Title Set For Battle in Ja...:

@Artwark I hear ya. I desperately want a new Advance Wars. The team that makes them has been tied up with Code Name STEAM though, which almost looks like a Battalion Wars type game. I;m excited for Code Name STEAM and Fire Emblem but I agree, I want a new Advance Wars!