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Sat 26th March, 2011

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Kosmo commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

@Senario No need to be harsh. What I meant is that competitivity derives from how the game plays. If one can't execute that one special-half-glitch move, it doesn't mean the game is bad, it means one's got to learn the game another way and still enjoy it for what it is. I'm not saying I want my style of play only, but that it would feel good if people stopped complaining and be glad for what's actually there. I can bet my arm that there will be a LOT of hate on SBB4 from so-called "fans" because it "lacks" something they want. But antyhing missing from a game made with so much care and with such an amazing man at its command had good chances of being left aside for a good reason.
Once again, I'm not trying to be aggressive or anything...



Kosmo commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

Am I the only one thinking that wave-dashing and such "advanced" techniques are crap? It's SSB we're talking about, not Street Fighter... For me, competitive gameplay kinda ruins the mindless fun the series offers. SSB4 is not yet out, and people are already crying out about the physics, and the wavedashing. Hey guys, how about you enjoy that game Sakurai's team and Namco put so much work into to its full, and have a laugh with your friends, instead of complaning?



Kosmo commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

I didn't listen to the review and got the game.

Honestly, I wish I didn't.

It's just a generic platformer with Yoshi. There is nothing worthy of notice: the levels are bland, the secrets are randomly hidden, I spent my time looking for eggs because of those gazillion bonus coulds... Plus, the tweaks on Yoshi are all bad. He goes too fast, there is a slight delay before he launches his eggs, and his flutter jump just feels weird.
The graphics are ok but by no means great, but that's not the worst.
The worst is THE MUSIC! It sucks. I feel like my 3DS is being sick in my ears. It's dissonant! It's horrible! What the heck?
I just finished DKC:TF, and this Yoshi just doesn't hold on one second when facing the Kongs.
As much as I am a Nintendo fan, I'm giving this game a 4/10.



Kosmo commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Then, men should attack games like God of War for displaying such overwhelming level of testoterone. ANd DUke Nukem. Those games are not purveying an acceptable and realistic image of men... (is what I would say if I was the kind of idiot who wanted to censor games)
Double-standards, man...



Kosmo commented on Nintendo and Retro Studios Speak on Resistance...:

When the cream of smart gaming is Candy Crush and Angry Birds, I don't think it can be consideredas a viable hardcore gaming system. It rather feels like the Atari 2600 at the time, having overly simplistic games. If Smart gaming does evolve, it could be worth it, but right now, it's like it was porting an arcade game to a home system in the 80's: total crap, a bad idea, and purely for money.
And don't even get me me started on the micro-transaction stuff. It's evil.



Kosmo commented on Rayman Legends On Wii U Is Still The ''Definit...:

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who didn't like the Murphy levels. WHoever plays with the Gamepad in those levels gets bored, and the others have to wait to coordinate with him. They are terrible levels breaking the flow of the game. When I wanted to re-do the game, I actually didn't because of the Murphy levels. The Origin levels were much more enjoyable because they were uncluttered.
Also, past the element of surprise, there's not much. Rayman Legends is clearly not a game you can enjoy more than once. The levels are not hard, or imagnative, the secrets aren't well hidden, and 100% completion is easy. It clearly doesn't stand up to any Mario game. Clearly, if I want a frantic multiplayer platforming experience, I'm picking Super Luigi Uover it.
So, sure, the musical levels are genius, but there are only 6 of them, and when you know them by heart, they lose interest. And the challenges... same thing: only five, get old quick.
For me the best 3rd party effort on Wii U is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. THAT'S a game you can over and over.



Kosmo commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

The Gamepad works well as a second screen in my opinion, like the one on Nintendo 3DS. Constant use of it would be annoying. Rayman Legends is near un-replayable to me because I HATE the levels with Murphy. They're funny once, not twice. I'm perfectly content to have my inventory or map displayed on a handy second screen, and to have gyroscopic controls sometimes. And off-TV play.
In many ways, the Gamepad is very well used as a discreet, but convenient touch to an awesome system. Of course it could be used in very funny ways, like in NintendoLand, but then wouldn't it become annoying to switch constantly between the two screens? Or to see your friend have fun with the new controller while you're stuck with a Wiimote? I,for one, think so...



Kosmo commented on Nintendo Looking Into "Little Experiences" on ...:

@Tomires We obviously don't have the same tastes in games. Doesn't mean either of our opinions aren't valid. For me, the Vita is as weak as the PSP was, I don't enjoy the so-called AAA games and portable gaming is never going to go all out on phones. It's good that we have different needs though. That way, developers thrive to please everyone. (i like to think that)



Kosmo commented on Nintendo Looking Into "Little Experiences" on ...:

@Tomires I do own a Vita, and a PSP, and my honest opinion is that I never should have bought them. They are soul-less, game-less systems that oddly fit in my hands. The back-touch screen is a complete disaster, it's akward to use and the system itself is unintuitive. It lacks any kind the savoir-faire Nintendo puts into their own systems and games. Basically, it's just an underpowered PS3 with a gimmick. When I play the PS3, I like to be in my couch and look at my TV, not play it in short bursts but for some time. Yet, that's what portable gaming is all about and the Vita has understood nothing about it. And the games... the selection is dire to say the least...
I still stand by my ground on the phones not being powerful enough. They do a thousand things at the same time, and can't (I'm pretty sure) handle a modern game without slowdown. The 3DS, despite its being underpowered, is all about gaming. Phones will slow down, maybe crash, if they try to run a powerful game. Square-Enix said recently phones can't handle FF7 yet. Given they'll try to make big bucks on EVERYTHING, I'd trust them.



Kosmo commented on Nintendo Looking Into "Little Experiences" on ...:

Phone aren't powerful enough to play real games, games that meet today's players wants. The consoles that tried to mix in too many things with portable gaming ended up being mediocre at everything, like the N-Gage and even the PSP and Vita.
When people need a quick fix of gaming that lasts 5 minutes, they'll play Angry Birds, but to play a REAL game like Mari Kart, you need a good sreen, a good grip on the console, a good processor in the system, and buttons, not touch control that messes-up everything.
Nintendo is never going to go for half-baked games that control like garbage. They have standards, and that's what their public expect of them. The other companies can do lazy ports like Sonic Transformed on 3DS, but Nintendo won't.



Kosmo commented on Review: Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (Wii U ...:

Really complex and overwhelming at the start, but I do love that game. I played as Caitlin, and I love being a pirate, but I didn't realize that'd come with having the whole Spanish Armada at my heels! I now live in fear... And I love it. So enthralling!



Kosmo commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

It's just a a drop in the ocean, but I'm with everyone in saying that the author of this article is a complete idiot and has no clue whatsoever at what's going on.

The lazy workers are a stereotype, just like the tyrannic boss, and they go together. WHile he's at it, he could attack Disney because Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck have the exact same relationship.

The Gerudo are brown skinned because they live in the freaking desert! It would be strange for them to be white. And Ganondorf is green... As it's been pointed out, the Gerudo couldn't be more different from current Arab people, because they are a tribe of warrior women dressing... lightly. And the crescent shape is just on so many flags of Northern African countries...

How about Zelda? Well... SHE IS A FREAKING PRINCESS! She's being captured because that's what princesses do. Why don't you attack Peach then? And the "princess" in Save Mii? And Razpunzel? And every single princess princess in CHILDREN'S TALES? At least Zelda has the guts to make a stand as Sheik. She also helps you escape from the castle. And to finish Ganon. Did you ever play the game???

And the cows... screw you. Cows are here to give milk and be eaten, get over it. Otherwise they'd be wild animals, not farm animals. Go back to the Carebear world if you can't handle the simplest of reality. (I imagine the author of this BS pestering waiters at the restaurant: "Do you know what this is? This is meat! Yes, I ordered meat, but I'm very unhappy to eat it and I'm going to be a donkey about it too!")



Kosmo commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

EA can start telling Nintendo how to run its business when it learns how to make good games. They have been spitting crap for the last 5 years or so while Nintendo was flying high. Fifa? Crap. Movie games? Crap! And games on cell phones? Generally crap.



Kosmo commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I think I know what that weird, ugly corridor is!

It's where Samus fought Ridley while falling in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. If that's a stage, it's going to be epic!!!!! And that would explain the ugliness, because everthing will be rushing by, no time to actually see it.



Kosmo commented on Developer Interview: WayForward on Shantae: Ha...:

How about we just stop fighting over what Kirk says. He is no bad guy, he has a valid point with solid arguments after all. If you still disagree, which, incidentally, I do, well, tough. Things can't be all black or white.
Shantae is less sexy, but cuter. Very often, a simpler, less convoluted style can give a better impression of action thanks to deformation effects that are very difficult to apply sucessfully to very detailed models. Look at WarioLand SD. It is gorgeousness incarnate, and Wario's style is very simple. AND he still Wario. DIsgaea D2 will also apply a simpler style to Laharl and his cohorts, and it looks great to me. Actually, Shantae's design and proportions remind me very much of the newest style of Nippon Ichi Software.
Main point of this post: I like the new style, it looks great.



Kosmo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

Nintendo told us they were bringing out the bug guns and they did. Of course we know what games they had in store for us, but it won't make them less enjoyable. The trailers were still full of surprises, and there was plenty of them. The Smash Bros trailer was just awesome!
Right now, the WIi U needs solid games, that's what's coming, and that's what we've been asking for. Except for Zelda Wii U, and a hypothetical Metroid or Star Fox, we've got exactly what we wanted, no?



Kosmo commented on PES 2014 Will Not Be Dispensed On Wii U:

The Wii U is not host to the CoD/Fifa "gamers" ("yeah, I'm a gamer, I play CoD, lawl, Nintendo is for kids, go play some real games where you shoot people").

Those guys will play on Playstation anyway. No loss here.



Kosmo commented on The Conduit Getting HD Remake For Mobile Tegra...:

<trolling>If it doesn't come to Wii U I won't miss it. It's arguably the worst FPS I ever played: corridors, horrible story, even worst gameplay, I sold it after 5 hours of playing it. No, enduring it. Let us never speak of that steaming pile of garbage again... </trolling>



Kosmo commented on The Darksiders Series Looks To Be Over:

Not to be a troll, but I never liked that series. It didn't know if it wanted to be Zelda or God of War and just failed miserably at both in my opinion. So, it's not going to make me sad.



Kosmo commented on Feature: Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far:

I just hope this episode will bring the changes Pokémon needs so badly. While playing Black 2, I couldn't help but think: "I did that before. 5 times. Yes, I know how to catch a Pokémon, don't show me! Dammit, stop blocking the road until I get the city's badge, I want to go and train there!"

Pokémon is déjà-vu from beginning to finish. If it wants to stay afloat, it really needs to get fresh ideas. The GameCube episodes, XD and Colosseum, weren't great, but they certainly are a start.

And plus, seriously, the 3DS can do better than that graphically! GameFreak, use the UbiArt engine and give us good looking sprites for once!



Kosmo commented on Feature: Our Staff's Thoughts on Wii U - Part One:

My personal liking of the Wii U was no surprise, as I always have been a great fan of Nintendo consoles, but what really surprised me was my family's reaction. I brought back the Wii U home, and was immediately told to shut the blasted thing down so people could watch some TV.
It was a matter of minutes before everyone, my dad, mom, sister and girlfriend were around the TV, fighting to see who would be the next Ghost in the Luigi's Mansion attraction. I bet if Nintendo had filmed us, they could use the footage as a TV add. We played all together for 3 hours before stopping.
And then the next day they came to me and asked to play some more.
I think the Wii U really has a huge potential of bringing people together for a fun moment, even more than the Wii did. The simplicity of use for the GamePad and the convivial games really are a hit. I greatly hope to see more, and very soon too!



Kosmo commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

I totally agree with Drewciffer. As much as I enjoyed GS:DD, the plot felt shallow and the game clearly lacked the epicness of GS: Lost Age. When I see that such an enormous game held on a GBA cartridge, having to put up with a ridiculously tiny world map, very few side quests and a childish plot on a DS cartridge really put me off.
What did work was the fighting, and overall gameplay. That was spot on.



Kosmo commented on Miyamoto: "Angry Birds Would Have Been Better ...:

I can see how it would be better for DS: no slowdowns, no adds, no loading times... Maybe it's just that my phone is ageing, but I'd LOVE it for the DS. Plus, the touch controls are very responsive, not like on tactile phones (not the ones with stylus, but that only work with fingers, see what I mean?)