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Wed 5th Sep 2012

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koopatroopaX commented on SteamWorld Heist Release Date and Pricing Conf...:

You bet I'm excited! I've had $15 stored in the eShop reserved for this game ever since the teaser came out in Sept 2014! Too bad that I will have to top up my account a bit to cover the extra cost, but this is still a day one purchase for me!



koopatroopaX commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The North American 3DS ...:

yoshi's island for the 3ds looks like a remake of the original to the exact with eye candy and a few new powerups added. really hoping that view holds true. anyone else hoping for baby bowser's theme to be remixed better then ever, if that is even possible!?



koopatroopaX commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star Had Some Mini-Games ...:

I don't understand why people hate PM:SS. This game is the second best paper mario, behind TTYD IMO, and I have played all of them. I actually like the sticker concept because of the level difficulty involved. If you lose all your stickers, or if something takes the away from you (Scaredy Rats), then you have to run away or die. The constant challenge of having to rearrange your stickers to make more room, especially when going up against a boss, with NO BOSS SPECIFIC STICKER makes the game much more interesting. I am probably one of the few people here that LIKE to take on the boss the hard way and destroy it through sheer overwhelming power (in this case lots of stickers). I agree that the sticker concept could have been used a little more effectively by removing the infi-jump sticker, as it is cheap beyond belief, and 6-3 did seem to be missing the minigames from the shortness of the level, but it still did its job perfectly. Maybe in the future the company will release the missing content as DLC, a patch, etc. or maybe a person will hack the game and reinsert the minigames on his/hers own time. But for now, PM:SS will stay as my favorite game for a long time, even if it is missing a bit of content. PS: Who tried to beat Bowser in his cardboard form WITHOUT using Kristi? I got down to 20 hp before I used all my stickers, which only filled 5 pages. The final boss is actually more challenging IMO then the shadow queen if you try to beat it head on without using Kristi, which makes it all the more interesting.



koopatroopaX commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

to be honest i have always loved Mario games. i have got the majority of games for the ds and gba, including all the rpg's, but i have never played a "new" super mario game, so i am super excited to try this one out. i understand that this game is pretty much recycled, but still it is a new experiece for me, and it probably will e a very good one at that. you know, Nintendo might be trying to appeal to new members of the nintendo community and want them to see and try out these amazing looking games. for the older members it might be dissapointing, but nintendo is also coming out with awesome games like super mario galaxy 3 and super smash bros universe, pretty much just for the old timers, and possibly luigi's mansion dark moon too. i have not played any wii or gamecube games and am not planning to do so anytime soon, even for the wii u. i think that this is a great game for any new comers, but it still could appeal to older members for nogstaglia.