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Wed 15th Apr 2009

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Kolma commented on Video: Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review - King Of The ...:

@Damo I've been able to do it since I bought it before i did any fw updates.
It appears on the home screen that you get the option to disable and never have it pop up again.
That said, my controller doesn't even want to ever sync to my console. I've used it like twice with success. every other time it just blinks and does nothing or causes my Retron 5 to crash... ( I should really contact Hyperkin one day)



Kolma commented on LostWinds Now Available For Wii to Wii U Transfer:

I've transfered like 3 or 4 wiis to my Wii U
The original from my own was the first and was no problem.
All other ones since then were not originally my Wii, I've deleted all Miis, and save files from them and made sure to delete all the channels on the home and off SD card so nothing is saved on it (makes the transfer MUCH quicker)

Then simple do another transfer, it will ask you if you want to replace the wifi information and hit no, then just download the new games off the wiishop on your wii u!



Kolma commented on Wario's Woods:

Wii Shop Release Date:
19th Nov 2006, 500 points (USA)
8th Dec 2006, 500 points (UK/EU)
12th Dec 2006, 500 points (JPN)
3DS eShop Release Date:
29th May 2013, ¥500 (JPN)
25th Oct 2013, £3.59/€3.99 (UK/EU)
7th Nov 2013, $500.00 (USA)
Wii U eShop Release Date:
7th Nov 2013, $500.00 (USA)

$500 seems a tad much for this game, think I'll skip for now~



Kolma commented on Nintendo Download: 19th September (North America):

Whether or not Nintendo is releasing SMB today because of Yamauchi.
Or that they kept his death secret until today.
I will still be buying it both for what it means, and that it's a great game to this date.



Kolma commented on Groove Heaven:

Money in my account for whatevs (like 6 bucks)
Waiting on review to see if I should spend it on this game.



Kolma commented on Zelda: Four Swords is Out Now in Europe:

This needs to come sooner to America
Also Aviator, you are on the other side of the pond and the game is free, whip out your DSi,DSiXL or 3DS and download that suckah



Kolma commented on Site News: Nintendo Life's eShop Appearance:

I remember this site back when it was WiiWare World with that crazy scientist dude.
Nice to see that you guys have reached it big time and are in the 3DS eshop
Nintendo should start giving you guys early access to games so you can have day 1 reviews, as well as having links to these reviews on all the games in the eshop



Kolma commented on Top 20 DSiWare Games in USA (1st Oct):

i bought it >_>;;;

than again i already own..

DSi Browser, Flipnote studios

WarioWare: Snapped, Paper Airplane Chase, Bird & Beans, Mario vs. Donkey Kong Mini March Again!, Mighty Flip Champs!, PiCTOBiTS, BOXLIFE, Asphault 4: Elite Racing, Pop+ Solo, Dragon Quest Wars.

Animal Crossing Clock, Animal Crossing Calculator, Mario Clock, Mario Calculator, Photo Clock.

Thank you Pepsi promo and about 60 something bottles x_X (and free points in addition from friends)



Kolma commented on Guitar Rock Tour:

@FATEM i got it launch xD' check my profile for vids on a side note just found out this game HAS NO VOCALS!!!! the songs sound like garbage now ... 500 points for full game + cam - vocals.... or 20 bucks for full game + vocals - cam.... thats 15 bucks and download vsw. retail copy



Kolma commented on Guitar Rock Tour:

man i loved this game on ds ;-; dont have no more and at 500 points this is a steal... but seeing how long asphalt 4 took to come out...



Kolma commented on US Rock Band promotion yields free Nintendo Po...:

I've known about this forever ago, and have been buying pepsi's since day one, have 35 pepsi points turned into wii points and u win EVERY TIME also, most places have pepsi's for 1.25, and some for evern 1.00 (20 oz btw) so its been paying for all of my DSiWare and a couple of WiiWare and VC