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Mon 7th November, 2011

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Koapa commented on Video: This IronFall Tech Demo is Rather Impre...:

I have played this video (and one downloaded directly from developers website) and the presented graphic on "3DS" lags !!!
I have tried this on 3 computers + server, if it is only playback problem, but it lags everywhere.
This engine should be polished for speed, not beautifulness.



Koapa commented on Ghostlight Opens European Pre-Orders For Devil...:

Oh, no.
I have the SMT1:Overlocked and its really good game. But buing a DS game in time of 3DS? If there is a 3DS realese of SMT2 OK, but now...
I will really consider it...
25Ł are really much. If they took the new japanese re-release, it will be a "must buy" for me.



Koapa commented on Nintendo Download: 11th July (Europe):

Yes, finally, Shaun the Sheep for download.
I love them.

Unfortunatelly, my Nintendo Video is not working anymore.
Video is downloaded (I see the progress bar), but after it, nothing is displayed.



Koapa commented on Nintendo Download: 4th April 2013 (Europe):

I have Toki Tori GBC on my 3DS.
This game is really hard /some levels for sure/, but there is always a good solution. The magical key is - Try it again :-)
Shame, Toki Tori 2 is WiiU only :-(