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Tue 7th February, 2012

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Klimbatize commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

I once had a post deleted for telling someone how to find a MV artist's NNID. It was dinged as "Personal Information". I was also banned for typing someone's NNID. Yes. Seriously. The entire post was nothing but an NNID because the person above me asked what someone's was so they could friend them. Dinged as "Personal information". Nowhere in the Code of Conduct does it say you can't share NNIDs. And why wouldn't we be able to? They are right there on the profile pages.

I bring this up for all the people who say it's hard to be banned. No it's not. If someone has an issue with you (or they're just bored) they can report bomb posts claiming they were offended, or that you're speaking in code, and admins would rather just delete than think. For example, I had a post deleted that discussed statistics on a game. It was deleted for sharing personal information. I called on that one, and they said the person reporting it said I was giving out my Friend code in code. I wasn't. It was a legit conversation about stats. I proceeded to tell them that my FC didn't remotely match the numbers in the post, and they said they would rather err on the side of caution. When I got off the phone I found my account was banned for the infraction. Despite the post being deleted several hours earlier, I was banned after making the call. I was not rude or inflammatory on the phone btw.

The Wii U thing doesn't affect me, but I do think if they are going to ban every ID on a device they need to moderate better. Profanity, bullying, dirty pictures, obvious bans. But discussing stats? Explaining how to look up the very public NNIDs? Nintendo has a search button for NNIDs! Going to be a lot of innocent people banned because some kid decides to report bomb others for fun.



Klimbatize commented on Lucas DLC Confirmed for 14th June Release on S...:

I'd rather some paid DLC that brings in different game modes. Like on 3DS, I like the concept of Smash Runs, especially when doing local play, but I'd like a version where after the 5 minute run you can choose more than just 1 final event. Adding the option to play from 1 to all of the final events with the stats you accumulated during that 5 minute run would be fun. Then award points based on standings after each event.

I don't know, just off the top of my head. I guess that's not really DLC, but just an update that would be appreciated to improve some of the modes already in play.

Though I would pay for a DLC stage creator for 3DS.

New characters at these costs aren't enticing to me.



Klimbatize commented on Review: Heart Beaten (3DS eShop):

@unrandomsam Of course it would be different. But you're not beating and hacking away at a wife in this game. It's a heart. If the gameplay in this one had you beating and hacking away at another person, and they just called it "Heart Beaten", then you'd have a point.

Side Note: Heart Broken seems like a better name for this, or even Heart Attack.



Klimbatize commented on Review: DOOORS (3DS eShop):

The change in difficulty is likely by design. A lot of puzzle games do this to keep a player from becoming too they follow a tough puzzle with a relatively easy one. It helps with the sense of progress. I've read some designers write about it.



Klimbatize commented on Review: Navy Commander (3DS eShop):

I can't believe this is $10. If you want Battleship on your 3DS, get Radar Mission for less than a third of this cost. Or even Sea Battle for $2. They actually have more variety than this.



Klimbatize commented on Video: Here's How Long Mugen Power's New Ninte...:

The only downside I've had so far since upgrading from an original 3DS to the New 3DS XL is the battery life. I had a Nyko Power Pak battery in my OG 3DS very early on and I loved the added weight and battery time. Even always having 3D and brightness all the way up, I very rarely saw that red light.

But with the N3DS, I've seen it a few times. Often because I forget to put it on the charger when I get home (previously I would only charge it overnight). I never used to have to turn down brightness or the 3D to extend battery life, but now I often do. Poor me.

I'm seriously considering getting one of these. It's pricey, but I actually think it's worth the investment for me.



Klimbatize commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

Has anyone else transferred wirelessly? I've seen two differing reports on how long it takes. One person said 4 gbs took about an hour. Another person said 4 gbs took closer to 5. That seems insanely long.

Can anyone else who has done a wireless transfer remember how long it took?



Klimbatize commented on Review: Gunman Clive 2 (3DS eShop):

@Kaze_Memaryu Respectfully, there is no way you 100%ed all three characters in two hours. I assume you are not including No Hit Runs and Speed Badges.

The only thing I can assume you mean is you beat it with all three characters on Easy in two hours, and even that seems highly unlikely for the first time through the game.

Anyway, after playing Gunman Clive 2 some more, I actually prefer it to the original, which is saying something. Much more dynamic gameplay, variety of environments, and I really like the visuals. 9/10 is just right, especially considering it's only $3.

I also laughed at the homage to a certain puzzle game. Love those little surprises.