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Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@TheRealThanos I don't have any Xbox consoles (so no Xbox Live), or Playstations, or even a Wii U or 3DS etc.

I'm too poor right now lol :-(

Friend me on Facebook and we can chat: KirkDJohnston, or if it's easier to find iNCEPTIONAL Facebook etc.

I'm off to bed now though cause it's like 1:30 in the morning.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@TheRealThanos Oh yeah. My Wii is soft modded so I could maybe give it a try on that. It's been a while since I used my Wii though and I expect it will be a hassle getting all the homebrew stuf to work properly at this point. I know last time I tried it half the games that previously worked fine didn't anymore so I know it's going to be a hassle and I'm not sure it's fully worth it :-o

Edit. Yeah, I noticed that too and added the 64 in during the last tweak to my text lol



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@TheRealThanos Those are just the videos and screens that pop up when I do quick searches. I know these games def look better in real life but they're good enough just for example purposes :-)

Yeah, I agree that games should be judged relative to their time but at the same time it's also a very good judge of a game to see how well it holds up over time too. The best games hold up well over a long time despite technology advancing. Turok 1 is a great example that at least visually has not stood the test of time at all in some ways. That fog, basically hiding pop-in a few feet in front of you, is just bad and again the overall look of the textures is just muddy and dull. Turok 2 holds up much better; which goes to my next point...

Even judging Turok 1 relative to the hardware it was running on at the time of its release it's still pretty bad because as I already mentioned, Turok 2 does a much better job, and something like GoldenEye just trounces it and holds up so much better visually and technically.

So it is possible to judge games in a few different ways but you do have to fair to the relevant variables in each specific case.

The retro magazine reviews were just to show that the definition of the use of the word 'graphics' in terms of video games has always been BOTH aesthetics/art AND technical aspects; just in case anyone brought up the idea that when someone says one game has better graphics than another they must only be referring to such a thing on a technical level, which isn't the case and it's certainly not the case in what I've been saying. Just wanted to make that point clear, because of an earlier comment, and I thought the magazine reviews would be a good way to clearly show how other professionals have always use the word and it's meaning, even back in the day.

I personally am discussing the various qualities of the graphics between both Star Fox and Star Fox 64 although primarily in regards to the artistic/aesthetic aspects and the overall visual design. So I'm saying the original game has better art and design overall but ultimately I personally think that also equals better graphics overall too in this case because I don't think the technical aspects carry as much weight. Certainly not enough between these two examples to really sway anything imo.

I'd like to try Star Fox Assault but I only play these retro games primarily via emulators nowadays so I doubt I'll be able to do that since I don't have a GC emulator and probably couldn't run it if I did :-(



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

I'll tell you something I just discovered with Star Fox 64...

That you can turn on/off the aim cursor by pressing R while on the Pause menu :-o

This makes aiming in the game SOOO much easier imo because now you're actually using the blaster's trajectory to aim precisely, just like in the original Star Fox, rather than that awkward twitchy aim cursor in Star Fox 64 that tracks slightly ahead of the actual blaster, which I've never liked.

Edit: Not ideal for targetting with the powered up lock-on blaster however lol



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@TheRealThanos Haha! I totally missed the 'thin lines' dig lol

@shani Technically speaking; he can say an older game running on clearly less powerful hardware has better graphics because the definition of 'graphics' when it comes to video games means BOTH the aesthetic/artistic elements, like the use of colour, the artwork that went into the textures, the character designs, the level designs (visually) and composition for example, alongside the technical aspects, like the resolution, frame-rate, how many parallax layers there are, how many polygons it's pushing and all the shader effects it's running etc. In the case of the original Star Fox; when people say it has better graphics I think they generally mean from the art & design side of things because it's clearly not as technically advanced as 64 in any area and ultimately impressive tech is always fleeting whereas great art & design can last forever.

So, personally, I think Star Fox has better realised graphics than Star fox 64, from an aesthetic/artistic and just general/overall design point of view. I think objectively it does too, in terms of the aesthetics and overall visual design. Star Fox 64 clearly trumps the original technically though...but are we REALLY debating that the tech, which by its very nature is always destined to look dated, is what's important in a game's graphics? I know I am not (as cool and impressive as it sometimes; for a little while).

I mean this was considered technically stunning in its day (So much fog!): It's not however technically stunning now. It is in fact fugly as hell.

There's also absolutely nothing about this that's remotely technically impressive in this day and age either: It does however still look great. Of course, it can be argued it's not even a real video game; just an interactive cartoon :-P lol

PS. Just in case; for anyone that doesn't believe me when I say 'graphics' means BOTH the art AND the tech then just check out a few professional video game reviews from back in the day (Look at the 2 editor comments in each review and what it says at the end under "GRAPHICS'):



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@TheRealThanos I'm terrible for forcing my views. It's a bad habit I have lol

PS. I think I get what you mean by 'thin lines' lol Clean, sharp, smooth edges; like the ones on the edges of the polygon models in Virtua Racing as opposed to the ones in the original Star Fox, right?

Although; again; I'd say this is judging technology rather than art & design and the game designers, artists and creators can't be blamed or judged on the tech they were stuck with at the time but what they did with it and to me it's very clear the Star Fox team wielded that SNES tech way better than the Star Fox 64 team did the N64 tech in terms of creating great looking art & design that 'flows' together cohesively and in most ways, beyond the tech, stands the test of time.

Do you get where I'm coming from here?

Not tech; I don't really care about SD or HD (well obviously I do but not in the context of the point I'm making); but artistry and actual visual design. I mean jaggies weren't an art or design choice on Star Fox on SNES but going with blurry muddy textures on Star Fox 64 absolutely was because the art and design team actually had other options and imo a couple that would have just looked way better and held up far better over time. I mean if Star Fix 64 looked closer to either that Star Wars type game I linked or Virtua Racing i.e. didn't try to force the textures, then I'm hoping you too can picture/imagine that it would have actually looked better in many ways and almost certainly if we could view it today, many years later.

I honestly would love to make an HD version of the original Star Fox that's basically identical but just with smooth anti-aliased polygons (still no texture maps), a solid 60fps and a draw distance where you basically see all the level geometry all the time with no visible pop-in of the graphics in the distance.

I think that would be sublime...and pee pee all over Star Fox 64 :-D

PS. This video is a better example than the one I linked before:



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@Donjwolf I mean I def get where @TheRealThanos is coming from when he talks about all the elements flowing together, visual or otherwise, but that's exactly what I think the original Star Fox does do better than 64 :-o

Funny how people can see things so different, although again, I think my actual training in multiple areas of art & design, including both 2D/3D graphics and 2D/3D animation, as well as my experience making games (including design, art an programming etc) gives me a slightly more qualified perspective on such things. Also; I just have good taste :-P

To me it actually is objective fact that the original Star Fox has superior aesthetic and artistic cohesive design etc but of course, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on such things :-)

As wrong as they sometimes are ;-)

@TheRealThanos I've not tried a modified version of Star Fox 64 but I'll have a look for it...




Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@CanisWolfred I get what you are saying and it's not specifically the fact they were animals that felt slightly off with me but just the more kid-centric portrayal of the characters, which I think stemmed in part from the choice to make them these particular slightly super-deformed animal designs in the first place.

I guess what I'm saying is a think something like this would have worked and fit just a tiny bit better overall: Untitled

There's still alien characters in there (there's even what is basically a human Fox McCloud) and I think the end result would have just been a little less childish, especially when you think where the Star Fox characters went in the sequels like 64 where with the Nickelodeon voices they did become even more kiddie.

Does that kinda make sense to you?

Although, to be fair, the characters have come around to being done less kiddie overall these days and are just generally more appealing overall because of it imo, while still being totally appealing to kids, so that's cool and is more what I'm after. They don't detract from the core Star Fox design sensibility but add to it.

@shani Again; I think this is a case of someone confusing tech with artistry and visual design.

The lack of anti-aliasing is not a fault in Star Fox's art or design but the SNES hardware itself. Technically someone could argue that the blurry low-res textures in 64 are similarly because of the hardware but the fact is the artists/designers could have actually chosen to use various other ways to represent the visuals, like flat-shading or gouraud shading for example; both of which I think would have looked better in many ways and certainly would have held up better over time. The same applies to various other aspects of the game's graphics etc.

Here's a kinda example of what I'm talking about; where it's more advanced 3D than the original Star Fox but still used mostly flat-shaded or gouraud shaded polygons so it generally holds up better visually than Star Fox 64's dirty blurry textured visuals:

In fact, the only bits that look bad are the explosions, which are either animated sprites or single polygons with an animated texture map (possibly made from actual footage of explosions), and the objects that do actually have some texture maps, like the large asteroid.

Try to imagine if 64 had gone more down this kind of route; like a pure evolution of the original Star Fix visual design and style (see the Vritua Racing image below for example)...rather than adding lots of fugly textures everywhere just because they could but where the hardware simply couldn't do them justice.

Does it make more sense to you what I'm talking about now?

@Damo Yeah; arcade Virtua Racer holds up amazingly well visually. Just a bunch of flat-shaded polygons in a variety of colours is basically like looking at an actual artwork and/or graphic design to me.

Just about any screenshot of that game could be framed and put on a wall and it would look like lovely minimalist modern art.

Untitled See; art :-D

That game is frikin 23 years old! :-o

You simply couldn't do that with Star Fox 64 as it would look like exactly what it is; a fugly looking screenshot from a dated video game printed out and stuck on your wall lol



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@TheRealThanos Well I tend to run Star Fox 64 through an emulator, which is about as sharp as it's gonna get, so when I say 'muddy' and 'blurry' I don't mean thins like the screen resolution or clarity of the display but the often garish color palettes, low resolution, blurred and repeated patterns of the actual textures themselves, which is a separate thing to the display.

There's def some things that are better in 64, such as the smoother framerate for example, but I genuinely still prefer playing the SNES game. It would take too long to go through all the reasons for this (why I think it is objectively better), as well as try to explain them all effectively, but there's actually quite a lot of them.

I imagine if someone could magically switch the game engines around, such that you could play Star Fox on the N64 engine and Star Fox 64 on the SNES engine, then it would be a lot easier to demonstrate to people why I ultimately think the original is just a better all-round game design in almost every way...but I can't. Lol

Edit: In fact; you can sort of half do that just by playing Star Fox 2, which 64 was definitely influenced by in a few areas, and seeing how the sequel still on SNES (although you'll need to play it on an emulator) falls short of the original in almost every way ;-) Although Star Fox 64 is way better than Star Fox 2, so it's probably not really a fair example.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

I don't think the exact time period it was done really matters. Using anthropomorphised animal characters in the way it was done in the game is basically kiddie by design. I'm saying it was done with the intent of making the game a bit more appealing to kids basically and obviously so; giving it some "cool" but appealing to kids characters they could catch onto. I mean it worked because we all kinda love the characters now but they were and are kiddie. Even more so in 64, when they were given those Nickelodeon like voices with the cheesy voice acting.

Note: When I say the characters were designed to specifically appeal to kids I mean kids who are like 15 years old or whatever and not 5 year olds. Teens i.e. basically the general gaming demographic at that time.

I just think a less obviously young teens approach to the character designs (such as the examples I mentioned before; Captain Falcon and Samus Aran etc), rather then sticking in basically Sylvanian Families characters (I exaggerate slightly), could have resulted in an even better game and would have been even more in-keeping with the rest of the game's generally more "serious" look and feel; especially with the later games in the franchise. I mean I actually like the characters they went with ultimately, I think we all do, but they were always the one element that looked kinda out of place with the whole feel and tone of the rest of the game for me.

Yeah, those are better examples. Still doesn't look particularly great though imo. It's perfectly serviceable but I think the general art direction and aesthetic design of the original still trumps the N64 version overall; despite the original's graphics obviously being far simpler. The 3DS version is a nice improvement over the original N64 games original textures and some of the models though.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@liveswired No; Cuthbert is most def right on this one as far as I'm concerned. The core designs in the orginal Star Fox, such as the ships, are better than in 64. Don't let the lower amount of polygons and lack of textures fool you. A simple and well known exercise to test good "character" design, which is what the ship in Star Fox is (a character), is to picture the silhouettes of both designs and see which has the stronger clearer and more instantly recognisable shapes. It's def the original designs imo. I definitely think the view of the ship you get during actual gameplay in the orginal Star Fox is just far more iconic than the equivalent you get in 64.

Untitled (SNES)

Untitled (N64)

Just my opinion but I think it's pretty objective and coming from a art and design background I also honestly think it's correct too.

I mean I struggle to find half decent looking shots of the N64 game to be honest (something easily and clearly readable visually), whereas almost every screen from the SNES game could basically be a graphic design poster imo.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@SuperVirtualBoy I'm not seeing the correlation between the more clean vibrant colours of the original game, or more precisely just untextured flat-shaded polygons, and a lack of mood and atmosphere. Well sort of but not really. That's basically just how non-textured polygons look. I can't think of any basic polygon games that don't look basically clean, bold and colourful to be honest :-o I personally think the original Star Fox oozes atmosphere to the Nth degree, especially in the music/FX and also in the visual design of some of the later levels that aren't set during the day or that are set in space; unlike say the first level in the original game that is set in what is obviously supposed to be a futuristic and affluent capital city type environment (You have to kinda imagine it with the relatively few polygons they could actually put onscreen lol).

I mean this certainly doesn't lack drama and atmosphere that I can see:



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@CanisWolfred and @Donjwolf
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Star Fox is kiddie; it isn't. I'm saying the choice to use the anthropomorphised animals was a bit of a kiddie inclusion that was slightly at odds with the rest of the game's design, which really wasn't kiddie. Ultimately the characters were cool enough designs and we all grew to love them but I still wonder to this day what a Star Fox with characters more akin to the likes of Captain Falcon (or basically any/all the characters from F-Zero) and Samus Aran etc (done in their classic almost Anime/Manga/cartoon like aesthetic style), still genuinely awesome character designs and not basically glorified kiddie animal toys, would have been like. I think it would have been an even better game to be honest.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

PPS. I'd say that Star Fox (original) and Star Fox 64 3D (specifically that tweaked version as opposed to the original) are the best Star Fox games to date (original still beats even 64 3D imo though*).

Hopefully Nintendo uses those two games as its inspiration for this new Star Fox game on Wii U and just takes everything to the next level...although I'm dubious based on what I've seen and heard about the game and its development etc thus far to be honest :-(

*SERIOUSLY: Go and actually watch side by side playthroughs of both games on YouTube right now... Pay attention to everything; even just the opening first few seconds (with the Star Wars like ship fly-over and enemy attack straight towards the camera in the original for example)... then the level music (just vastly more epic and emotive in the original), the sound fx (notice there much more layers and depth of sound fx in the original, even when you pass through an arch or just barely miss a building on the first level for example and each enemy/bullet etc has/makes its own sound/audio-cue as it approaches/passes you etc), the sense of epicness, the feeling of action and tension, the imposing menace of the bosses (so much more menacing and cool in the original), the overall atmosphere, etc... (Star Fox) (Star Fox 64 3D)

And those games are separated by basically 20 years of tech and evolution in design etc (even though technically 64 3D is just a touched up version of 64).



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@KirbyKirbyKirby Yeah; Command to me is just a bit underwhelming and meh. It's like a shadow of what Star Fox could and should be imo.

I was also actually just thinking last night about how different and possibly even better the original Star Fox might have been if they didn't go with those kiddy anthropomorphised animal characters and instead used characters that fit the general feel and theme of the underlying game a bit more, which at it's core is actually quite serious and epic. Maybe a character that looked something like say Captain Falcon as the main player and maybe a Samus type character as one of the wingmen etc. Keep the rest of the game design the same but rather than slightly kiddy anthropomorphised animals actually have just proper people and aliens etc that you usually see in these kinds of sci-fi worlds that I feel would only add to the genuine coolness, kinda serious tone and indeed epicness of the rest of the game's design.

Put this dude in the Star Fox ship...

And this would be the new Falco:

Or maybe visa-versa given the name Falco :-o

I mean just imagine if Fox was instead someone like Starbuck...


How much cooler might that have played out?

I personally think Star Fox could have been an even better game/franchise with that one change to the character designs (even as iconic as the current ones have become); one that I think Nintendo might have taken a bit more seriously too (rather than kinda turning it into a slightly kiddie, simple and almost mini-game like experience) :-o

PS. Sorry for posting actual images but I think it helps illustrate my point in this case.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@Damo I just watched a Longplay of Command and the one thing that stood out immediately, other than the terrible menu design and presentation in general, is that it just feels like a series of very simple/basic mini missions. No sense of epiceness or scale at all.

This is the big difference between the original Star Fox and most other games in the series imo. In Star Fox it felt like playing through a Nintendo take on something like Star Wars. It genuinely had a sense of cinematic action, tension, excitement and scale/scope to it, regardless of it being on-rails. The longer levels, which had a more real and tangable feel of being real physical alien locations to them, felt meaningful and gave the player a sense of achievement gettig through them, which was topped off further by some of the cool and epic bosses at the end.

Star Fox was the eqivelant of playing through a space shooter sci-fi Hollywood epic for its time. Most of the other games and especially something like Command just feel like low budget collections of mini missions from a pretty simple space shooter with no sense of scope or ambition at all imo.

I honestly think people should go and literally play through these various games again, or at least watch playthroughs, to get a clear sense of what they are referring to many years later as though they just played them yesterday, when probably most of what these games are really like isn't even part of their recollection any more.

Command and its ilk took something genuinely epic, especially if you see it for what it was representing relative to its time and the available tech of its time, and made it silly hollow throwaway child's play imo. Doesn't mean all the games after Star Fox were bad games but it seems to me that with each new game they've forgotten more and more about how epic and genuinely movie like the original Star Fox game was.

I personally want a new Star Fox game that actually delivers and expands upon the epic foundation of the original and the potential truly epic greatness it hinted at for the future of the franchise, which to date still hasn't even come close to being realised imo. I don't want small vision filler fluff simply put there to plug the holes in a platform's games library while the proper big AAA top tier franchise games for the system are still in development. Star Fox, by the genuine greatness and epicness of the first game alone, deserves to once again be one of those proper big AAA top tier franchises; the true 'Star Wars' of Nintendo space shooter sci-fi epics.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

@BigBabyPeach The first one trumps the sequel in almost every way other than tech imo. I mean the music alone definitely beats the 64 game. Even the sense of it feeling like some kind of Star Wars type epic is far beyond whatever feeling you get from 64 (maybe a bit more kiddy Saturday morning TV show or something on N64). It also just plays a better overall experience as far as I'm concerned, even despite the lower framerate, which let's be fair, never really hampers the gameplay. People need to look beyond the tech but in some ways the original is actually still better in that respect too imo; certainly in terms of pure aesthetic style i.e. it looks almost graphic designer-ish with it's simple clean polygons and bold colours, even today, whereas 64 just looks like a typical dated blurry/muddy N64 game. The low-res texture memory of the N64 actually made the game that came out later look worse than the original in many ways as time passed imo.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

Star Fox is a better game than Star Fox 64 in many ways, although obviously the N64 game also did some things well, but I just don't think most people can see beyond the tech.



Kirk commented on Feature: The Full Story Behind Star Fox 2, Nin...:

I've played Star For 2 via an emulator and personally I think the original is a better game in almost every way, other than the underlying tech obviously (but that isn't even noticeable in term of seeing any improvement in framerate or whatever imo), and one reason is precisely because it is an on-rails shooter. That design element of being on-rails just works so much better than the more open looping type design imo. It gives the game a much better flow and is far more intuitive to navigate etc. Also; | don't know if the controls in 2 are slightly clunky and just not smooth because it wasn't a proper/final release or whatever but they just feel worse and are less intuitive too with some bad choices like putting the turning for the on foot type control onto the shoulder buttons rather than the turning on the d-pad and the strafing on the shoulder buttons. It's all the little things and I just thing the original nails them all much better. Even things like the menus are just much better designed and implemented in the original. Please God don't go more down the route of 2 or the later games in the serious with this new game on Wii U because the original trumps them all in most respects imo.

I mean seriously; someone needs to go and boot up both games right now if they can, Star Fox and Star Fox 2, and try them next to each other to see the difference between the almost Star Wars like epicness and brilliance of the original, even just the likes of the opening titles, cinematic and music, and compare that to the slightly meh and messy start of the Star Fox 2 (say from the intro through to the end of the first level). Do the same with basically every area of the game designs, from the level design and music to controls and menu designs etc and you'll find the first game trumps the second game in basically every respect...

Honestly...Anyone that even imagines that second game is better simply doesn't get what makes truly great games imo.

I agree with his comments about the more muddy and generic look of the visuals in Star Fox 64 vs the iconic almost graphic design style of the original however. Star Fox 64 wasn't however a better or more playable game than the original imo, although it obviously does trump it on a few technical levels and does technically run much smoother.



Kirk commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

Well if you can simply click an arrow to see all the posts I'm not exactly sure what the big problem is?

I don't however use Miiverse, or even have a Wii U, so I can't tell how much of an impact it has one way or another.



Kirk commented on Art Academy: Atelier Sketched In For 26th June...:

@tysonfury Yeah, like I said above; this should have been a feature of the Wii U that was pushed far more as something cool and unique than it has been and yeah, it should have been something that was widely available on the system long before now imo.

Nintendo has talked about all the great features of the Wii U and how it wants to promote the unique functionality of the GamePad more but it should have been doing that full-on from day one.

It's just one more area of Wii U where Nintendo dropped the ball imo.



Kirk commented on Art Academy: Atelier Sketched In For 26th June...:

Being able to draw to a high degree of quality and precision like this on the GamePad is something I think Nintendo should have pushed a lot more as a cool unique selling point of the Wii U that you simply cannot do on the competitor's consoles.

I can think of some great ways this particular aspect of the Wii U could have been turned into basically a system selling feature.



Kirk commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

Ah, the 8GB-32Gb internal storage of the Wii U. One of the many areas where Nintendo absolutely got it wrong imo. All Wii U models should have came with ideally 500GB of internal storage by default, alongside the admittedly good decision to allow people to expand the storage space via both SD cards and external HDDs.

It's all the stupid decisions, all the little omissions and mistakes just like this, that when all combined together is ultimately what made the Wii U fail imo.



Kirk commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

This article is preaching to choir in my case; so I hear you. I've been saying this for a while now. I mean I know there are some doucheballs on these services just trying to rip people off, that's most of them on the likes of iOS/Android, but sometimes a developer puts out a decent quality App at a decent price and people act like the developer has committed a crime by basically not giving their game away for free. Some people really don't appreciate what it takes to make even a very simple looking BUT GENUINELY DECENT iPhone game for the average indie out there. You've got to respect and reward genuine effort, with all things being considered relatively, or else it's all just pointless and all you will get is exploitative crap designed to abuse you and rip you off and that's just a bad future for games imo.



Kirk commented on Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Fails to Chart in Week of...:

After the genuinely epic Advance Wars and Fire Emblem games I'm just not sure this S.T.E.A.M game is what people were after. Personally I never liked the stupid cheeseball Americanised steampunk art style and silly attitude or the more 3rd person viewpoint. What I'd love to see is a brand new Advance Wars game that sticks to basically the same formula as the previous games but puts the graphics in the same 2.5D style as the recent Pokemon titles, where it's actually all 3D but the main game view maintains the classic angle from the previous games in the series and the gameplay sticks to what works so well from previous entries etc. The actual battle scenes could go a bit more dynamic just like those in that latest Pokemon games though. To me, that would be an awesome Advance Wars game and an Intelligent Systems games I'd be excited about.

To be clear; I'm not against developers trying all new games and ideas but I just don't think this was one of their better ones in terms of it appealing to a whole lot of people.



Kirk commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

Yeah, personally I was hoping for something that was actually at least as big as the original 1990a Nintendo World Championships. I mean it's now 2015 and surely they could do everything bigger and better, so why not. I mean why not actually make this something genuinely spectacular and show-stopping; an actual major event, like the original.

To me, this is a great example of what I've been trying to describe as the "New" Nintendo vs the old Nintendo. In the past, the NES and SNES eras and even the N64 era to a degree, Nintendo very rarely disappointed and in fact a lot of the time it went above and beyond, like releasing an actual frikin movie as basically a way to promote Super Mario Bros 3. The game, the movie, the "Mario! Mario! Mario!" ad. Now THAT was genuinely brilliant and it delivered! These days it just keeps hinting at potential greatness and then never quite realising any of it.

Nintendo keeps selling itself and its potential short these days, time and time again, and I think THAT is why it's will continue to struggle to excite the majority of modern gamers and especially when it comes to winning back those "lapsed" Nintendo fans, who remember what Nintendo is truly capable of and simply want to see that Nintendo again before they get truly excited.



Kirk commented on Review: 3D Thunder Blade (3DS eShop):

@dronesplitter " I'm playing these Sega arcade games for the first time with the 3DS releases, by the way" I actually think this is an important point because you're not coming at these games with any preconceived notions of how you're "supposed" to think of them based on their popularity and critical acclaim at the time of original release or nostalgia etc. You're just judging each game on its own merits with presumably no pre-bias towards one game or another, which to me makes your opinion a worthwhile one to take into account :-)



Kirk commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Modest Sales Targets...:

It's such a disappointing state of affairs that with Wii U apparantly Nintendo can't even manage to reach the relatively rather low sales numbers of its worst selling home console to date. That's a pretty big failing on Nintendo's part imo. The Wii U has its issues but I feel Nintendo could have done a lot more with the console than it has (in terms of features, games and services etc) and I definitely think it could have managed to sell many more units up to this point if it hadn't dropped the ball so many times. Such a disappointment.



Kirk commented on Review: Paper Mario (Wii U eShop / Nintendo 64):

@Melkac No; they aren't.

By most accounts it's actually rather good and even on this site the only real criticism was it was similar to the previous games, or "a touch too familiar" as the review put it, which if you haven't played those isn't even a negative.



Kirk commented on Talking Point: Nintendo World Championships 20...:

If Nintendo could recapture the kind of excitement and magic of that 1990 World Championships then this years E3 really could be something special BUT it can't half *ss this. I want Nintendo to really go for it and make this World Championships like a proper event, with a crap load of units set up and a massive screen for the finale etc. I hope it also has some kind of special game compilation that people have to play as part of the competition too, just like in the past. I mean hype and cheese this thing up to high heaven and make it something people all around the world talk about for a long time to come.

Man, it could be sooo cool!



Kirk commented on Weirdness: Fred Savage Seems Very Much In Favo...:

Get right on this, Nintendo, and make it happen. If only for the sheer nostalgia fun factor of it alone. In fact; you should try to get most of the cast of the movie back for a wee reunion, including "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad!" - Lucas.

Edit: @OneBagTravel Dang! That just ruined part of my idea to get the whole cast back :-o



Kirk commented on Video: Here Is The First Footage Of 90s Arcade...:


I did however prefer the original slightly less intrusive HUD design and possibly the older menu designs too. I think I might have even preferred the slightly more Daytona and less Ridge Racer/Outrun gameplay of the original design as well but I'd have to actually play the game to tell with that one:

Still, overall, the near final version is looking like a lot of fun.



Kirk commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Plans are a Perfect Bl...:

"Some on social media are already suggesting that Nintendo could blow the house down and truly celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Mario by announcing Super Mario Bros. 4 at the live finale. Stranger things have happened."

God, that would be stunning! Especially if it genuinely delivered on the name, legacy and pedigree. It's not gonna happen though; them releasing SMB4 I mean. I mean...nah! It would be awesome though!

Also, I kinda think Super Mario World is already considered Super Mario Bros. 4: Although I think if they did make an actual SMB4 it wouldn't be an issue with anyone.



Kirk commented on Nintendo Announces Its Plans for E3 2015, Head...:

"You could make a game that you could do anything."

Hang on a second...Was that a hint at maybe some kind of Skylanders/Disney Infinity/Lego Dimensions type Nintendo game for the amiibo figures?! That would be a pretty big announcement, especially if it's that kind of game done in proper Nintendo style with all the little touches that often make Nintendo's take on stuff like this special and unique.

Maybe I'm just getting carried away.

Also; if this is really the return of the Nintendo World Championships, classic style, then it could be so awesome and a brilliant move by Nintendo! This could even make up for not having a proper presentation if it's done right, it would have so much atmosphere and just energy, alongside all the other great alternative show stuff it's had for the last couple of years.

Now all Nintendo needs to do is deliver a bunch of great games that genuinely leave people excited, alongside a few big surprises.