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Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@StarDust4Ever Yeah, it's actually not THAT bad in all honesty but it's certainly no Super Famicom. I mean the purple (WTF) vs the lovely and actually very practical 4-colour scheme on the controller alone is just mind boggling to me. I also still don't quite understand when anyone thought a more boxy angular design would be better for Americans. Although, I actually kinda do...because Americans (as long as it's BIGGER and chunkier it don't matter if it's also uglier) ;-) lol



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@Zombie_Barioth Good to see you get where I'm coming from and yeah; totally funny that I didn't even think about the differences with the NES lol

Although, in some ways I do actually prefer the simpler cleaner colouring and neater design of the NES unit itself...not the sheer size and boxiness of it to be honest. In this case however it was also a very deliberate attempt to move it away from the more traditional video game console type look whereas with the SNES it really was just some strange unnecessary change that I don't think there's a lot of people in the world who would fully understand.



Kirk commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off amiibo Tap: Nintendo...:

Some people keep going on about how there's not enough content to make amiibo worth it yet but the reality is that the figures alone are basically enough of a reason for most people and in addition to that there is actually quite a lot you can do with some of those figures at this point, which is only increasing.

Should Nintendo actually decide to create some amiibo specific game however, along the lines of Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions, then I think it could end up with the best value for money "toys to life" figures out there. Although, it maybe depends on how far Lego is planning on going with it's own figures because if you can actually use some of them like real lego and build stuff in the real world with them too then that could just take those to a whole other level.

Either way, at this point I'm pretty onboard with the entire amiibo thang.



Kirk commented on Video: We Reckon This Fan-Made Ryu Intro for S...:

Not bad at all. A bit awkward looking and moving in places, the character poses and animation, but overall just cool.

Def want to see Ryu in Smash now though. Once I heard the rumour I was immediately sold on the idea.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@PlywoodStick Yeah, Hiroshi was apparently pretty tyrannical and obviously very shrewd in business. I actually think he was probably so shrewd (in terms of the games business) that he'd know better than to make decisions that while seemingly good for short term financial gain could in fact do more damage in the long run, if it ultimately means losing the trust and support (sales) of your (once) most loyal consumers. He was ruthless in business matters no doubt about it, with Nintendo's business competitors etc (that's been reported many times), but I think he always kept one eye on the customer too and always remembered that's who he was ultimately serving at the end of the day.

That's basically my opinion of Nintendo of say the 80s and 90s as a whole...vs this Nintendo of 2015, which IMO is more influenced by the American arm that is has ever been and often not in a good way (although sometimes the Americans will bring something good to the table too, obviously).

Also; to anyone who doubts the redonkulous influence the Americans can have over a "Japanese" company like Nintendo; I give you this small example (that doesn't even come from modern day Nintendo, which again I say is more influenced by its American division than ever before):

This is what the Japanese thought would look like a lovely console:

This is what the European division (I think largely UK at the time) thought would look like a lovely console:

Yet somehow this is what the American market ended up with:

I'm thinking it wasn't Hiroshi Yamauchi who came up with this little bit of "AMERICA! F**K YEAH!" tweak to the Super Nintendo design.

Don't let anyone convince you there's not [still] some pretty dumb Americans making some pretty dumb decisions at Nintendo. It has been the case for a very long time and it is without any shadow of a doubt more of the case now than it has ever been.

With the Japanese division however, my thinking is that they still clearly make decisions that obviously annoy us too but usually coming from a more genuine and honest place, like the director of Splatoon not including voice chat because he thinks it just breeds negativity etc; rather than just douche things that only douche minds can come up with in the name of selfish corporate greed etc, like INITIALLY taking ALL the revenue from YouTube fan made Let's Play videos (which I firmly believe was a decision made on the American end).



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR You seem really caught up on trying to create extreme and false conclusions here based on what I'm saying. Is it your aim to take what I am saying and just mangle it beyond all reasonable means or something? Where are you getting this crap about my view on Iwata from for example... It IS possible to be the head of power in a company and STILL have to do things you don't entirely agree with or approve of. That doesn't make you "some poor tortured creative genius being shackled to his job while he's whipped into submission" or whatever. That's business. Stop forming crap conclusions to what I am saying in your own head that have nothing to do with what I'm actually saying.

Also; the very fact you think that just because Iwata is CEO that he isn't going to implement policies that he doesn't agree with tells me you don't really have the slightest clue about what goes on in real business, certainly at this level. It's as ignorant as someone saying that the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world and therefor simply won't do or say anything he doesn't actually agree with or approve of. B*ll*cks and only truly ignorant people believe otherwise.

MONEY is a more powerful force than both Iwata or even Presidents and right now being in the red for the last four years is what's calling the most shots at Nintendo, bar nothing (and I'm not even entertaining the notion of debate on this), forcing people to come up with ridiculous short term solutions to its financial situation and IMO in turn making a smart and powerful man like Iwata tow the line to a degree. Iwata is the top of the pyramid but he answers to the shareholders at the end of the day, who get to him through the feedback and advice of the financial advisers etc, and if a bunch of other important figures in the company are repeatedly telling Iwata something like "You NEED to support mobile platforms if you want to turn around our financial situation!" and throwing four year financial losses and dropping share values in his face all the time etc then he will WILL eventually bend (In fact, the shareholders have been doing this directly in some shareholder QA sessions with Iwata that have been published online), regardless of his own personal view of such things.

Now; as an example; either his initial adamant words about not supporting mobile for various reasons were genuine and honest, which by the very fact Nintendo is basically now all-in with mobiles means one way or another things aren't playing out exactly as he would like and he's having to change his stance (or the company is as a whole); or they weren't, which almost certainly means some marketing douche was basically feeding him his original bullish non committal lines in the first place. Either way, you see a man being "guided" in one way or another; totally irrespective of how powerful he is in the company.

That doesn't make him weak. That makes him the CEO of a company doing business and making business decisions based on the advice and guidance of people who ponder such things day in and day out (which basically goes for Presidents too); usually people who care more about things like the bottom line financials more than how it might actually affect the people on the other end of said decisions and IMO usually by people who think more in terms of short term greed than long term investment.

I'm just saying I believe a lot of the more stupid profit-above-all-centric decisions are coming from the Americans at the company because IMO Americans are more qualified and better at making these kinds of stupid decisions than anyone else and the only times the information of who made any such decisions has been made publicly available it has in fact been the Americans that made them, as I recall. Like the lovely pictorial example I provided in my other comment just below this one...



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR I think you greatly underestimate what Nintendo of America does and the power and influence it has, across the entire company.

I've not once questioned or debated the structure of the company. I'm saying Nintendo of America is making many decisions that filter down to us; irrespective of them having to pass through Japan on the way.

I also think you are naive about who's actually coming with these decisions. It's not Miyamoto coming to Iwata for example. It will literally be some corporate financial and marketing types coming up with most of this crap. Desk jockeys. Number crunchers. People who care about share values and market ratings. The people telling the genuine creative geniuses like Iwata and Miyamoto etc that they need to make more money and keep the investors and shareholders happy etc. Making them concentrate of graphs and stats going up in the short term and blinding them to what's actually more important in the long run. Tools sitting around tables thinking of every last desperate way to squeeze the loyal fans and consumers as much as humanly possible in a bid to finally get back into the black.

I mean a guy like Iwata is obviously very smart and busy savvy but he's not sitting there at his desk thinking out all the solutions to all of Nintendo's problems himself and what I'm saying is that the people who are coming up with all this crap, all these genius solutions to Nintendo's current financial woes (after 4 years of losses etc), are the problem and imo and as far as I'm concerned many of them almost certainly have American accents.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR NOTHING we know about Nintendo points in the opposite direction in the slightest. That's just you jumping to the same kind of conclusions as me but the other way around because most people writing these articles are placing the blame on Nintendo of Japan, since they assume everything that happens must magically only be a decision made in Japan, as that's where Nintendo's head offices are, rather than a decision made by some American corporate douche and simply having final approval by Japan. Nintendo is in a bit of pickle so of course it's going to accept a lot of retarded decisions at the moment if it helps its financials recover quickly in the short term but imo it's the American branch coming up with most of these oh so wonderful solutions most of the time (the bad ones). As I recall; I have seen a few articles saying specifically some silly thing or whatever was a Nintendo of America decision but zero saying any decisions like this, the retarded ones, were specifically Nintendo of Japan decisions (not that I recall). In fact, I'm almost certain I saw an article regarding the YouTube decision specifically (when Nintendo originally basically said people couldn't use it's content at all for Let's Plays), saying that this idea came from Nintendo of America (No; I'm not gonna look it up).

I'm outright saying America is the worst country in the world for capitalistic "free" market greed* at this point in time (bar none...well; again; I think the UK has a pretty big cross to bear in all of this too but at this point I don't think it even touches America), that is basically bread into it's culture and programmed into the people from birth as something to actually aspire to and be proud of, so I'm certainly far more likely to believe it's the American's making these decisions and not the Japanese. It simply stinks of the Americans imo.

NONE OF US have the ACTUAL facts on who's calling the shots on all these ridonculous decisions of late so yeah, of course, I'm just speculating. Feel free to speculate otherwise...

*I mean does anyone REALLY need to provide a bunch of obvious examples to show just how absurd America is compared to most countries when it comes to extremes of wealth (the richest to the poorest), bad eduction, extravagance, ridiculousness, corporate greed, fakeness, capitalism, corruption, wikedness: As they say; the truth hurts. My apologies for being the one to spread it.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR When I used the term "call the shots" I meant coming up with these absurd ideas in the first place (probably not quite the right phrase but whatever). I have no doubt they then take their ideas to the heads at Japan and get their final approval but I'm still convinced it's the douche American arm that's coming up with all these ridonculous ideas in the first place. I just don't think old school genuine gaming guys like Iwata or Miyamoto (who actually make/made games themselves, so see beyond just pure cold hard business, and are not just corporate twits or financial advisers etc) are sitting there thinking "You know what we should do...take a cut of YouTube video monetisation and fleece some of our most loyal and most vocal supporters, because everyone's going to be totally onboard with that, right.". That to me sounds far more like the kind of thing some greedy American corporate manager type thinks. Japan has strong traditions of honour, ritual, politeness and respect etc, even bread deeply into it's corporate culture, whereas with America it really is just about capitalism and the free market above all else (Yes; I KNOW not EVERYONE in American business is like that but it most definitely is the American way, above basically any other country on Earth. Although the Brits are no doubt close behind). So; who do you think sounds more likely to have come up with such stupid greedy profit-centric (above all else) ideas; even at the cost of public/consumer support?



Kirk commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

Again; I blame the American arm of the company pretty much above all. My instinct tells me it's the American's calling the shots on most of the terrible business decisions Nintendo has made of late (regarding the stuff that really just p*sses off its often most loyal fans half the time in the name of making a quick and easy buck in some absurd way).

I'm sure I read recently that Nintendo of Japan had actually reversed many of the decisions regarding its YouTube and Let's Plays for example; in some shape or form (someone can look it up), so I have to wonder who made these kinds of decisions in the first place...

I'm guessing some greedy corporate American financial advisor or marketing type douche.

Edit: It's probably not exactly what I'm thinking but either way I still blame the Americans. That's just how I feel about corporate America. The country that gave us the Fractional Reserve Banking system with its inherent perpetual inflation, inevitable exponential debt and ultimately mass global economic slavery.



Kirk commented on Video: A Closer Look at Classic Mode in Etrian...:

Love the specific look and art style in the 3D sections. Wish some more AAA developers would make their big AAA games look more like this in terms of that kind of classic painted artwork, that really captures the look of the best 16-bit sprite based console and arcade games or even classic 80s cartoons but in full 3D, rather than the kinda generic gritty monotone rendered look most of them go for.

This is how I always imagined say a game like Dungeons & Dragons arcade would look artistically if it were done properly in 3D. So many games could genuinely benefit from trying to go a bit more down this route in terms of their modern 3D visuals.



Kirk commented on Review: 3D Fantasy Zone II (3DS eShop):

@DreamOn I've read some of them but I def appreciate what's been put into these games and I hope both Sega knows it and Nintendo hears me in respect to putting a lot more effort into its own releases of old games on its current systems...



Kirk commented on Video: This Is The 3D Sonic Game We All Truly ...:

You know one team that I think could genuinely do a Sonic game justice in proper 2.5D...


I mean their work on say Kirby: Triple Deluxe* is just stunning and I imagine they'd be able to near perfectly capture the look and feel of Sonic in full 2.5D; if their work with putting classic Kirby into 2.5D is anything to go by.




Kirk commented on Review: 3D Fantasy Zone II (3DS eShop):

The one thing this version of the game doesn't have that I absolutely loved from the original Master System version is the paper money that floated down when you killed the bases and coins that actually bounced with the relative speed/inertia of the enemy that was defeated (both horizontally and vertically). It's a small touch but it was always so satisfying collecting the notes as they floated to the ground alongside having to sometimes chase the normal bouncing coins. For reference: The 3DS version of the game still looks totally sweet though.

PS. Fantasy Zone II is one of my favourite shmups of all time. Specifically the Master System version since that's the one I played but I imagine this is just as good if not better in many ways.

PPS. Please don't be daft and say that Fantasy Zone II on Master System was pretty rubbish. It's probably the best shooter on the system, certainly imo (although also widely regarded as such), and is great fun in its own right.

Edit: Also; there were some cool little touches in the Master System version that just worked; like the feet not actually coming out from the bottom of the ship until you were touching the ground, so it looked like it was a proper flying ship when in the air, which makes sense, and was kinda lowering it's landing gears (feet) as you approached the ground. It's the little details.



Kirk commented on Review: 3D Fantasy Zone II (3DS eShop):

Sega is really showing Nintendo up when it comes to these re-releases of all it's classic 16bit games.

I mean why isn't Nintendo doing this with its own great 16bit classics?

Imagine re-releases of Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country, etc, with full parallax layers in 3D depth...The original F-Zero on 3DS with the background tweaked to look like the main background layer is properly the distance and possibly adding in a 2-player mode finally :-o Imagine Super Metroid given the proper 3DS layered parallax 3D treatment (even that alone would make it even better)... I don't know if it would work with these games, probably, but how about A Link to the Past and Earthbound too for subtle 3D...

There's a long list of amazing SNES games that would just be awesome given this kind of modern and truly loving treatment.

Edit: Actually, looking at screenshots; adding a 3D effect in Earthbound would look potentially awesome:



Kirk commented on Video: This Is The 3D Sonic Game We All Truly ...:

@Ichiban It's not that it isn't possible to make a 2.5D Sonic game that is as great as the original. It's just that everyone is failing to do so :-o I mean some of the 2.5D Sega games have come pretty close but they always just add in that one little gimmick or superfluous element that ruins the overall experience ever so slightly.

Personally; I know the best ever Sonic game could in fact use fully 3D graphics but locked in a 2D perspective during the normal level gameplay, with maybe the bonus sections going a bit more 3D (although still technically 2D in terms of the control plane) and obviously the little cutscene segments at the end of levels etc could use full 3D too (although I'd still use in-engine graphics for this), but people would only believe me if it existed in the first place to see what I mean lol



Kirk commented on Video: This Is The 3D Sonic Game We All Truly ...:

@CreativeWelshman It's amazing just how good this game still looks :-D

I mean just skip through the various levels in this video: It's just gorgeous. It's amazing no one seems to be able to replicate it basically exactly but just in 3D (2D gameplay, 3D graphics) :-o

Edit: I also just discovered today that the Jap version of the game has even more layers of parallax that the US version; in the sky on many of the levels for example:

Also; check out how much better the green water at 37:22 in the Japanese version looks compared to the US equivalent (everything under the water actually sways around): God knows why they removed most of that stuff from the American release as it made it looks even more techincally impressive :-o



Kirk commented on Video: This Is The 3D Sonic Game We All Truly ...:

It's not the 3D Sonic game I want although I get where you are coming from.

For me, Nintendo (ironically enough) has actually got closest to realising Sonic in 3D, at least the look, in it's Smash Bros game: although still not quite perfect.

Just make it look (and play) basically exactly like the classic original and but with 3D polygons and it would probably be the best Sonic game yet imo. So yeah. Nintendo's probably got the closest to that in terms of creating the closest 3D representation of the original 2D Sonic look and style of the levels at least.

I mean, in all fairness, Sega's 3D Classics range is about the closest we've got to the perfect modern Sonic game because it literally is the original, with a couple of worthwhile tweaks, and it also has proper 3D parallax depth. Not quite proper 3D, as in everything is made of actual polygons, but it looks better than basically all the actual 3D attempts anyway imo; especially with the original Sonic character design.



Kirk commented on ​New FAST Racing Neo Footage is Set to be Re...:

Well tis about time!

I really want this to basically be the next F-Zero but the couple of gimmicks in the last game kinda spoiled what could otherwise have been just a really great future racing game for me (well, more the specific way they were executed rather than the idea in principle), so it will be interesting to see if they've tweaked that stuff enough in this new game that it actually adds to the experience and enjoyment rather than detract from it as I see it...

OR, it would be perfect if there was an option to turn off the black and white specific orb collecting stuff (it would also look better with blue and pink orbs anyway imo) so you didn't have to worry about that stuff when it came to switching modes to match the various black and white sections on the courses and also because the floating orbs around the track just kinda made it look a bit cheep and 'gamey" imo ("gamey" as in the orbs didn't look like a proper 'thing' that could/would exist in the world so they stuck out as just some generic looking game mechanic effect thing stuck on top of an otherwise aesthetically well realised racing concept).

In fact, just take out or give the option to turn off (completely visually remove) all the stuff to do with that gamey looking black and white mechanic and the game would be aesthetically spot-on without any fake looking gamey elements to detract from the experience imo. I'm sure you could even design the specific colour-switch parts of the track in such a way that didn't look so silly, like daft floating liquid metal pools, if they need to remain on the tracks. But just get rid of the floating orbs. They ain't necessary. Remembering/noticing to change colour is challenge enough without having to steer into stupid looking floating orbs, which just detracts from the game being about looking for the perfect driving line and becomes more about just making sure you are roughly in line with some floating stuff. I think that's why the game ultimately felt a bit lacking to me because it really just made it feel more like some slightly meh rhythm game (line up with the oncoming orbs and switch colour at the correct moments) with a future-racer skin than a game I could actually play like a proper future racer (which is what I was ultimately after at the end of the day).



Kirk commented on Nintendo Submits Trademark for NES Controller:

I swear; this is probably just so they can legally stop people using the design on t-shirts, cases for phones, in printed artwork and whatever else, unless they give Nintendo money. Even though it's just an image of a few buttons and stuff in the likeness of an ancient console controller that these people are using, probably an image they actually drew themselves in many cases, and not actually stealing the controller design itself.

Yup; I wouldn't put it past modern day Nintendo that this is just one more way to make a quick and easy buck in the most nefarious and questionable of ways that to me is more an abuse or at least stretching of the law than using it in the way it was really meant.

Edit: It could also be a way of Nintendo making sure that no one can use any images directly that it might create of the NES controller should it make a pictorial version of it for use on its own products, like the 3DS skin, in its mobile games and digital services or something else like. If that is the case you would then expect it to do the same with all of its controllers at some point.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

@OMC79 Hey, I totally agree. That's why I said I respect where they are coming from regarding their decision BUT at the same time I personally just want to remind people where some of the motivation behind the spreading of this leaked information is also coming from.

It's often not really about what specifically is being spread but more about sending a message to these companies just to remind them that they can't just plot to take over the world behind the scenes without anyone ever discovering the details of their nefarious evil little plans or more importantly being able to do anything about it; unless of course they get their way and pass all these stupid laws (like the one about console modding/jailbreaking that they are trying to pass right now) that basically stifle and control the freedom and openness of the Internet and take away basic rights of the people one small and seemingly insignificant law at a time....until these corporations basically control everything and are free to make as much money and profit as they want in their enslaved [pretty much un-opposable by law] capitalistic "free" market world.

Basically; the leak opened some of our eyes to the worrying truth of what goes on behind closed doors at these mega-corporations and that right there is its value.

PS. This article is directly related to the bigger problem at hand here, it touches on the motivations of the people behind such leaks and the ramifications of their actions etc, so it's the perfect time to "convert" imo.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

@ThomasBW84 Yeah, I totally hear where you guys are coming from and I respect why you have come to the decision you have come to and your honest genuinely good intentions in your decision. I just want to make it clear that there's a lot of insidious stuff going on behind the scenes at these giant all powerful all controlling media conglomerates, along with the likes of the banks and largely corrupt or elitist governments these GIANT media companies basically run and control most of the world around us in a very real and often very nefarious way, and sometimes leaking a wee bit of dirt here and there is possibly actually the best thing that could happen, for all of our freedoms and liberties, at the end of the day.

I mean if we didn't know anything about all these companies trying to manipulate things behind the scenes to subvert the freedom of the open Internet [even if it were in a small way] then how would we even be able to start to oppose it...and they're certainly not just going to come out and openly tell us that's what they're doing. They will however try to pass more and more laws that stop people like you and me from doing things like say modifying/jailbreaking our consoles, maybe simply for our own sense of curiosity and experimentation (yes SOME but not ALL people will abuse that situation), under some catch all claim that without such limitations imposed on every single person who owns a console then rampant almost universal piracy will just drive all these multi-billion dollar businesses into the ground and presumably leave all the multi-millionaires running them in abject poverty. That's the kind of things these companies are doing, bit by bit, one little step at a time, and all in the name of protecting their right to turn a profit.

So; the gist of my point here is that we ALL have to give up more and more of our basic freedoms and rights (should these laws come into being), in the case of console modding/jailbreaking just to tinker basically, and they get to keep getting richer and richer...

Personally; I can live with the fact the heads at Sony or whatever have to suffer a leaked personal email or two if in among all the fluff there's maybe something actually worth knowing (worth the people knowing) that gets leaked out too, which certainly was the case in this case ;-)



Kirk commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

@OMC79 Who says I didn't respect the decision?

I clearly said in my first sentence that I do respect them standing by what they believe but I just warned that basically sometimes doing something with the best intentions in the world isn't always the perfect solution to a particular problem, especially when the problem is only the surface of a much bigger and potentially far more dangerous iceberg lurking beneath the surface.

So; I'm just saying, be nice, that's cool, but don't for one second forget that the people you are being nice to, the ones everything leads back to at the end of the day (that's the rich elites that ultimately run all these mega-corporations and not just a few low level employees or whatever), aren't all so perfectly innocent as we might imagine and maybe a little washing of their dirty laundry every once in a while isn't such a bad thing when all is said and done.

Them being afraid that someone can leak details of some random movie discussions in their emails or whatever just reminds them that someone somewhere can also leak details of their other far more insidious planning behind the scenes that has very little to do with making fun entertainment products for us to enjoy. It won't stop them making those plans but at least they know that the people, that's all of us common folks, can be made aware and that knowledge gives us at least some power. Without any knowledge however, we are basically slaves to their will.



Kirk commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

Well I have no problem with you standing by your morals and doing what you think is right, I totally respect that, but I'd just warn people not to forget that things like this also came from the leak: and

What that amounts to is insidious plans behind the scenes by giant multinational conglomerate corporations like Sony to basically control the likes of Google, which for all it's evils is basically on the side of the people when it comes to the freedom and openness of the Internet. The other companies, run by long established families/groups of billionaires and elites, who have an invested interest in maintaining control and power of the dissemination of information and media and over their vast empires, that even have the power to control political campaign outcomes with their donations etc, are basically trying to limit Google and ultimately the Internet itself simple because of money.

This recent mass attack on piracy for example, which is clearly part of a much bigger and more insidious plan that potentially serves to threaten all our freedoms on the Internet and may ultimately lead to an even more enslaved human population (enslaved as in controlled by things like the media, entertainment media, news media and whatever else, and the companies that own and control the majority of the media), is obviously the first step in that plan. Without this leak, with these people being basically untouchable and being able to connive away secretly behind the scenes, we might never have known about such things until it was way too late and even now, knowing just some of the facts (what other nefarious plans are these people discussing behind the scenes), these companies still have so much wealth, power and influence that we ultimately still may not be able to do anything about them gaining massive control and power over what we see and hear on the Internet to a large degree and BANG! there goes our "open" Internet and basically one of the few remaining free voices of the people, that one day we might come to realise was possibly our last big hope of ever joining together and toppling the powers that control and manipulate virtually every single facet of our lives to their own nefarious ends.

These leaks are important if only to show people just how sneaky, insidious and manipulative these mega corporations can be and ultimately how much of a threat they can be to the ways of life for ordinary people who are largely totally ignorant to just how many strings are being pulled behind the scenes in the name of money, profit, greed and just how far these people running these companies will go in that pursuit.

Just keep that in mind when you feel bad that a few employees got hurt in the process and leaking some movie information isn't particularly worthwhile etc.



Kirk commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

I never had a Dreamcast and I was never particularly impressed or excited by it either but I can appreciate that a lot of people love it. My bro was one of those people.



Kirk commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

Ryu would be sweeet and not only that but I actually think that a Smash Bros version of Ryu might finally get close to nailing how I've thought a 3D take on Street Fighter II should look for however many years now. I don't particularly like the style Capcom has went with since Street Fighter IV because it's far too "Americanised" imo; like that terrible art on the SNES SFII box*

*You know the ones: and

I think the Ryu in Tatsunoko vs Capcom was about the closet to getting the Street Fighter II 2D but in 3D look right that I've seen (capturing the look of the classic 2D sprite art but in 3D): and and

So yeah; I say go for it, Nintendo!



Kirk commented on Streets Of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes And Sonic Th...:

Turns out we ARE getting Gunstar Heroes. I honestly didn't think we'd get anything but first party SEGA in-house developed titles :-o

Well colour me impressed SEGA :-D

This is going to make a lot of people happy and I think Damien will be one of them ;-)



Kirk commented on Interview: Choice Provisions on the Nindie Sce...:

I'm sorry but the 3D CommanderVideo character is just a sh*t design. Some of the Bit. Trip games are really fun, Bit. Trip Beat and Bit. Trip Runner being two favs of mine, but that's just a weak character. Also; his pixel version is actually more appealing than his rendered version as far as I'm concerned because you can get away with a pixel character being simple as hell, it was par for the course back in the day so it totally fits, but you can't really get away with some stupid, bland, slightly weird shaped, rendered looking thing. That's just kinda bad design however you look at it. The design isn't worthy of being in Smash imo.

Again; not saying the games aren't good. I think a few of them are very good. Just think the character is a bit meh.

PS. I think the 3D version of the character would have been much better if they'd just taken the 2D pixels and made a 3D-pixel version of that design, out of big 3D sharp edged blocks and all. So basically, his whole body/head section would be a big elongated cube for example, rather than a smooth rounded bendy tube thing. Basically like this:



Kirk commented on Video: Learn More About the SEGA Genesis / Meg...:

@NTELLIGENTMAN I'm pretty sure if someone made a list of say all the 70+ games on both Genesis/Megadrive and SNES that the SNES would come out on top. I mean it was around/supported for longer, I think, and I think it also had more widespread third party support overall as far as I recall. I wouldn't put money on this, the list thing, but I just think that's likely to be the case.

I mean if I look at these two Top 100 games lists for each system I think I see a more games I'd rather play over and over on SNES than the Genesis/Megadrive, although to be fair, both are great lists full of awesome games:



Seriously though; those are two amazing Top 100 lists and I honestly couldn't blame anyone for swinging either way :-)

PS. Love your icon.