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Thu 6th October, 2011

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kirby95 commented on Feature: The Weird World of Video Games:

Ah yes, I remember the PokeBall one, claiming it to be Time Lord science and then speculating with @TwilightV the consequences of breaking one, such as Crack in Time or a Black Hole being caused. Say, do any of the NintendoLife staff or other users like Doctor Who too? Just wondering. Anyway, love the Donkey Kong picture.



kirby95 commented on The Nintendo 3DS Celebrates its Two Year Anniv...:

Happy 2nd Birthday 3DS!!! I got mine on launch day (31/3/2011 in Australia). It sure has been fun. I think the 3D effect's awesome, one of the core reasons I got it. The games just look like they're meant to be in 3D :D Here's to another two!!!



kirby95 commented on New Smash Bros. Announced for Wii U and 3DS:

This is going to be so awesome. I love playing brawl so this will be even better. I'm looking very forward to the new stages and characters they.have. And I like the sound of crossing over to the 3DS. The possibilities are endless.



kirby95 commented on Pikmin 3:

Beat the first two on the Wii. Can't wait to play this. Hopefully it will be good.