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Fri 8th Nov 2013

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kinopio commented on Nintendo Releases Handy Wii U Comparison Chart:

Some pretty good arguments here, hard to tell what is the truth, though. (if there is a truth)
Following is just my opinion (I don't have the Wii U yet), I mostly repeat what was said before :

Wii :

Great gameplay (innovation with Wiimote), good name (retrospectively) and a new star game at launch (Zelda TP), great success for a GameCube 1.5 !

Wii U :

From a family/casual point of view :

First, We,you, huh ? Wanting too much being smart and have a smart name they ended with a too abstract one. And with poor marketing/advertising it becomes the worst combo ever.
Secondly, they just killed the Wii gameplay/innovation ! How much people know we can use Wiimotes on Wii U ? Yeah because they eventually learnt it's a NEW console with NEW games.
Besides, why playing new games with something else than the Wii U gamepad when the game has been optimized for it ?
In terms of innovation it's a step backward as in terms of fun-factor.
The Wii was the real new Family Computer, the Wii U is just a confusing hybrid.

From an average gamer point of view :

We're not buying a Nintendo console to play cross-platform games, the average gamer (who is not a Nintendo-fan) wanting to play huge license game with supposed beautiful next-gen doogiepoopie graphics WILL NOT buy a Wii U, not matter what the truth is about graphics ...

Nintendo consoles = Nintendo games, so someone who has bought the Wii U for N games will eventually buy other games (Wii U exculsives and cross platform ones) but it's not the other way.

They're playing the nostalgia thing, it's their primary strength but they're doing it so wrong ...

First, too much Mario kill the Mario. What is the real new Mario game, the 2D one or the 3D one ? Both ? Nah. No way ...
Seriously, a new next-gen 1080p console, and the only Mario we got is the 2D one ? (I like Mario in 2D of course, but it's from an average gamer pov )
And the naming ! New Super Mario Bros. U, what is that ? New for updated graphics ? We already got the NEW on DS ... this is just so confusing, too much Mario games with poor names.
It worked for Super Mario 64 yeah, but everyone knew it was the NEW Mario.
And the next coming Super Mario 3D World, it seems really great but what a name. (I want Mario 128 )

Secondly, Zelda Wind Waker HD in a bundle, with the Wii U, a GC game that can be played on the Wii, and at full price, hellooo ? Yeah Zelda WW with HD graphics is a great thing but not as the first Zelda of the console and even less at full price. Confusion again for most people and the price will repel the few that understands what the Wii U is.

Thirdly, Nintendo Land, look all the great games we made in the past but you can't touch it !
The F-Zero mini game make me cry.
Stop celebrating yourself Nintendo, damn it, make real games.

From a Nintendo fan point of view :
As stated just before me by JimLad, gadget games, mini-games collection do not count !
It makes me think this console was an impulsive act, games>hardware I thought it was clear now.
And me too, I think the 3DS is stealing some games from the Wii U, though they have the money.

It would have been so simple for the first year :

  • Zelda
  • 3D Mario (finally ok)
  • F-Zero
  • Kirby or Yoshi
  • Metroid
  • Starfox (like Starfox 64)
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Wave Race
  • Pilot Wings
  • Mario Kart
  • Mario Party (family no ?)
  • ...
  • Rebuy Rareware and remake Perfect Dark (just kidding)
    Just a small amount of that.
    Real games with real names. No Fit, Party or Sports ...
    They don't want to sell games for smartphones, they prefer to sell smartphone-like games on the main console, it's sad.

And not enough partnership, Castlevania ? FFCC ? Or whatever else.
With the Wii success they surely thought it was not needed.
I only see Wonderful 101 as a good move, but still a small move.

Yeah it's so simple to show the good way after and without knowing all the parameters, but they paid people for that, and it's the worst part.

In conclusion the Wii U has to be the real Nintendo Land, a console with full Nintendo games, as simple as that.

Watch the language -Lz