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Tue 7th April, 2009

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Kifa commented on Review: Dot Arcade (Wii U eShop):

Hmm... This actually has enough personality for me to consider getting it, should they ever bring it to Europe that is. Quite an interesting release... O_o



Kifa commented on Two Tribes’ Toki Tori Remake is Coming to th...:

I always thought this belonged more on 3DS than it did on the Wii U, but nevertheless it's a fun game that made me want to snap my Gamepad in half out of frustration a few times. Still haven't completed it, and I don't think I'll be double-dipping here.



Kifa commented on Review: PENTAPUZZLE (Wii U eShop):

Another mobile-quality game released on a home console for some unconcievable reason. Stuff like this makes eShop look bad, and while I think that opening the platform up to almost everyone is a good idea in itself, Nintendo should also excert more control over quality of titles put up for sale. I agree with @zool here - this is not something that belongs on a home console at all. Where is that Nintendo Seal of Quality when you need it...?



Kifa commented on Review: Super Destronaut (Wii U eShop):

I must admit that when I first saw this game in one of the indie reels earlier this year I dismissed it as a cheap cash-in on Invaders formula. Reading the review did little to prove otherwise, and though it is surely functional and probalby author's first ever attempt at a Wii U game, I think I'll skip it for sure should it ever appear in EU eShop. Games like this belong on a handheld or a smart device, not on a home console...



Kifa commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I guess we all saw it coming - from what they've shown us last year the game looked like some thing that just begun to take shape. I wager that they actually started any development on it well into 2014, which would make it impossible to launch it in 2015. Keep in mind how long it took for Xenoblade Chronicles X to release, and that is being made by a team far more experienced in open world games than Nintendo is.

Lack of any appearance at E3 is disappointing though. After one and a half (provided I'm right, that is) year in development you'd think they had something to show us. They might have not figured out the specifics for open world Legend of Zelda game yet, and that is why they are holding back... Still - they have Xenoblade (why is it not a "big release", @MasterBlaster?), Devil's Third and StarFox. Splatoon is looking very strong too, and I'm really hoping that something actually new pops up during E3. It has to.

Also - doubtful if they will drag this on waiting for NX. I'm still convinced that it will be handheld system, and keep in mind that they are going to announce it on E3 2016, which means it won't get released until 2017, just as was the case with 3DS. Wii U needs that Zelda game badly and they know it.



Kifa commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

@Bolt_Strike Yes, layout is roughly the same. But they also made new sprites, new background, new terrain tiles, remade all the music and sound effects from scratch, not to mention that the game runs on a new engine (Metroid Fusion engine, to be exact), so that means that game mechanics also needed to be coded from scratch. If that is not, in reality, a new game, then I don't know what is nor what you are driving at.

When I say that Metroid II deserves to be remade, I mean just that - make a new game recreating that setting. That is a remake. Anything less isn't.



Kifa commented on Canned Shooter Dune: Ornithopter Assault Could...:

@CrimSkies97 Gah! Yeah, ARM7TDMI, not ARM9... Apparently I'm an idiot, because I'm pretty sure I've opened the wiki while writing that comment, to check on the technical data.

Also - apparently you're the first one to notice the mistake, after three days... ;)



Kifa commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

@rushiosan Again - I am talking about a complete remake all the time. And yes, it was terrible in level design aspect, though I guess it's mainly because it was limited by the hardware it ran on. GameBoy was not exactly a powerful machine, even by old standards. Or simply they wanted an experience less frustrating than the original Metroid was and thought making it more linear was the right way to go.



Kifa commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

@Bolt_Strike Zero Mission was made from ground up on GBA. It does not use anything from the original code. They only used existing maps as a reference. Still - "drastic" is what I like to see in remakes. Don't just up the resolution and swap sprites and/or models, make something new based on the old. This is what a "remake" is. I still stand by my point - Super Metroid is popular, but Metroid II deserves the remake more.



Kifa commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

@Bolt_Strike That's what I was saying - Zero Mission changed a lot in the original map, and so should Metroid II remake if it's ever done oficially. Frankly - I think that they could do almos everything with it, thanks to how limited the original was, because there is all that much more to do. Remake is not only about the graphics, it's also about fixing aged and sometimes poor gameplay design. I refuse to accept a remake that only changes the "skin" of the game - it has little point.

@Kaze_Memaryu I've seen this a while ago, but somehow never managed to sit down and play the thing. Might as well give it a shot this afternoon. Thanks for reminding! :D



Kifa commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

@LeeGarbutt Just to clarify - by no means I've intended to say that this video has no value, nor that 3D/HD remakes are without right to be, and if I did by accident, I am sorry. All those "three-dimensionified" videos are interesting, and you should keep putting them up.

Indeed - Zero Mission is a perfect example of a true remake done right. Original Metroid is, by all standards, an archaic game with stiff mechanics and confusing world design. Zero reimagines the entire game in a form that can rival Super Metroid in terms of production qualities and accessibility. Other example would be Resident Evil Remake for Gamecube (the recent "remaster" doesn't count, as it just upped the resolution and changed a few models).

Super Metroid 3D would still be a great game, however my point was simply that there are others who need the treatment more, and could yield better results. :)



Kifa commented on Video: What If Super Metroid Was A 3D Classic?:

I think that Metroid II is in a more dire need of remake than Super Metroid. The SNES entry is still very serviceable, looks great, plays great and is available both on Wii U and Wii Virtual Console. Metroid II is available on 3DS in it's original, emulated form, but it did not age half that well.

Why I think that? There is a lot that could be done with open world formula that the GameBoy game tried to implement, maybe even to the point of throwing the sequence away altogether and giving the player multiple options to traverse the game world. Metroid evolutions could change dynamically based on player's actions too, and most importantly gameplay could be modernised to accomodate a 2,5D convention, which would make sense in conjunction with stereoscopic 3D graphics.

Releasing Super Metroid again, just with layers of background separated in third dimension, gives us absolutely nothing in my opinion. Then again - I am a person who does not find "HD remakes" appealing in general (because I fail to see how improved visuals alone make the game better), so I might be missing the point here too. ;]



Kifa commented on Canned Shooter Dune: Ornithopter Assault Could...:

Wow. Just wow. Voxel engine running on a GBA... Goes to show how developers tended to squeeze every last cycle from gaming consoles back in the day. To think that this would run on a 16 mhz ARM9 CPU with 384kb of RAM combined is almost insane, and yet it does. The game itself does not look like anything special, aside from the Dune setting, but technically it is impressive.



Kifa commented on Minecraft Tribute Cube Creator 3D Shows Off It...:

@Xilef I guess that calling it a "rip-off" would immediately result in rampage DMCA takedowns on any game related material, as is often the case lately... I'm gonna repeat myself here and say that in my opinion those Minecraft clones are completely unnecessary, irrelevant, and I can't fathom a reason for them to exist in a world when official Minecraft (which is what people want, apparently) works on every device around, probably not excluding printers and microwave ovens.



Kifa commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

I have downloaded it, I keep playing it from time to time when I have a few spare minutes to pass, but I don't intend to spend any money on it. Games like that never "worked" on me, and never will.

Also the download number figure is utterly meaningless. More interesting would be a total amount of money from in-game sales, or the amount of indivitual transactions at least. Or a relative number of users who ever spent a penny on this. Download figures mean nothing for titles that are free and have no ad revenue options. But I guess Nitendo will never publish any other data on this...



Kifa commented on Review: Trine Enchanted Edition (Wii U eShop):

I was wondering - this runs at 1080p 60fps on PS4 (and possibly also on XBox One), and at 1200p 60fps on my PC, but how does the Wii U edition stack up to that? Is it the same 720p 30fps Trine 2 gave us, or did they do some 'enchanting' here and we get the proper framerate?



Kifa commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

Fact: micro SDHC cards are cheap nowadays, as some of you have pointed out already. So - why is getting a bigger card and swapping it such a big problem? Those are just two little screws and a simple manual operation, and the cost is frankly nothing compared to the cost of New 3DS. I don't get it, just as I don't get all those "SD-card-size-small-omg" threads...

Besides, there's also physical option, so... Really...



Kifa commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

@FragRed But it makes no sense in the light of leaks we are getting recently. Free-form screens from Sharp, then AMD spilling the beans over a low-power APU for Nintendo. It's LOW-POWER chip, for mobile devices. If they make a home console with it, it will be underpowered compared to PS4 and XBO, so that would absolutely make no sense. So I'm betting on a handheld.



Kifa commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

@Artwark It won't. It most certainly won't be a home console, just a handheld and/or a gimmick device. And I don't believe in the hybrid model anymore - it would be just to difficult to execute hardware-wise. I'm sure Wii U is here to stay for another 3 years. ;]



Kifa commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

I think NX might not be a successor to neither 3DS nor Wii U, but rather a "third pillar", something that DS was originally supposed to be. All the talk about "new, fun ways to play" is quite suspicious, however there is one thing that MIGHT come out of it: a non-clamshell design handheld console with non-square touch screen on the entire face, with holes inside to accomodate buttons.

Clues to this? Well, Sharp free-form displays (and no, the hole in the middle is not a fact, it was just a dumb speculation which suddenly became regarded as true) and new AMD low-power APU scheduled for 2016 delivery for Nintendo point to that. And I'll stand by this concept unless facts prove me otherwise.



Kifa commented on Gallery: The Natives Are Most Definitely Hosti...:

@XCWarrior I see you fail to understand the meaning of "ripoff". Not every platformer is a "ripoff" of Super Mario Bros - it's just a general idea of characters and platforms that is similar (and even that is not always true). Games like Cube Creator are ripoffs because not only they are made to play exactly the same as Minecraft, but also mostly look identical (no, post processing effects don't count).

This is a ripoff of a game that, to be honest, I also find irrelevant. Everybody demand Minecraft on Wii U, but I am asking - what for? It is available on everything else, including PC. It runs well even on weaker laptops and netbooks, so why do people even buy that again for their consoles (mind you, those versions are very limited compared to PC original)? I fail to see the point. Just as I fail to see the point of so many Minecraft clones even existing.

Also - with blatant copy-pasting happening here, I wouldn't be surprised if a lawsuit popped up and the entire thing was shot down before it could release. Which would be bery appropriate.



Kifa commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

I'll probably skip this one. Didn't find it at all appealing during my time with the demo (all missions maxed out) - to me it showed as an oversimplified (you can't even change stances!) Valkyria Chronicles with uninteresting adversaries and uninteresting characters, presented in low-polygon graphics with low resolution, repetetive textures and quite average sound design.

Brand is not enough for me to buy a game, as is not the name of company who made it. I honestly wish that Intelligent Systems returned to Advance Wars and gave us proper strategy title. As it stands, Codename S.T.E.A.M is definently off my radar.



Kifa commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

@sarethums They will hardly get into any legal trouble for this. They are not removing anything, they are simply saying that it got scrapped. Truth be told they never gave any release date for Europe anyway, so good luck proving in any court that a vaguely hinted (at best) TV schedule app was the reason you bought the gaming system. ;)

Now to remove that non-functional button and we're all good.



Kifa commented on Rumour: A Planned 2.5D Metroid Title For 3DS G...:

Well that's a shame, probably also means that we won't see anything from the series any time soon. On the other hand it would be pretty hard to make something better than the three Prime games (I will always prefer them to the classic 2D Metroids) and avoid all the problems Other M had. And simply making another game using the same formula (be it 3D or 2D), just with better visuals simply does not cut it, so... Yeah, I'm pretty certain we won't see Samus Aran in her own game during this generation. :/



Kifa commented on Satoru Iwata Reiterates Plans for Quality of L...:

It's good that the company is seeking ways to redevelop itself. However, and I don't want to be overly picky but there you go, gears connected like those on the image would never turn. Just hoping that will not turn out to be a prophecy of sorts. ;]



Kifa commented on Tesco Direct Starts Flogging Wii U 8GB Systems...:

@Porky - honestly I've never ran into ANY problems with any mass storage device I tried to connect to my Wii U. Multiple different flash drives, at least two different HDDs (one with own power supply, one with an Y-plug) and an odd SSD - everything worked as it should. Yet I hear about issues quite often, and even encountered somebody saying that flash drives shouldn't be used at all because they "don't work properly with bigger games". I don't know what would that mean, but there you go...



Kifa commented on Tesco Direct Starts Flogging Wii U 8GB Systems...:

Personally I think those were absolutely fantastic deals. For external storage you can easily get by with a good 32GB flashdrive (I personally used a Kingston DataTraveller 100 G2 with 32GB capacity with my 8GB Wii U for the entire first year without any issues), and those are really not all that expensive.

Frankly - anybody who managed to buy one of those probably made the best gaming purchase possible right now. ;)



Kifa commented on Fans Demonstrate Changes From Sonic Boom: Rise...:

The funniest thing in that video are the dynamic shadows updating every n-teenth frame, especially visible when Eggman is being launched away by that snake-thing. Classic Cryengine stuff, observable also on all console Crysis ports. Still, I think the patched stuff actually looks better, though I doubt if anything can save the game at this point...



Kifa commented on Fake Commercial for 'The Nintendo App' Stirs D...:

@AJ_Lethal First of all, can you explain to me what "rad" means? Because that term is entirely alien to me. Secondly - I have had such option for my Steam, Origin and even Xbox 360 for a very, very long time now, and I'm pretty sure I've used it ONCE (on the Microsoft console to be precise), out of curiosity. I simply don't find it appealing in any way.

Also I won't get out of your face, because I'm entitled to my own opinion just as you are to yours. Cheers! :]

@jedisquidward If I can speak for myself (because honestly I can't speak for anyone else) - I am not trying to "defend" anyone from anything. I'm just failing to see how releasing such an app would make Nintendo more relevant than it is now. But then again I never really understood the "app boom" that is happening all around us, so maybe this whole discussion is not for me to participate in. ;)



Kifa commented on Fake Commercial for 'The Nintendo App' Stirs D...:

And how exactly such an app would be something useful to me, a customer? If I want to buy something off Steam, I log onto Steam from my PC and make the purchase. After all, I have no use for the purchased software anywhere else. Likewise, if I need something off the eShop, I use my 3DS or Wii U, respectively, because without the access to those how am I even going to use the purchased content? I really fail to see any point in that.

Same goes for Miiverse really - it's really only working in conjucntion with any of abovementioned console platforms and games on them. Without that there are tons of better social services, well established already, with Miiverse having virtually no chance of ever really getting into their territory. So again - what an app would give me that a quick glance via my phone's or tablet's browser cannot?

Finally - I have long held an opinion, and so far there was nothing that could change it, that effective gaming on touchscreen-only device is impossible. Turn-based games can work, card games (like Hearthstone for example) and stuff like Cut The Rope likewise, but any game requiring quick and precise inputs from the player, as most of those retro games do, is simply unplayable in that environment. So why would anyone sane want a VC titles on their mobile if they couldn't be effectively played? Again, no clue.

All in all - this smartphone/Nintendo thing is starting to get annoying, and it would be good for everyone's mental health if articles such as this were culled or stopped appearing entirely. Because that is certainly not something that can "stir debate". There is nothing to "debate" about...



Kifa commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

Personally I don't think it is really about the sales, despite what's he saying. My guess is he really has no desire to re-do the same game for the third time over and wants to move to something new. Besides - the point of WiiWare version being available is still valid.

Really, let's stop with the constant re-releasing of same game on different platforms...



Kifa commented on Digital Foundry Praises the Performance for Su...:

@Donutman You would be able to tell if the movement in the game was linear and constant, like for example in MK8. There you can easily see when it drops frames (60 to 59) because of that and because vsync is engaged and a frame can't simply tear - you gotta wait for the entire screen redraw to finish. In Smash you won't ever be able to tell the difference because of how erratic the movement is on the screen. :)

That said, Smash will hopefully put a sock in the mouth of those who keep telling us that Wii U is a past generation system that is unable to sustain even 30 fps at sub-HD resolutions because of it's lacking hardware rather than simple layziness of the developers.



Kifa commented on Weirdness: Defective Fox and Villager amiibo N...:

Well... Samus was cool, and this visorless Fox is neat too, but the others? Those are just broken models that probably qualify for replacement should anyone get them when ordering online. But now we're seeing them reaching absurd prices on eBay? What has humanity wrought upon itself... -_-'



Kifa commented on Weirdness: Legless Peach amiibo Now Up For Sale:

I keep wondering in what condition my Samus will be when it finally arrives... I'd love not to have it missing it's head, for example.

Anyway, we now wait for some bids, though I imagine that this is not going to attract as much attention as dual wielding Samus - it's just not as cool. ;)



Kifa commented on Preview: Picking Up The Pace With Proun+ on 3DS:

I remember playing the freeware version quite some time ago on my PC. It was fun, if a bit nauseating at times (and bear in mind I'm not someone who normally gets dizzy from any videogame) because of speeds the ball is capable of attaining. Good to hear that performance is up to snuff, because otherwise it would be just unplayable. Could be a nice little game to pick up if the price is right.



Kifa commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on FAST Racing N...:

No way this is out by the end of the year, but that actually is a good thing, seeing how crowded the Wii U (console without any games, remember) is right now. I skipped the original FAST, mostly because of F-Zero GX, but nowI think I'll dive right in. And Shin'En technical proficiency will surely only add to the experience. :]

Also - how very different is what Martin says from statements from pretty much every big third-party studio nowadays regarding Wii U, isn't it?



Kifa commented on Kickstarter Project Wants to Turn Your Game Bo...:

Well it might work for some, but personally I find that using 3DS Virtual Console is the better option here because of retained portability... And GameBoy games blown up to my 37" LCD would look like a wall mosaic or something. Keep in mind that this console renders everything at 160x144 pixels. But I guess if they get funded then that would mean that there are people thinking otherwise, so... To each his own. ;]



Kifa commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

@TrueWiiMaster Formatting internal memory and deleting your account are two different things AFAIK. Formatting internal memory onli wipes downloaded games and saves, but keeps your account intact, so you can re-download everything. Deleting the account removes everything. At least that is how I think it works...

That said, the thing looks pretty severe and Nintendo needs to step up it's fixing game if they hope to retain their face in all of it. I have my copy on it's way as of now and expect to play it this weekend, so there better be a fix, or a solid workaround for the problem by then.

@Joruus_Cbaoth Uhm, why is it "incomplete trash"? Because of that bug? If I was to call any game "incomplete trash" nowadays it would be either one of the Assasin's Creed ones or Master Chief Collection with it's 20GB multiplayer day-one patch that does not even work. ;)



Kifa commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.1 Resolves Mario Kart ...:

@BarryDunne I've triple-checked every comment you made in this topic and never found a single reference to video chat, and because you initially said something about streaming, then I assumed you are still talking about that. Be more specific in the future. ;)



Kifa commented on Warhammer 40,000's Seminal Space Hulk Is Drift...:

Might be mildly interested, though I have the board game (fourth edition I think, I'm never sure which one is the latest) and still play it from time to time with one of my friends. Still a strategy game on Wii U could be something really interesting... :]



Kifa commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.1 Resolves Mario Kart ...:

@BarryDunne No, it does not. Images for Gamepad are either rendered on a separate render target, or cloned from main buffer, and then sent through custom microcontroller to the Gamepad. The microcontroller handles the encoding on the fly, but you cannot get that encoded data back on the system and do anything with it, it just goes off via custom WiFi to the Gamepad. And you can't just add background streaming done with CPU or GPU, because that would ruin game performance.



Kifa commented on Wii U System Update 5.3.1 Resolves Mario Kart ...:

Curious that it is a system update - it would mean that the issue originated from the OS network code and not from Mario Kart 8 itself. Let's hope that this time there will be no reports of permanently botched WiFi module...



Kifa commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

@Quorthon I see you're really getting pumped for it all. Cool, I can work with that. To start from the last comment - if you ever listened what Kamiya had to say, you'd know that Bayonetta sales worldwide were so poor that the sequel would have never happened if Nintendo didn't finance it. Reception was great, but sales apparently never even warranted a sequel. Not to mention the horrible PS3 version that I can't really understand selling at all.

As for owning poor-scoring Nintendo games - you'd be surprised. Of all the stuff I have on my shelves and digital form I couldn't point to anything with poor review scores, at least not on any of my consoles. Unless you count the aforementioned Nintendoland, by which I will stand, as it is a really solid party game I've used more than once since it's release.

And Darksiders 2 on Wii U is a problem. I see you have trouble reading your native language and understanding what people are saying, so I guess I need to repeat all I wrote in simpler words. Sad, really. Anyway - the game is very good and I own it. On PC. Why? Because while PC port was indeed crap, it is still far better in every aspect than the Wii U version. Even X360 edition was technically better. I am not attacking games. I am pointing out that poor ports are Wii U's biggest problem with third party. Same goes for every other multiplatform I know of that has been released on Wii U, with the sole exception of NFS Most Wanted U which is actually the best version of them all. On my shelf there are titles like Ikaruga, Eternal Darkness, Rouge Squadron II, Muramasa, Pikmins, Okami and even Burnout 2 you've mentioned. The lowest scoring game on Nintendo systems I happen to own is probably Disaster: Day of Crisis, which I've really bought out of curiosity.

And no, I have not pre-ordered Majoras Mask, and I doubt I ever will. Nostalgia does not matter to me, at least not on Nintendo systems, because I've started playing on consoles well past year 2000. So all your points regarding me as a drooling and mindles nintendrone buying anything from the company just because of long lost memories of childhood are moot by default. Stop making them and digging a deeper hole for yourself. :)

Finally - I still cannot understand why you consider all Zelda games the same since decades. I really fail to see how, for instance, Skyward Sword is the same game as, let's say, Ocarina of Time. Or how Super Mario Galaxy is the same as Super Mario World. I won't even start digging into Metroid series in that context because even each of Prime games was really different from the others. Could you at least try to explain that to me? Or to anyone else actually using their brain? Because as of now it is you who is being wrong right now.