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Re: Feature: Kid Icarus - Nintendo's Next Big Franchise?


Love the article. I am a HUGE fan of Kid Icarus!!!! I just got an 8-bit tattoo of Pit in his first angel suit on my inner forearm and have talked to my tattoo artist about making it into a bad ass sleeve. The first tat came out brilliantly and i have people stopping me on the street here in the Elmwood Village(Buffalo, NY) to tell me how cool it is. One guy stopped me and we talked about our love for Pit and everything about the original NES title. After a half an hour i went back to my artist and told him i needed to set up my original NES and needed to play through the game until i found my favorite part, and also a part of the game which would translate nicely to my body. Some tats need to be certain sizes to be able to get the kind of detail that is neccessary to look good. If anyone would be interested in seeing my first Pit tattoo or give some advice to me on certain screen shots I would use as part of my masterpeice, email me at [email protected] . I am a very friendly person and love to share my ideas, love, etc, on everything Kid Icarus and the original NES games. I have another tattoo that says, CARPE DIEM, which in Latin means seize the day. That tat shows my love for the movie "Dead Poets Society" which is an Icarus story in itself. Remember what the Icarus myth teaches us everyone. Moderation. Taking the middle route, euphoria, etc... Icarus became infatuated with the birds flying high into the air towards the sun, forgetting what his father told him, stick to the middle air. But as a youth he had not learned what his father was trying to convey. And like the game, when the wax that held his wings on his body melted, he fell to his death, into the ocean with a scream, " Im Finished!!" There are actually two Icarus's in "Dead Poets Society". I will let you figure out who they are because I could talk for hours on the subject, But as you can see i love great games, brilliant movies, and the childish simplicity of early Nintendo. The Icarus story relates to my life in soo many ways that the tattoo was a long time coming. And even though early Nintendo games such as this were much more simple in graphics, this game is much more intricate in soo many ways. To everyone, Carpe Diem, cause i know i will. thanks ps. I still want to marry the Princess, never understood why people talked about the game being so difficult, i never thought so, once you hit the Overworld its all gravy!!!