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United States

Sat 28th Mar 2009

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kbdlock commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:

has anybody experienced issues with the emulation? I find myself hitting the button and sometimes skipping a block of text, or possibly worse, I end up trying to cast cura on the party but it ends up landing on one character. I tried all my different controllers, but it looks like the emulation is generally smooth, but it seems like it's constantly dropping frames.



kbdlock commented on Final Fantasy IV:

I want to mention, for the sake of everyone's enjoyment, that it would be a CRIME if they brought over the Easy Type of the game which we were FORCED to play in the 90s, rather than the ACTUAL GAME that we finally got to play when they re-released it on the PlayStation. I suppose I already own this game 3 or 4 times over already, but I promise not to buy it if it's the easy type.