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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Kawaiipikachu commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

It is also suggested that hardware has been improved, with elements such as downloading and Miiverse running faster than on a standard 3DS console.

I don't know how that would be possible without updating the highly custom dual CPU chip & if that's the case then it would make these more like 3DS successors rather than plan new 3DS models.



Kawaiipikachu commented on New 3DS System Update 7-2-0-17 Now Live:

Password Reminder via Email.
In other words a way for kids to sneakily unlock the 3DS.
Nowhere as bad as the PS3's holding power till it beeps twice to reset parental controls (amongst other things).

So really I don't see much help in terms of parental controls when really old fashion supervision should do the trick fine.



Kawaiipikachu commented on PC Engine And MSX Games Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

I wonder if & when the CD titles come to the Wii U Virtual Console, would they still use the heavily compressed audio like the Wii or are they going to release the uncompressed audio.

If it's the latter I would find it worthwhile to update my CD titles then.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Nintendo Land Has Been Removed From the North ...:

Being retail only doesn't really matter as only about 25% on the internet connections fast enough to download this anyway.
With 70% still on DSL & 5% refusing to move from dial-up that's 75% of people who can not download this game at all what so ever.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

"A first for any console in the DS family"
Really? I wasn't aware that the 3DS was part of the DS Family.
All this time I thought that the 3DS was the successor to the DS.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

Oh god.
Now it looks like the 3DS is getting its own equivalent of the DSi & yet it's even more worthless than tje CSi itself.
Yet I can't wait what myth the Media produce with this like they did with the DSi's CPU enhanchment myth.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Harmonix Co-founder - Rock Band ‘Something W...:

Really? Harmonix?
Why would anybody within there right minds want to do anything with franchise that you screwed up so much from the beginning.
From refusing certain record labels so you can have a perfect song importation system to rushed DLC by the truckload plus more.
Even refused to fix the Wii version of Rockband 3 from gamebreaking bugs.
At least Activision gave replace disc's for Guitar Hero III on the Wii when an minor audio bug been found & some people like myself owns both disc's to show for it.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Pokémon Almost Brought a "Seizure Gun" to the...:

@Klyo well I myself let to see any un-edited copies of the scenes & what's online is a scan from a VHS copy that sold Briefly in Japan where the offiding scenes not only been darkened down but also where the frequency of the flashing reduced so you should not have been affected from what is essentially an edited copy.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Rumour: Wii U European Launch Could be Delayed:

Still the control pad is a stupid idea as we already have a perfectly fine 3DS to use with the Wii u.
Adding the Circle pad pro add on the 3DS has a touch screen powerfull enouth to stream videos with faster communications for steamed video dual analog with 4 shoulder buttons with motion sensing plus it can act as a learning TV remote with the very same IR port can be used for any planed IR Wii U accessories (e.g. Wii Fit U's pedometer).

so all in all the Wii U Control Pad is no real improvement over a 3DS.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Feature: GameCube - GBA Connectivity and Wii U:

Well I don't see the Wii U control pad that great when we already has a perfectly fine 3DS already which is capable of as a touch screen motion sensitive Dual Analog(Circle pad pro) controller plus with the 3DS's 801.11g Wi-Fi being faster the Control Pads Bluetooth meaning the video feeds should be even more limlined to the 3DS.
I even tried duscussing here about it.

How much would it cost to produce the Wii U control pad? probably as much as a 3DS.
Why pay that much more to add a controller that does the same exact thing that our 3DS's is capable of & the fact many of us here allready has one.

Nintendo had it right with the Gamecube they had it right with the Wii now they decide to screw things up with the Wii U.



Kawaiipikachu commented on DSiWare Will Not Be Transferable Unless Ninten...:

Well as i realised the DSi was a stopgap thous i never gotten myself one so no problems here.
Anyway those who were fooled into getting a DSi in the first place should have thought twice & realised from the stat that the DSi is nothing more than a ripoff from the start.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Nintendo Will Release 3DS in October:

Well I knew the DSi was just a way to make money as the DSi is just a modified DS & this had over 3 years in development.
So now I correct here & at least the DSiware is not going to waste.
The 3D projection means this would actully have a power boost unlike the DSi which only has a faster WI-FI.

WTF to the DSi from the start & 3DS FTW.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Review: Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64):

Great review.
I loved the game hunting down all the cheese great voice acting & a nice story to boot.
Anyone who says this ain't better than Goldeneye should really get there & play this game for once.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Developer Allegedly Has DS2 Kit:

The DSi is just nothing more than a quick cashin & thus news is further evedence on that matter.
When my old DSlite had had a wonky hinge I replaced it with another DS lite.
I'm not going to waste an extra $100 when a Successor due soon.



Kawaiipikachu commented on Developer Allegedly Has DS2 Kit:

The DSi is nothing more than a DS successor with a couple extra features shoehorned in while the propper DS successor is going to bo more powerful than a DS as opposed to having the same dual CPU chip with a different number printed on it it will probably have a Virtual Portable more powerful graphics everything to make it a successor .



Kawaiipikachu commented on Developer Allegedly Has DS2 Kit:

The only stupid thig Nintendo did got s DS added a smalll cpuple of features & marketed as the DSi making a quick buck .

The whole DSi thing is a joke .
People also fooled into the common misconception that the DSi have faster CPU's when it would coast thousands of dollors to prodice a die for a new Dual CPU chip money that wouldent be spent on something as small as an incarnation of the DS instead of a propper DS successor .



Kawaiipikachu commented on Developer Allegedly Has DS2 Kit:

Wow finally more news for teh DS successor .
Its been 5 years since the DS went on the market .
So it means that a successor be annoucing soon would differently makes sense .