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Donkey Kong Country For The Win!!!

Male, 16, United States

Mon 19th August, 2013

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Kasplat commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

The 4K argument is moot. According to something Ive read (which Im too lazy to find right now), the human eye's resolution cannot tell the difference between HD and 4K unless you sit like less than 3 feet away from it. Which is probably not worth the cash.



Kasplat commented on Talking Point: Considering the Methods and Mea...:

@Cohort Im still in my teens myself, but I grew up on Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World just like a lot of other kids in the 90's. So don't discount those kids!

At one time I trusted ign reviews. But the longer I stayed there the more anti-nintendo it felt, so Ive started using this site for my gaming fix!