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Mon 19th August, 2013

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Kasplat commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

@rjejr Snake's best games imo (The MGS series) are all PS3 exclusive, so I dont think Nintendo cares too much about where the characters have been :P Also Pac-Man, the xeno series, and Sonic did not start on Ninty hardware, so there.

Also the reveal video is probably going to be awesoome :D



Kasplat commented on Hazewalker Kickstarter Campaign Launches With ...:

@CheskoTF I admire your capability to hold a project that you have wosked on for so long! (I hope that doesn't sounds sarcastic) Regardless I would like to see a short, cheap, unique, and most importantly fun game before I back this project. Excited for your next project!



Kasplat commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

While I love Nintendo and don't believe they would do anything bad to my system, I still think this is wrong. It does not technically violate any laws or agreements, but restricting my access to the system I bought with my money until I do something Nintendo wants (whether or not I agree with it) seems very distasteful.



Kasplat commented on Shiny Mega Gengar Haunting Up North American G...:

@Xiao_Pai that sounds kinda similar to locking disc content for dlc imo. I prefer that those of us that dont have access to gamestop can still do everything intended on the cartridge (although this gengar with sludge wave I can live without :P) I could not do any of the Emerald events because i got the game well after all the events had passed, so I was stuck missing out on a bit of gameplay :/ It would be cool to have additional storyline as (free) DLC tho.



Kasplat commented on Rumour: Secret Chant Within Super Smash Bros. ...:

@R_Champ Im pretty sure there are just 4: SPOILER ALERT:
Falco, D mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina. They are off in their own corner too in order to make it more obvious that they are not original :P The remainder you may have heard about (Alph and co.) are likely skins. I am sad that they had to get rid of the Climbers from 3ds but maybe that means there will be some kind of cross-play?

Also Ice Climbers (the game) sucked hard compared to Duck Hunt. Honestly idk why they didnt chose Little Mac or the Dog instead in the first place tbh.



Kasplat commented on SEGA Announces Sand-Based Arcade Game, Probabl...:

@Artwark My hypothesis is that there is a light from above that shines (at a nonvisible spectrum) and reflects back to the sensor somehow. Using that data, the computer should be able to calculate the height of each unit of sand (like each square cm or something). The computer would make anything at certain levels a certain texture (like below 10cm = water). But that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY :3



Kasplat commented on Nintendo 64x64: Buck Bumble:

I enjoyed playing the multiplayer with my bro, lots of fun even though not much happened. The environment just felt well designed. The controls were pretty awful though :P Also this is one of the few theme songs I remember on the 64; I thought it was awesome!



Kasplat commented on All-Star Mode in Super Smash Bros. is a Histor...:

I was always bothered that Mario came before DK in All-Star Mode, considering in Donkey Kong the protagonist was technically Jumpman and he wasn't Mario until DK Jr. It looks like they won't fix that in this game either ;(



Kasplat commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

honestly Im irritated that most of the people here seem to think that hacking refers to "exploiting software weaknesses to hurt others and/or help themselves." I suggest you all look up what a white hat hacker is and see how they help.

Also modding smash bros brawl increased the playtime of the game by SOO much for me, in the form of project M. And Project M (usually) cannot be played without a legal copy of the game.



Kasplat commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

The 4K argument is moot. According to something Ive read (which Im too lazy to find right now), the human eye's resolution cannot tell the difference between HD and 4K unless you sit like less than 3 feet away from it. Which is probably not worth the cash.