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kartus commented on Review: Samurai Ghost (Virtual Console / Turbo...:

Samurai-Ghost is actually pretty good, and somehow a lot better than the original Genpei Touma Den. The controls are a bit off, but I get the feeling there's some non-obvious trick to learn, and the game is still very playable despite it all. Has to be a 7 at the very least.



kartus commented on Review: Cruis'n USA (Virtual Console / Nintend...:

Don't understand all the hate for this game. I haven't encountered any of these collision or framerate issues, at least halfway through the main mode (I get the feeling that multiplayer would be a huge issue if framerate issues surface); in fact, the fairly decent framerate, plus the crazy handling, makes the game feel like you've got nitrous going at all times. Even comparing it to Wave Race 64, Pilotwings 64, and Mario Kart 64 (you know, that game uses an "awful" lot of 2D too), I'm just seeing three similarly-made early-N64 titles. The funny thing is that it still seems to have more variety and a bit more style than, say, Automobili Lamborghini (a fairly well-liked game). Lots of other stuff to like here: the graphics are pretty amazing for such an early game (the skies especially look really neat, and pop-in really isn't an issue), the OutRun-esque campaign concept never gets old, and--although small--the ability to adjust racers and traffic ("better" games do not have this option), as well as the ability to flip through any song you want like it's OutRunners or something... this whole game is 3D OutRun before 3D OutRun really happened, and probably even better as an arcade game with a real racing wheel.

Really, we should be speaking of "things we don't like about the game" instead of "flaws", because the former is a lot more honest. For example, I dislike that so many of the tracks are on the west coast. When I saw all these stars so close together, I figured this game was going to be HUGE. ...Then it warped from the Grand Canyon to Iowa. And I find it a bit silly that the races have to be unlocked for single play, and that you can't seem to unlock every race. It's also a little strange that the game defaults to the easiest difficulty, but maybe you unlock something in each setting?

But most of that is small stuff. All in all, it's a pretty fun little game, and I certainly don't see the harm in paying $10 for it. I do see the harm in this ridiculous "criticism" that's been slapped on the game for what seems to be the past decade or so, though.



kartus commented on Review: Gaplus (Arcade):

Rewrite: Review is terrible; doesn't explain statements, conflicting tone everywhere, standard bandwagoning employed, etc. Is anyone ever going to review any of these games like they're supposed to?



kartus commented on Review: Samurai Shodown III (Virtual Console /...:

This really shouldn't be overrated, because it's just like FF3; silly and experimental, with SSIV to fix that problem (and SSIV is pretty silly itself). III and IV are very different games from II, you might be better off not comparing them too much.

And yes, you really should just get the retail collection. It has all of them up to VI, including V Special (a much better game than V).

(blah blah samurai spirits blah blah)



kartus commented on Review: World Heroes Perfect (Wii Virtual Cons...:

Perfect's a great and interesting game, definitely underrated; another game that deserves an 8, probably even a 9. "That time period" consisted of games like SFA/SFA2, FF3/RBFF, Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter, and KOF '95/KOF '96; WHP is better than nearly all of those and easily goes up there with SFA2.

WH and maybe WH2 aren't particularly worth playing, but they (usually) have great music and the all-important Deathmatch mode. 2 Jet I'm not sure on, probably better than 2.

It's a bit pointless to bring up something like "the latest versions are the most competitive", partly because that's not always true, but mostly because it's a given and doesn't usually matter. I'd totally appreciate the release of earlier SFIIIs despite their problems; I appreciated the release of the entire Fatal Fury series as well.

NG (even if it is FF3-tier) and 2I are both fun and crazy games, very different from SFIII, and they both have much better styling than SFIII ever could. SFIIIOE really should have been a trilogy pack, would have been perfect.

("7/10 is far from a bad score" is a poor mindset and wrong anyway. It stands for "mediocre", which Perfect is anything but.)



kartus commented on Review: Fatal Fury (Virtual Console / Neo Geo):

FF is NOT an SFII clone. It's actually the successor to SF (even made by some of the same people), and Art of Fighting would build on it. I doubt it was meant to compete with SFII; it seems more like they were both in development at the same time.

SFII is NOT better balanced, for the above reason, but also because the original SFII is hilariously broken (of course... that's the point, it's an experiment). I get the feeling FF might actually be better balanced simply because it only has 3 characters. I'm not even sure this game has combos of any sort... honestly haven't played it that much.



kartus commented on Review: Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victor...:

Wow, trying to segregate the "normal" series from the "Real Bout" series is even more painful than I thought.

Fatal Fury 3 is an entirely experimental game and isn't worth taking seriously. RBFF solves that problem (it came out so soon after) and even manages to be a "part 2" as far as story.

(What was the point of bringing up Garou when talking about the line system?)



kartus commented on Review: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Wii Virt...:

A bit misleading; there are only three "Special" games out of any SNK series, and RBS serves a very different purpose from FFS (and SSVS). Basically FF goes like so:

-Fatal Fury
-Fatal Fury 2 -> Fatal Fury Special
-Fatal Fury 3 -> Real Bout Fatal Fury
-Real Bout Fatal Fury Special -> Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

(I should be using "Garou Densetsu", shouldn't I?)

(FF3/RBFF has mostly better music)



kartus commented on Review: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers ...:

Real Bout was a bit odd with the "one-two" thing SNK did (FF3->RB, RBS->RB2). I'd also like to point out that Rick is a pretty big advantage; he's at least a Ken.

About Mary: if I remember right, there was another #18 reference in the character.



kartus commented on Review: Gradius (Wii Virtual Console / NES):

"But when reviewing classic retro titles, you have to judge if this game is still worth playing today."

Heavens no. This is the biggest problem with reviewing old games, because it's almost impossible to accurately make this judgement.

Besides that... There's no mention of what the game offers by itself, no comparison to contemporary works, no comparison to the important original version (arcade), and an attempt of an even more ridiculous judgement (the sequels do it better) with these basics ignored. That whole bit about "the formula holds up two decades later" is completely meaningless, especially when my other complaints are taken into account. Just about the only thing this article does right is a good understanding of semantics (using apostrophes in year abbreviations correctly).



kartus commented on The Famicom's Biggest Rival Is 25 Years Old:

The Master System was indeed the Famicom's correct rival; the purpose of the PC Engine was to beat all of that tech. It's much like the Dreamcast; it's a in-between, you compare it to the GameCube/PlayStation/Xbox even if it was released long before any of that tech was shown.

Surprisingly, the original comparison to the Super Famicom and the Mega Drive was a bit more apt, especially when you bring the PC Engine CD into things.



kartus commented on Review: Karnov's Revenge (Virtual Console / Ne...:

Irritating review, irritating comments. Now there's your "mediocrity"! This game easily deserves at least an 8, never mind how useless scores are.

The original Fighter's History was indeed what brought the lawsuit from Capcom; it failed because Data East tried to pull the same stunt when Street Fighter was released (because it was a clone of Karate Champ).

FHD is a very different game from SFII, as is Fatal Fury 2. In the case of FHD here, many moves are "ridiculous" and many characters feel "broken"; it works, and it's pretty fun. I don't know if the other two games (FH and the SFC game) are like this, as FHD is the one that gets play.