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Mon 11th May 2009

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kaes commented on First Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Scree...:

@Egg miester: Don't despair just yet! It may have been a mistake, but NOA's most recent release list has Castlevania as a Q3 release, which means by the end of this month.

While they may have been referring to Japan, I'm hoping that it'll mean sooner rather than later.



kaes commented on Review: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (S...:

Wow! Lots of comments. I love it!

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, being a free world and whatnot. One thing to keep in mind is NL's review policy, and the general idea of a review for that matter: we're not ranking games against other games, but ranking a game for what it is. It's perfectly reasonable to say that World or Galaxy are much better than this game, but for what Yoshi's Island is, it's virtually perfect.

But that's just my two bits. Thanks to everyone for reading.

@Corbie: Touché! You do have to admit that Yoshi's Island is very un-Mario like, but yeah, you're right; it's a bit closer than Super Metroid.



kaes commented on Review: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (S...:

Great comments, everyone! And thanks for the kind words.

Re: Splitting hairs, you're correct. Both games are just 10/10, and directly comparing the two would be apples and oranges.

A review of Yoshi's Island DS is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled!



kaes commented on First Impressions: Contra ReBirth:

Great preview, the game looks promising! BTW, I imagine the "fix" control option is what you hold to keep your character in place while you fire in different directions (particularly diagonals).



kaes commented on Review: Family Pirate Party (WiiWare):

@KnucklesSonic8: Thanks for the constructive criticism, I'm always very open to it. I assure you, I did go into the game with an open mind. As I said in the conclusion, I really don't take pleasure in watching games fail (particularly in such an isolated niche as WiiWare). I'd love for every game to succeed. But as I interpreted it, this game just wasn't worth the money. If someone is looking for a similar experience, their money would be better put towards a Monopoly board.

And I totally understand how it can get nauseating to hear a game repeatedly compared to another franchise over and over and over again. But seeing as the game was obviously inspired by Mario Party, it'd be an oversight to ignore it. Additionally, many people are familiar with Mario Party so it helps to have that as a reference point when describing how it's played.

But either way, thanks so much for your honesty. I look forward to reading more of your critiques in the future.

@Mainstreamguy: D'oh! Thanks for the heads-up.