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k8sMum commented on Nintendo UK Executive Says Wii U Has Had "Quit...:

Why get annoyed that what's important to you isn't important to others and vice versa? Phrasing has a lot to do about it, too: you are 'annoyed' whilst others are 'bent out of shape'.

Tbh, I don't accept good news from ninty at face value. This piece is basically PR from nintendo, which is fine, but it's a spin, nonetheless.



k8sMum commented on Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Kazooie:

As soon as my kids went to bed that controller and BK were mine, all mine (insert evil laugh).

A real gem of a game and just so damn fun.



k8sMum commented on Video: New Bravely Second Trailer Sets The Sce...:

Will this one be playable if one hasn't played the original? I wanted the first one, tried the demo and hated it, then read that the demo was a poor representation, then life kept happening and I never got around to buying it.



k8sMum commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):


For me the problem is that it's always the female that is hyper sexualized. I know that's not a popular opinion here at NL, but it's the truth. When men are portrayed as brawny/musclebound/half dressed it is for the the benefit of the male player who is playing as him.

Your gif made me cringe because I could hear all the snickering about it in the background. A few posts confirmed the reactions it got.

Sexuality is great; sexualisation isn't. As a female gamer, I get tired of the boys will be boys trope. I have no problems with the character being sexy if it's a legitimate part of the story. That gif? Pretty cringe worthy, imho.

Not caring for overt sexualisation in games doesn't necessary equate with being ok with gratuitous violence. I am more comfortable with cartoonish violence that realistic. Mentioning one doesn't mean the other is acceptable to a person.



k8sMum commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):


I do apologise if I sounded snarky at you. I just see so many posts from people wanting others to tell them what to purchase, be it systems/games/whatever that can only be answered by the person doing the buying. Taste is so subjective and it feels as if they are seeking validation more than advice, imho.

Anyway, I have no interest in Hyrule Warriors, so my decision is easy. ;-) Which have you decided on?



k8sMum commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

How can anyone give advice about which not-yet-released game someone should buy? Which type of game do you like more? Get that one.

Not being snarky, but I don't understand posts like this.



k8sMum commented on Nintendo Shuts Down Screenshots in Mario & Lui...:

I believe I said: their house, their rules.

I have supported nintendo since NES days. My kids had every product except for the virtual boy. I am not new to gaming or parenting. I have seen this sort of thing time and time again. Their attitude, whether one finds it laudable or laughable, is one of the main reasons ninty will never get the 'net right. Jmho, of course, like everyone else posting.



k8sMum commented on Nintendo Shuts Down Screenshots in Mario & Lui...:


Right. An absurd greeting in a village inhabited by bizarre animals and a cartoonish person. Gads! Who'd a thunk it?

It's not any sort of argument, more of a point, actually. Yes, let's think of the children but the uber-nanny type of over reaction is par for the course for ninty. It sometimes feels as if they enjoy punishing the vast majority for the errors of the few. WE ARE THE ADULTS AND ARBITERS OF ALL.

It's their house and their rules. Doesn't mean that some aren't ridiculous.



k8sMum commented on The Virtual Boy is 19 Years Old, Probably Hasn...:


Why would anyone have it, except as a collectable? It was utter crap. It's the one nintendo system my kids didn't get. I thought it more important to preserve their vision than play the games.

Nostalgia glasses don't help this baby. It was bad and ninty blew it. My AC:NL one is enuff for me.



k8sMum commented on Legendary Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Ha...:


I don't think you are ignorant: if you have not known anyone with it or dealt with clinical depression yourself, it is hard to understand. If you have, it's not.

Sometimes all the good things in the world just don't outweigh the pain/sadness/utter hopelessness depression creates. It's not logical, but at that moment when the decision is made, it is the only escape route the illness lets the person see.

For some, our mantra has to be 'this will pass'.



k8sMum commented on Legendary Actor and Comedian Robin Williams Ha...:

I am fortunate that, being the resident little old lady of NL, I have known about Robin Williams since his appearances on Happy Days, where Mork was introduced.

While his movies were brilliant (Death to Smoochy is vastly underrated imo), his stand up was where his whip-like genius really shone. He was incredibly fast on his feet and could eviscerate a heckler. He could naturally interact with an audience and draw them into his world of intelligent insanity, skewering politicians, social mores and pretensions with glee.

Comic Relief clips are incredible. Robin, Billy and Whoopy all riffing off each other. Amazing stuff.

We'd have Robin Williams Movie Marathons in hospital when Caitie was getting chemo or was just sick as a dog from whatever. She'd be pretty stoned on pain meds and those dvds went to a whole new level of funny. We once had to watch The Birdcage for 15 hours straight. Robin helped us thru and I am grateful for all of it.

The only other celebrity death that made me cry was John Lennon. I feel the same shock I felt then, that it can't be true. But it is and it hurts.

For whatever reasons, he felt he'd had enuff. I cannot judge him and won't. It's a bad, dark place to be and we don't always find a way out of the abyss.

I apologise for the length of this post. I don't usually do TL:DRs, but I loved this man.



k8sMum commented on Art: This Young Artist Makes Awesome Hyrule Wa...:

The Mona Lisa is not a copy. Using a live reference doesn't make the artwork a copy. A copy is when an already completed piece is used as reference. Is is loads easier than drawing/painting from life: the work of making it 2 dimensional is done and it's much easier I copy from.

I am a selling artist, mostly of potraits. This girl's work is good. I do question the originality.


I work in coloured pencil. The graininess is a choice of the artist, the paper used etc. I sometimes work on slate and they go on like butter. She relies on stock colours a bit too much, imo. Coloured pencils are translucent. I have at times used 30 layers of colour to get just the right shade.



k8sMum commented on Feature: The Ten Best 3DS Games For Your Kids ...:


Yeah, it's regional. My 9 yr old grandson was with us here in central New York all June and July. He started school in Arizona yesterday. Our school doesn't begin til the first week in September.

We scarescaped a lot in LM:DM. He scarfed my copy of rune factory 3 and was going great guns in it (tho when I mentioned he could get married he asked 'Why would I wanna do that?'). I got him Yoshi's New Island and he loves it. We visited each other's towns in Animal Crossing. He played my Henry Hatsworth.

He and his dad (my son) played Little Big Planet, Ibb & Obb, and other games on the PS3. They also hiked, swam, caught was a terrific summer. :-)



k8sMum commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS):

I know I am late to the party here, but had the chance to pick this up on ebay from someone wanting to sell their platinum code. Got it for $14.00 and I'm having a blast with it. It feels like the originals, haven't had any problems with frame rate yet, and it looks terrific.

Can't play in 3D tho: I tend to use a lot of body English with platformers and get double vision from losing the sweet spot. :-)



k8sMum commented on Review: Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder (3DS eShop):

I just got this for my grandson who will be 9 tomorrow,20 July. He loves it and is having a ball with it. I also got him yoshi's new island and epic Mickey power of illusion. He has also talked me out of my rune factory 3 game. :-)

It's been interesting seeing the gaming world thru a child's eyes again. They see games from a different perspective that we adults often lose along the way. Danny is just having fun with games that are far from perfect but he finds worth playing.

Plus, he's voted me the coolest grandma ever. :-)



k8sMum commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Re-Tools Its Ite...:

As I've mentioned on Fogu, I am concerned as to the point of the game. If all inconveniences are eliminated, no planning is required. I like mining and having to find rarer ores/items. Everyone wants a bigger backpack but usually they are earned.

The more learn about this game the more worried I get.



k8sMum commented on Parent Trap: Rewriting The Family Gaming Scrip...:

I don't understand the idea that parents are clueless about video games. Have games developed in a void for the last 30 years? Are all gamers from past decades somehow brainwashed at a certain age so they don't remember holding a controller?



k8sMum commented on Interview: Yoshifumi Hashimoto Tells Us a Stor...:

I do hope they don't feel they need to dumb down the game for the west. Let the player choose the level of play at the beginning, if possible. One of the main complaints 're: AC:ANB was the slowness at the beginning of the game. Let the hand holding be available for those players new to the franchise who want it. Let those of us who have played before opt out.



k8sMum commented on First Impressions: Getting Our Hands Dirty in ...:


there is going to be confusion regarding both these games for those who don't know about the split between natsume and marvelous. fogu has pages trying to clarify the why's, what's, who's and so forth. most casual afficionados aren't going to know what's up.

i will most likely get both games, but am leaning more towards song of seasons because i like the art style better. am not a fan of bobble heads with soul-sucking eyes, lol.



k8sMum commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:

for those who have been living under a rock, there has been a lot of backlash against the pageants featuring kids being sexually inappropriate, particularly after the murder of jon benet ramsey.

as this law does not have anything to do with limiting what can be done/shown in anything other than real life, wtf is all the angst about?



k8sMum commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:


'whataboutery' is rarely a good argument.

i don't watch any reality tv (ok, 'ramsey's kitchen nightmare' is a dirty pleasure, lol). i enjoy adult humour but didn't let my kids watch it when they were little. i don't care for rape porn. i don't appreciate that people who find the sexualisation of kids (not consensual between kids but generally girls and older men) are called prudes. there is a lot of rationalisation from manga/anime fans going on. i am a fan, too, but i don't pretend that misogyny doesn't exist in many of the series.

japan felt they have a problem and passed a law regarding it. that is the only fact that exists in this one. the rest is all opinion.