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Mon 11th Feb 2013

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juztme23 commented on Review: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles...:

This game is God awful. I've enjoyed playing the original RE on PS1, but been busy with work and stuff forever so haven't gotten to the RE games over the past few years. I got RE 4 for wii a few months ago and enjoyed it. Was everything I remembered of the game, solving problems, figuring things out, that's what makes the game fun. So after I beat that 4 different times (you know to get the upgraded weapons) I bought this game. Dreadful, and feel as if I got robbed. This game is pointless as you have no control over anything, the game just pushes you along and you have no choice to turn or run or go anywhere! You also can't go pick up herbs or gold or ammo, instead the shaky camera view gives you a total of 2 seconds to scan over an item to pick it up and if you don't get the item in 2 seconds you have no other chance to get it as the game just pushes you forward. All this game basically allows you to do is push the shoot button, THAT'S IT!!!!!!!! If you're idea of a good game is to hit 1 button continuously until you beat it, this is definitely the game for you, as there's no skill or planning involved with it, not to mention any free choice. How this game got a review of 8 of 10 is beyond me, this game is a 1 on it's best day. Do yourself a favor and pass on it.