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Wed 13th March, 2013

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justlink commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

@PikminWorld The gamemaker said he posted the game when he had almost no funds left so he'd have more once people bought. The games still in 'beta' and should be rereviewed when all the updates and dlc release. The first updates already under review.



justlink commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Message me on Miiverse, and give me the code for Kid Icarus(WiiU) after i give you the Earthbound code. I'm Justlink. I can't access club nintendo right now, but i'll message u the code when i can. Write ur miiverse name here so noone takes the code telling me they are u.



justlink commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

I am not surprised. People can be hogs and pigs and will do about anything for money. Just because "Super Mario" is free, it still harms Nintendo. They lose sales due to people believing theres a free version elsewhere than VC lists for 4.99 or however they measure money there



justlink commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

You're right, I am acting childish, because i am a child. You're right, i only own nintendo consoles. You're wrong, i would defend any console/company being dissed for quality/ decisions. Also, i enjoy the conversation we're having as you have said things i haven't thought of. But I'll say one thing, Nintendo is the most supportive game company out there. They respond to customer emails with actual humans, not robots. They also helped me get my wind waker download to work christmas day when i lost the code due to errors. This is why they can't discontinue the wii u this year. If they do, they'll lose trust, but they could offer discounts to wii u trade-ins by like 50% so wii u owners (like you and i) wouldn't lose to much money. But, project fusion has a tiney touchscreen controller anyway, and is planned for 2017-18. Also, I plan to start my own company for games, but not make consoles. But i hope to start out at nintendo, with the overall dream of making a zelda game. I have a story planned too. Its called ghost of the tower, takes place centuries after spirit tracks, and follows the synonymons of ghost (phantom, spirit, ghost) and ultilizes time travel. So please stay tuned. Thank you for the good conversation. You're a great sport :)