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Mon 16th Feb 2009

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Junkface commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

Very sad news. His light hearted manner was a perfect fit for nintendo. I'm sure you guys will publish an article about this soon but what does this mean for nintendo? what kind of an impact will this have? how will it effect the western regions?



Junkface commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

I must admit I'm a guy who prefers multiplayer however like always, "it depends". Not thrilled with the lack of communication on Splatoon. I can totally see why after playing COD online and the amount of international players on Splatoon would wind up being a p.c. nightmare. However the complete lack of online multiplayer on Starfox completely baffles to the point it seems masochistic. Mario makers multiplayer and online capability seems spot on perfect. The above mentioned 3DS games' multiplayer if they include online is great in my opinion BUT again it depends. Are they online multi or local? Local is great fun but for older guys like me its less then realistic to get 2 or 3 guys together to play. Also do I HAVE to get 2 or 3 people to pass a certain part or mission? Having to rely on others can lend itself to some serious trolling and other annoying childish behavior. I'd love to see more online multiplyer experiences, when they are done right.



Junkface commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

I know I'm the exception of American gamers when I say I dont have a problem with the graphics. This guys track record with games is really good, to my knowledge he has never produced a bad game. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and hyping as many of my buddies and fellow COD players as I can. So far any of them who have looked at the game have suddenly caught the fever as well. The game looks like alot of fun and he has some really new an interesting game play concepts. Its foolish for us not to reward his efforts and support of the Wii U. Tell your friends to check out the info thats out there, spread some excitement, it certainly can't hurt. But fot Gods sake don't be a typical American and sit on your butt, do nothing and than cry when nothing happens.



Junkface commented on Nintendo Says That Star Fox Zero's Gyro Contro...:

This is old news but its good that its been confirmed. Now just announce that there will be N64 style online multiplayer nad I'll buy it day one. And so will alot of other people and you'll have more online content. And you'll sell a boat load of games. And I'll be one happy camper. So just do it please!



Junkface commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

I was super excited about this game but the lack of on-line play has in my mind changed it from a day one purchase to a rental. Way to drop the ball, again ninty. Well when the end comes ill never be able to say i didnt see it coming.



Junkface commented on Feature: Five Key Moments from Nintendo's E3:

C'mon ninty, you couldnt even mention Devil's Third? I believe one of the bigger or mentioned often complaints about nintendo is the lack of more 'mature' games. Another criticism Ive read alot is the lack of online games. Devils Third cpuld help kill both birds with one stone. Not even mentioning the game, couples with lack of online or even multiplayer on Starfox is absolutely baffling. Do you want to go out of buisness? Its like you see the bridge ahead of you has collapsed and you just keep going. I have to say I'm bailing out before we hit the cliff.



Junkface commented on Devil's Third:

Ditto was really hoping to get more details at E3. Please give us a release day for the U.S. Despite all the criticism I can not wait for this game, I think most people are going to be blown away by it.



Junkface commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

Really liked Mario Kart DS. Great tracks, great battle modes, nice variety of characters and karts but most of all download play for poor friends who couldnt afford the cartridge. Lol i almost forgot being able to write, "You stink" on the side of my kart.



Junkface commented on Review: Donkey Kong Jr. (NES):

Yeah I played the it in the arcades. Still great mindless fun. Its charm and cuteness may attract new audiences. I would have payed for it.