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Thu 21st Mar 2013

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joshuacool341 commented on Mario Kart Wii U Driving Into E3 This Year:

@Pikachupwnage To me too,i got sold when i heard in the Nintendo Direct Iwata saying "we're also developing a next Mario Kart title for the Wii U console literally i was going to cry xD.So bought it just to wait to have Mario Kart U (probably the name because of Nintendo's fetishes of putting U on games)



joshuacool341 commented on Wii U Version Of Deus Ex Will Be The "Ultimate...:

@rjejr If this would have the graphics of GoldSource/N64 it would be a game released at 1997.That's real stupid and at all.This port has MORE than things from a simple port if you look at all the deep info that it's not here so it's the ultimate ver. of Deus Ex indeed,this it's just an stupid comment