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United Kingdom

Fri 20th Jan 2012

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jordwilf commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

I would like to see a new zelda game based on a shieken story, because they went off the hole idea of the shiekens, plus the link for that story could have the eye of truth instead the lens of truth, Or link could be a shieken and you have tecnieks you could learn like on twillight princess when you fight the undead hero, something like run up walls or instead of a hoopshot a chained wip like shiek's wip and instead of a slingshot needles. Of cource i mean he still has the link suit but you could have like a mix between a shieken's suit and links suit. I think that would give zelda a twist but then again I think iv gone abit to far with that, over all I would like to see majoras mask on the 3ds but slightly easier but the 3 days thing annoyed me alot, also I think they should make a hole new Zelda game for the Wii U