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Re: Review: Art of Balance (WiiWare)


Happy new year to everybody! I suggest to play the demo. If you think it's a bit too easy to play through, the same should be true for the whole game. I liked the feel and the perfect finish of the game and the rating here finally made me buy it, but was disappointed in the end. I expected more fun and more tricky levels in later stages of the game, but there were just a few of those. Level design and game progress just seem much too unbalanced to me. I love the idea and everything, so with more than one full-time level designer contributing to a possible part two, I would love to buy it!
I would also love to see that introductions to new elements could be skipped (in each but the first try, at least). The rest, and that's most likely hard enough to achieve, just seems to be perfect, so please do not get me wrong! (ok, flickering shadows of the flowers in world D come to mind, but that should be it...)