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Sat 30th Jun 2012

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jolly commented on New 3DS System Update Warns You About Piracy:

"You can't buy a mac and sue because it doesn't run PC software, nor can you sue when you try to make it compatible and it breaks."

That is a terrible comparison. I think what you are trying to say is, "you can't sue when you successfully hack your Mac to use PC software, and Apple chooses destroy your personal property for not using it how they want you to," then yeah, maybe you have a point. COULD you sue if that happened, if you signed away your the rights to your personal property in an agreement up front? Probably not. But Nintendo making the decision to threaten people into using their products only how they want them to causes me to lose respect for them as a company, and frankly means I won't be buying their products in the future. I don't pirate games, but I shouldn't be coerced into signing my property rights away just to play Zelda.

Luckily, it seems like just about every game they come out with lately is just a spare copy of games I loved 10-20 years ago, so I will just go back to playing the originals if I feel the need. This is just a good reason save my money rather than throwing hundreds of dollars a year at a company that clearly doesn't respect my personal property and doesn't want me as a customer.