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Thu 8th May 2014

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john_lennon999 commented on Research Firm IDC Anticipates Worldwide Wii U ...:

It is my first post here, I really love my Wii U but., it really needs 3rd party support. I love playing DK, Mario Kart etc but when it comes to multiplayer.. I can't convince anyone to come to my house because there arent any football games (fifa 13 sucks), it is no PES, and new fifa games, no new need for speed, nothing except Nintendo Land. And nobody wants to play SM3DW for so long, as they don't like platform games. So... Wii had more 3rd party support, and even Gamecube had more. Every year was a new Fifa game, Nba live, all Need for spped games etc. Clearly Wii U lacks these games unfortunately.