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Wed 17th Mar 2010

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joek0 commented on Review: G.G Series HERO PUZZLE (DSiWare):

I hope they also release some of the G.G. Series games that have a sequel. I enjoyed the first Ninja Kara Kuri Den and hope the 2nd one gets a release here as well.



joek0 commented on Review: Armada (DSiWare):

Airport Mania is not a clone. You can download a 60min free trial for the
PC version. Airport Mania is a time management game like Diner Dash.



joek0 commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

My first video game system! I had it for 21 years. My first games other than the 3 that came with it were Megaman 2 and Mario 3. Those 2 games are still my in my top 10 games of all time. Too bad mario 3's 20th anniversary is about over. Now waiting for NES's and Mario's 25th anniversary.



joek0 commented on Review: Maestro! Green Groove (DSiWare):

I love it! I got 100% scores on the 3 regular levels on easy. Not an easy feat. Here's is an excerpt from an email I sent them and the response.

To: Neko
I have just downloaded the DSIWare version of the game. I like the orignal gameplay in the game. Are the other 5 worlds going to be done on DSIWare. Will the DS version come to North America.

To: Me
Hi Joseph,

Thank' for your support. ^^
If this spécial version as a suffisant success on the ware..., we wish to propose another new version builded around on of the original world, of course.

Concerning the cartridge original version..., we are still trying as much as possible to release it in US. But, The market is hard to find a Publisher partner!? :-/

Send your comments to Neko on their website,



joek0 commented on Review: Metal Torrent (DSiWare):

Here is my first attempt score for red ship, pattern mode, all 8 phases: 90,811,936 with a Max chain of 1540. Is that a pretty good first score.