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Wed 7th Oct 2009

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joao commented on The Haynes Video Gaming Manual:

Howdy, joao here. Wanted to thank you for the kind comments and orders, of course - genuinely hope you like the book.

I can't imagine there's a book out there that compares to 'The Encyclopedia of Game Machines 1972-2005'. Winnie Forster has done a remarkable job of cramming in some 500 machines (along with some excellent, extremely rare items featured) and the book provides a short but authoritative overview of the hardware. I can't recommend it enough, if you can get hold of the English edition. It's a beautiful and essential thing.

Going head-to-head with that kind of work would be daunting and silly. So what I've tried to do with my book is narrow the focus to 20 machines but go in a little deeper, as well as give plenty of attention to the games. In addition, the early chapters try to offer some practical advice with regards to gaming and collecting. So the two publications cross over on some of the subject matter, of course, but end up distinct, which was important to me.

Anyway, that's ultimately for others to decide. Just thought I'd say 'hello' and thank people for their support.

Annoyingly, I didn't once consider the inclusion of naked ladies on the cover. A missed opportunity, I fear.