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Wed 23rd March, 2011

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Jellitoe commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

My sister gave up trying to get my son a Wii U Gamecube adapter for my son, and a lot of the Amibo's were hard to find. But we got all the ones we wanted with Villager being that hardest to find. But they know they will sell now and that means more stock and more money.



Jellitoe commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

@ikki5 for the cost difference between the two system you can get a 320 gig eternal drive or a 1T in some cases. the 50 dollar difference is not worth it.
You are right that getting jump drives is not the way to go, but external drives are cheap nowadays, especially 320gig drives :)

@SnappyJon Maybe they are selling those mysteriously mssing system that got lost on launch week in the US



Jellitoe commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

At the end of the day, I hate to say it but the other 2 will be getting a lot more 3rd party titles, so we should not gloat. I for one would have traded this game away in exchange for some of the 3rd parties we are not getting like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 14.
But hey at least they can watch their friends that have a Wii U play it :P



Jellitoe commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

Region locking is all about Piracy Control, nothing else. If there was no regional locks in place, it would be less effort to pirate a game and now every system would have access to it. Regional locking means, that a pirated game in Japan will only work in Japan, therefore limiting the damage.



Jellitoe commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

I was on the fence about buying this, but now that I see that they are releasing dlc and the game is not even in the stores yet makes me feel they are selling me a incomplete game... i think I will pass on this game now.



Jellitoe commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

As long as they do not start making games exclusive for this system I am alright with it. But if they start making games exclusively tailored for this system, I will boycott Nintendo next few systems. I feel pretty low on them as it is for the Wii U



Jellitoe commented on Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Arriving Next ...:

Still waiting on Groose or some other cool male character before I decide to buy this. None of the characters they have shown so far besides Link and Zelda interest me. I have the cash for it, but if I do not see more male playable characters, I will skip this and get Dynasty Warriors Extreme on Steam instead.



Jellitoe commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Heads to Capcom For Rel...:

Nintendo owning Capcom would mean guaranteed sales for their next portable console, via Monster Hunter But they can get that via a deal, so I hope they can just get enough of a freindship to get Stree Fighter over here, or another SF vs Tatsunoko