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Fri 23rd May 2008

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jcasetnl commented on Spelunker:

This game epitomizes the worst of old skool gaming design and execution. Yes, there are worse examples in bootleg titles, but how this game ever got the Nintendo Seal is a true mystery.

The control is pretty awful. However, it's the terrible control coupled with insanely unforgiving gameplay that make this one the winner of suck. This game has so many ways to kill you that you'll eventually be paranoid to move in any direction once you've achieved staying alive for more than 20 seconds. Yes, you literally get shell shock playing this frustrating pile of crap.

There is a big difference between playing a game like Megaman, which was extremely challenging, and playing a game like Spelunker. Megaman is a challenging game. With Spelunker, the game is quite simple and the challenge is in the awesomely lousy controls and stupid "fall three feet and you die" game design. Avoid this turd.



jcasetnl commented on Kid Icarus:

The opening title theme of Kid Icarus was truly amazing for its time and still catchy today. Overall, I think it was overshadowed by Legend of Zelda and Metroid back in the day, but no hardcore nintendo addict passed this one up.

A note to people giving this one a try: the very toughest part of this game is the beginning since you start out with a teeny tiny little life bar. As soon as you get that first life bar upgrade the game is much more manageable. I think this happens at the end of level 1-4.

I noticed the initial difficulty when I played it again for the first time in twenty years and kept thinking to myself, I don't remember it being this hard! Then, the dust and cobwebs covering some long-dormant synapses in some backwater area of my head were brushed aside and vague memories of my childhood friend telling me all this started coming back. I finally had that "Ohhhhh that's right" moment when I got the life bar upgrade. So stick with it and you'll soon be rewarded with one of the best old school platformers.



jcasetnl commented on Metroid:

I respectfully disagree with the reviewer. Metroid was an absolutely amazing open-environment action game. It really broke the mold of the standard level-based platformer. The missiles, energy tanks, bombs, freeze beam, etc. which stayed with you as you progressed through the game even added a slight RPG element. The control was outstanding for a game of this era, on par with Megaman or the Super Mario series.

One area where Metroid even managed to surpass The Legend of Zelda was atmosphere - you really do feel like you're in the belly of some hostile, backwater alien planet. You want to carry out your mission and get out!

I can understand why some might be stymied by this game. Back in the day, all my friends were playing it and knew enough to get me started. They showed me where the nearest missile power up and energy tanks were located. Another friend showed me where the entrance to Ridley's area is (one of the bosses) when I couldn't find new areas to explore. In short, there was sufficient "community buzz" about the game that no setback was for long. Contrast that to the average person picking up this game today and I see the potential frustration.

I think a good way to approach this game is with a strategy guide to prompt you along the way. Still, part of what made Metroid great was the exploration. I loved spending hours and hours trying to find all the secret rooms. Metroid really invites you to roll around and drop bombs everywhere to expose new content.

Metroid features one of the most amazing video game bugs of all time: the "hidden worlds". Something like two-thirds of the game's content is not even in the actual game! If you google for info about this you'll find plenty. The hidden worlds made an already mysterious game that much more incredible!

In summation, this is definitely a hardcore game. All the good games back then were. I sense many people playing these retro titles believe that because the game is older and "simpler", they should just be able to blow right through. This game won't have it. In fact the opposite is true: the old school games were MUCH tougher than games today. I wouldn't put the difficulty at the level of say, the original Megaman or a game such as Lifeforce (without the 30 life code, of course), but it is harder than any Metroid made in the last fifteen years, without a doubt. If you do get this for your VC, understand that this isn't a game you're going to beat in an afternoon and probably not without a little help from a strategy guide. You need to pay your respects to the old school gods if you want to hang with the original Metroid!