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Fri 16th Aug 2013

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jbjbkat commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious Sales Targ...:

The WiiU is gonna end up like the GameCube--a system loved by Nintendo fans but largely ignored by the gaming public, and I'm okay with that. I make no apologies for being a Nintendo fanboy, they produce the games I want to play. Third party developers can, have, and will continue to find success on Nintendo platforms by making good games. The exclusive properties of Nintendo are almost unbeatable. Nintendo has been in the amusement business for 150 years, they're not going anywhere...EA, Ubisoft are after the $$$ and their games are boring & don't age well--they make a big splash and then move on to next years very similar sequel, they're killing the art of game making--these big publishers...



jbjbkat commented on EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Sof...:

EA doesn't understand the nature of the Nintendo gamer, and they have ego problems. Remember "Create" which was supposed to be way more than what it was...the shoddy Sims 3 for 3DS, dumbed down version of the Spore games...we want content & quality. When they produce it, we buy it: NFS:MW is a great game, I'd like it on 3DS too--Tiger Wood Motion Plus version was a good game too---I hate being "held for ransom" by game publishers: "Buy our cr*p, or you ain't getting the good ones"-I'd rather not have any of them---there's plenty of great WiiU titles to keep me busy...



jbjbkat commented on Review: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (Nintendo 64):

Turok 2 was a great game, back in the day. The graphics were better than many other N64 games, the levels were huge--good memories of this title, I don't remember any frame rate issues...Akklaim was a good studio in the late 90s. In addition to the Turok games, they made some great sports titles--Quarterback Club, All-Star Baseball--too bad they couldn't survive.