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Thu 28th February, 2013

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Jazzer94 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

Seriously this guy works so hard consistently, yes he has made mistakes but at least he acknowledge and tried to rectify them. Smash without Sakurai will be a strange thing but I kind of want to see how it will develop with a different mindset behind it.



Jazzer94 commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

@Kevlar44 "As a corporation that's fine as they exist to make money but what I don't get is there are always fans defending it like it is okay when it isn't."

"Also your argument is ridiculous as in the long term paying individually for each piece of additional DLC the amiibo unlocks would actually be more expensive"
Currently no way to prove this but if it helps you sleep at night sure..........
Everything else you're saying is just painful, and are trying to create lacklustre reasons to justify buying an amiibo it is like personal reassurance and this is not remotely the same as playing Nintendo consoles on PC because they are developed on PC please lets not start with stupid hyperboles.