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Videogame loving, homeschooled teenager. I'm a big anime fan, my favorite animes are Vampire Knight and Death Note. My favorite games are Uncharted (main favorite), Batman: Arkham, and inFamous. I'm also a redhead and if you think I don't have a soul I will fix the problem by stealing yours.

Sat 17th November, 2012

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Jaz007 commented on First Impressions: Tomodachi Life:

@Bizzyb I want to be able to controll who my Mii likes and hates, who his crush is though. I still want the random element, it's that I like having control over that one person (me) a lot. I really don't want to be telling at my own character for having a crush on a ugly Mii lol.



Jaz007 commented on First Impressions: Tomodachi Life:

I was interested, but the fact that you can't personally controll your in-game representation destroys that interest. I wish they at least gave you the option to controll him.



Jaz007 commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

That's a good explanation.
I'm personally glad it won't be in the game, because as a Christian I believe marriage is purely between a man and a woman (and believe all physical relations belong in marriage as well). I also believe that hating someone because they are gay is wrong as well.



Jaz007 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

@Turbo857 That's the thing, there are only so many Harcore SSB fans. I doubt there will be that many hardcore SSB fans that are hardcore enought to buy a Wii U to play a game they've had on 3DS for months so they can play it with a bigger screen. The majority of the people who will be the market for SSB won't be that hardcore.



Jaz007 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

Is Nintendo trying to kill Wii U? This was a big game and it had the potential to sell consoles. So what do they do? They have the 3DS version come out months ahead of the Wii U version, which invites people to buy it for 3DS instead of Wii U, which will reduce the amount of Wii Us sold to 3DS owners. It will also encourage people to get a 3DS instead of a Wii U to play the game if they don't own either. Then they announce a 3DS exclusive mode without even announcing a exclusive mode for Wii U which makes the 3DS version look more appealing than the Wii U version. Releasing the 3DS version so far ahead will also kill hype for the Wii U version by a lot too. It will be a fairly old game releasing at full price by the time it releases.
They aren't just hurting Wii U console sales, it's like they're trying to kill the Wii U version all together or something. They should be doing to this similar to the way MS has marketed Titianfall as an Xbox One game and made the 360 version easy to forget about, come out later, and the infrior version. It might be a good idea to push the 3DS a bit more than Titanfal 360, but the basic idea is the right one. Doing it the other way around is not the right idea.
The Wii U version should come out first and have the exclusive content, not the other way around.



Jaz007 commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

@Lopezdm Why does that mean they have no business reviewing games? They write the reviews to help other people who have little idea what goes into making a game decide if they want the game. According to that logic I have no business telling my friends if a game is good or bad because I don't know what goes into making one. You can still tell if a game is good or bad (in your opinion) without knowing what goes into making one.



Jaz007 commented on The Harvest Goddess Appears In Harvest Moon: C...:

@Melkac I've played Tale of Two Towns. They are all cute with the art style, but this one seems too cute for me. Maybe they're just kids (I'm not sure) in these screenshots, but I like a more natural and realistic looking cute style. For example, I like A New Beggining's art style more.



Jaz007 commented on Edge Of Reality Working On Transformers: Rise ...:

I'm really looking forward to this as long as they keep the movie story out if it, there's just no way to marry the two stories. I'm fine with using the character designs from the movies though.

@erv I like them too, but I though 3 was great. The 3DS version is also the RPG version, the trailer is for the console version is a shooter.



Jaz007 commented on Review: Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Wii U):

I'm actually not too supposed that I wasn't truely horrible. I'm not because when some friends turned on the show (wasn't my idea), it actually ended being hilarious. I actually really liked it. I was really suprised at it.



Jaz007 commented on Guest Blog: Shut up! Nothing is Wrong With The...:

How much will going after small developers do though? Sony already has indies in the bag, I'm not sure how Nintendo can hope to compete with Sony on smaller developers. I don't see that many indies choosing Wii U over PS4. I don't see anyone buying a Wii U for what another system does better, and actually gives third-support, Nintendo can't rebound with indies here, they already lost that battle. You also tell people to shutup about Wii U and that nothing is wrong with it, but then proceed to show that there is a lot wrong with it.



Jaz007 commented on Renegade Kid's New 3DS FPS Is Moon Chronicles:

Shame it's episodic. I think I'll just wait till it's all out. It's comes out jut like a normal download game if you add it up though. $15 for 10 hours, a very reasonable price and a good deal if you ask me. I suggest you get it all at once if you have a problem with the episodic structure.



Jaz007 commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

@Nestalgic What do you mean PS4 and Xbox One aren't doing better? Have you even looked at the news regarding them? PS4 sold 4.2 million as of Dec. 28th and Xbone has sold 3 million. They are indeed showing signs of doing better than Wii U. It's likely that PS4 will outsell the Wii U in a much shorter time than a year too. It does have to do with Nintendo and Wii U. Tablet aren't taking over and the premium $60 procing model wouldn't work on tablets. It's simply not a viable market for triple A games.



Jaz007 commented on Developer Session: Nifflas and Ripstone Talk O...:

You put the F word in it and then complain about the age rating being too high and that it is okay for kids and the age rating is wrong. That's just stupid, don't pretend your making a clean game and making something kids can play when when your not. If you want to make a game that's clean then make it clean, I don't think it's ever necessary to swear. So make it clean if you want it clean, instead of complaining when your game gets a high age rating because to put clearly offensive content in there



Jaz007 commented on Review: Christmas Wonderland 3 (3DS eShop):

This was a great review, very funny Phillip. I loved the Christmas story on it, it's been awhile since I read one of your reviews, and I've been missing out. Thanks for sticking with the site even though they treat you like a slave.



Jaz007 commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening and ZombiU Developers O...:

I'm glad they put the newcomer option in, I already loves the series, but I chose to use it anyway because I thought I would enjoy the game more with it, I did play on hard mode to make up for the lost difficulty though. I think I'm enjoyi g the game more this, espcially since I always restarted the game when I lost someone before. One bad thing about permadeath is that it really limits the story in the games because they can't rely on characters to be around so a lot of characters can't improve the story like they could if permadeath wasn't there at all.



Jaz007 commented on Review: Rage Of The Gladiator (3DS eShop):

I'll pass on the game since I already played it on Wii. I rather liked the motion plus controls and found them to be precise too, so the lack I motion controls is downside for me in this version too.



Jaz007 commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

I wouldn't get because is has way too much sex, swearing, and it takes the violence too far. I don't really care if something is trying to present something fictionally (like ZombiU) or realistically (like COD airport). I care about how violent the action is, not who or what it's on. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was much cleaner though (which system, here's the list from last to first, PS3, Wii U, and PS4.), I love the idea of being a criminal robbing banks, stealing cars, and then running over people with the stolen cars.



Jaz007 commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

You bilieve that something in a game can be wrong to have in game, and that makes you someone who thinks they are superior? Wow, just wow. I beileve all the sex in GTA is wrong, I think all the sex in any form of entertianment is flat out wrong. I don't think I'm a better person than you because of it. I think it's a bit too violent as well. Let's not forget the swearing either. I'm not offended by running over innocents or being a criminal in the game, I care about the action, not who the action is done do. I think GTA5 looks amazing and would buy it in an instant if it they could just cut out all the bad stuff in the game.



Jaz007 commented on Burnout And Need For Speed Studio Criterion Do...:

Nobody got laided of people. Part of the studio got reassigned to another studio to keep working on NFS. The people who wanted to work on something new were kept in the now smaller Criterion studio, and will probably get more people farther along in development. They just have no use for more people until they get the basic ideas for their new game going.



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

If Nintendo abandons the Wii U than nobody will trust them with a home console again.They have to ride it out with Wii U for a while or else they will destroy themselves. I'm not sure there is a remedy for third-party support though, If Nintendo is really lucky they will get the odd exclusive. I don't see them getting much that's serious in any third party in the future though. I think third-party only gets worse when the PS4 and One release, I don't think it's ever going to come back either.



Jaz007 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Set To Rename The Wii U Faceb...:

I got an E-mail saying they were changing the Wii U Facebook page to this too. I guess I'd rather they kept it Wii U a bit (I'm that much of a change person too) as if rather just get Wii U updates and no Wii updates. Overall it doesn't really bother me or matter to me that much



Jaz007 commented on Talking Point: The Wonderful 101 Provides Some...:

@Peach64 That's something I've been thinking. Games get suggestive themes for a reason and it's probably not things that little ones should hear or see. A cartoony style doesn't make a game family friendly if you still put other things into it. Many T games aren't appropriate for a younger audience.



Jaz007 commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Cha...:

Good review. I've got the game on VC and I've never beat it. I can clear the first level and then the train part of level two without dying, but then things get frustrating. It's fun, but way too hard and a some of the bosses just feel like mandatory damage. The boss on level level two is just plan stupid. Haven't been able to beat a second time after I restarted the game.