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I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and my all time favorite is MH4U. Also a HUGE fan of DKC and Fire Emblem. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube and Wii.

Fri 15th February, 2013

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JaxonH commented on Interview: Nintendo of America's Damon Baker o...:

European gamers, there are articles everywhere about Nintendo trying to get this bundle in Europe. Obviously there were some obstacles preventing it from happening right away. They have gone on record to state they are continuing to push for it and hope to see it released in the not-too-distant future.



JaxonH commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

Same. But if Nintendo then went on to release a nice, robust season pass next Spring, after the game had received all its updates and content, you can't tell me you wouldn't bite. I mean, you did buy the MK8 season pass, did you not?



JaxonH commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a very strong supporter of DLC, expansions, season passes and post release paid content. It's just that so many times it isn't worth it or comes at the expense of the main dish.

I just bought Jaws of Hakken DLC ($15) for Dragon Age Inquisition and am thankful for it. Far Cry 4, I plan to buy Valley of the Yetis when the price drops ($15 is steep when it's just one piece of the $30 season pass and the entire game is just $30 on PSN). I PRE ORDERED the $30 expansion for Witcher 3. If Splatoon where to receive a legitimate DLC à la Mario Kart 8, you best believe I would be buying it day one.

My only concern is that a game isn't cut short to be sold as additional content. As long as that is not the case I am more than happy to shell out for more of a good thing.



JaxonH commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

In fairness, this game is getting filled out with free DLC and post-release content. So either way we are getting a full, robust game. It might be a little light on content at launch but it least it's not permanently light on content with two $30 expansions on the way to round it out.

Indeed Nintendo has set a standard, but considering this is more or less the exception to the rule rather than setting a new trend, and considering the game will be filled out with free post release updates, my pride suffers no blow at the prospect of a day one purchase.

Now, if this were the norm for Nintendo 1st party games, or Nintendo had announced the post release content was all paid DLC (so what we see at launch is what we get, period) then I might be inclined to wait for a price drop.



JaxonH commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

What a bunch of scumbags.
No, Wii U was never a MAYBE. The platform was official before funding closed.

Dont buy into the lies people. This game is never coming to the "NX". They know as well as we do that system is years away. But they want to play dumb and take us for stupid by pretending that they believe the system is right around the corner, making new false promises of another version we'll never see.

That's okay. Take your money and get out. They say what goes around comes around, and I've got a feeling that one day this is definitely going to come around for them



JaxonH commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

When stretch goals for additional platforms are met, they are always included alongside the original platforms. So if a reward tier says PS4/X1/Steam you can go ahead and toss Wii U in as well. They went on record to say they will update everything once the Wii U goal has actually been met.



JaxonH commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

So you are buying Splatoon after all? Right on! Alright alright, fair enough. Too bad team battles won't be ready at launch. Guess that'll give us time to practice, right?

Once Tower mode gets patched in, me and Sina will serve as your goon squad, escorting Captain rjejr to the endzone with militarily-like precision. You just blanket bomb the playing field with everything you've got!



JaxonH commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

Nice to see RCMADIAX contribute $100. That was generous of him.

I gave $10, 100% to the devs. Even for Ollie Olli alone that's worth it. I would have given more but I owned pretty much every game on the list, bought at full price too.



JaxonH commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

This is fantastic. I already own over half those games but I'm going to give them $10 anyways. I was just reading an article about these developers not making enough money to break even on the eShop. I really enjoy getting these kinds of games and want to see them continue to come to Wii U and 3DS. I will be directing 100% of the funds to the developers.

Oh for crying out loud rjejr just buy the game already lol...

You've been talking about Swords & Soldiers as long as I can remember. That tells me it's one of those rare few that you really did love. I know it may be a blow to your wallet's pride, but come on, if you love a game that much just buy it.

I would honestly gift you the game if they allowed that sort of thing. I really would.



JaxonH commented on Review: Nihilumbra (Wii U eShop):

I bought this.

I enjoy the indie offerings on Wii U and will do my part to see them succeed and continue. What's $8-15 a week for a decent indie game?



JaxonH commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Bandai Namco doesn't own the studio, I believe they (once again greedily and against the whole point of crowdfunding) took their money to allow them to publish the physical version. And we were already getting a physical version that we had paid for through kick starter. So they took our money with their left hand at the same time they turn around and took Bandai Namco's money with their right hand. To do something we had already paid them to do.

I understand KickStarters don't always go exactly as planned, but there's been enough shady actions with this studio that I legitimately feel a person could win in court. Nobody did anything about the PS3/360 versions, that's true, but people don't always stand up for their rights. And it was much less of an outrage because at least they brought it to the newest platforms and prioritized them for that fanbase. But with Wii U, it was an original platform for the KickStarter, but has been brushed aside from day one the minute the KickStarter closed and they had pocketed everyone's money.

I think the fact they did not make a PS3/360 version, coupled with the fact they took money from a publisher for a physical version after they had already crowd funded to make a physical version, coupled with the fact they delayed the original platform of Wii U to follow platforms no one crowd funded, and are now making excuses to coincidentally drop the platform with low sales potential, a platform the public paid them to develop for first, is enough to win in court.



JaxonH commented on Feature: Yoshi's Woolly World, Like Kirby's Ep...:

A fun game is a fun game. Not sure when gamers decided "innovation" and "doing something new" takes precedence over "fun", but it wasn't for the better. I've played games that were absolutely innovative and sucked a**. And yet some of my favorite games in the world did nothing spectacular or innovative- they were just exceptionally fun games. I don't know why people care so much about doing something new when the fact is there's nothing new. Not to mention, it's all a matter of perspective anyways because if you haven't played a game that does something then it's going to seem new to you while not to someone else. With all that said, this game is about as innovative as I've seen a platformer in YEARS. Using yarn in the environment, solidifying outlines of platforms and petrifying enemies with yarn? Can't say I've EVER seen this before.

And I'm just going to go ahead and say it- I'm a platformer connoisseur, always have been. And have impeccable taste when it comes to platformers. DKC will forever live as one of the greatest I've ever played in my entire life- was so perfect in every way. Most of its nuances aren't perceived by most, unless you have engaged in the time trials and taken advantage of the smart level design and enemy placement. Every single owl, penguin and platform has a purpose and a place. Even now I'm still amazed at the precision of that game's level design.

With all that said, I can tell you right now this is going to be one of the greats. And if people are smart they'll know not to skip this one. AAA platformers are one of the RAREST genres in the industry. And platformers of this caliber don't come around often.



JaxonH commented on Feature: Go Fast - An Ode To The Glorious Chao...:

I'm with you. You basically described my early gaming years to the tee. When the GameCube released, I was already such a fan that the one and only game I was looking forward to on the system was F-Zero GX. Ya I loved Mario Kart and some other games but they were a niggling afterthought compared to my hype for the next F-Zero.

I too have the AX Cup unlocked :) Look at it this way- even if we never see the franchise return, we always have GX to fall back on. And nobody can take that game away from us.



JaxonH commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Problems porting is one thing. Using that as an excuse to not fulfill a crowd funded project is a whole other story.

And no this has nothing to do with hating Nintendo. Just has to do with the fact these people are greedy scammers, have been lying through their teeth from day one. Lied to PS3 owners, lied to Xbox 360 owners, now they're lying to Wii U owners.



JaxonH commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:


The only problem is these cheapskate scammers are looking for any excuse they can to cut the Wii U version and pocket their profits from the PS4/X1.

This was crowd funded. Yet as soon as they got everyone's money quickly forgot about the Wii U version.

THEY were the ones who asked for funds to create a Wii U version. THEY KNEW what it was capable of when they were reaching into everyone's pockets.

Unbelievable. When they need your money they'll tell you how they'll get it running on the system, but once they bleed you dry then it's delay, delay, cancel.

The game isn't running well on Wii U cause they don't really care about getting it to run on Wii U. This has nothing to do with the game running well this has everything to do with them greedily trying to maximize their profits. They lied to backers and cancelled the PS3/360 versions just so they could make more money on new platforms. And now they're making excuses for this system because they know the install base is small. I assure you, they had confidence this would sell well they would not be having "problems" right now that conveniently lend themselves an excuse to not finish.



JaxonH commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

Ya but this was crowd funded for Wii U. Which means they need to get it together and figure it out. I can tell you right now they didn't even start meaningful work on the Wii U version until the other versions were already finished. They through this version under the bus as soon as they had everyone's money in their pocket.

Now they spend a meager six months on the console and want to make excuses as to why they can't finish the game. No. Wii U will be around till holiday season 2017. They've got plenty of time. If people give in and let them make this "wait til next console" excuse, they'll just never do it and people will have forgotten about it by the time that comes years down the line.

It's a cop out. I'm not saying it's as easy as snapping your fingers to get a game to run flawlessly on the Wii U, but you can't expect to spit out a 6 month port and then complain that it's only running at 23 frames per second. They need to have this game on the system running well by the end of the year.

Otherwise I fear some might take them to court.



JaxonH commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

Pre ordered.

If someone is willing to toss away a perfectly fine game simply because TESTING ran into issues, I dare say they would have found another excuse to skip it anyways.

Nintendo does not owe anyone a TestFire. This was an act of good will to consumers and a way to ensure quality at launch. And the fact they had the TestFire working on the hour exactly tells me they knew what the problem was. And granted an extra hour. What more do people want? So you missed the TestFire. Oh well. Most games don't even get that, so what's the difference? No one got a TestFire for Smash, or Mario Kart. And yet Splatoon is the only one of the three to have been tested for problems before launch. Ensuring the REAL game (ya know, what actually matters) works as intended.

@bizcuthammer post# 40
Nuff said.



JaxonH commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Suffers Major Problem...:

We were anticipating a half page rant on your behalf during the first hour, I told Sinalefa you were NOT going to be happy. Then it started working, perfectly, and what an hour it was! That was my first time playing the game and it was excellent!

I do think I sent you a Miiverse message saying I couldn't connect at first though



JaxonH commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U eShop):

Something else to consider is that it's exclusive. I'm sure it won't stay that way forever- these developers almost always take their games to other platforms six months down the line, but it's a nice gesture getting it first.

That's worth at least $5 extra to me.



JaxonH commented on An Impressive 1.79 Million Players Have Crosse...:

I thought the story was no lesser than that of previous games. And I actually really liked the characters- Vaike, Sumia, Basilio and Cynthia being among my favorites. And I thought the music was legendary. Seriously some tracks brought chills up my spine it they were so good.

The only thing I thought it fell short in was map elevation diversity and too few inner buildings with stairs and the like. But the game excelled in so many other areas I easily forgot about those small shortcomings



JaxonH commented on Review: Ultratron (Wii U eShop):

So I bought Swords and Soldiers 2. Said screw it. Bought the first for $2.99 also so I figure it all averages out anyways.

I read that article the other day and have been feeling guilty ever since. Also got Nihilumbra, and am debating on Ultratron (I wanna support Curve Studios for their quality games and regular Wii U support).

And dear goodness man, Berzerk was your GotY back in '81 huh lol? You have commanded a whole new level of respect from me. Gamer badge reinstated!



JaxonH commented on Parent Trap: Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Makes Chess ...:

See, I grew up on chess and would LOVE to play this game online. Problem is I never have anyone to play with. Oh well, as soon as my Lucina and Robin get here in a week I'll probably give the game a go. That's what I was waiting on to start playing it because I wanted to have all 4 Fire Emblem characters first.

On the topic of Luigi's Mansion, The fact that it allows download play was a really big thing for me, since my brother didn't own a copy of the game. I think you can only play one mode with download play but hey, it's better than nothing.



JaxonH commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:


Yes, and it's brilliant! In fact this was the entire reason I bought a PS4 in the first place. I loved Dragon Age Inquisition- but this game seems like it's going to top it already. Still trying to get used to the controls though. There's a lot to learn in games like this...



JaxonH commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

I'll say this: I'm an avid Nintendo fan. I love their games- pretty much all of them. In fact I think the number of Nintendo games I DON'T like could be counted on my left hand.

I also love 3rd party games- but mainly just the elite few that really shine on the same level as Nintendo's own games.

I buy anything that's good on any console. And I'm content with that. In fact pre-ordering and day one purchases is all I do. I support anyone and everyone who makes a good game, be it with Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. On rare occasion I will wait for a price drop when I feel the price is too high but these situations are far and few between.

I have no beef. I'm a gamer who loves playing great games, and by owning all systems I never miss a great game. Although I will admit even with the Nintendo's limited libraries I still play and enjoy more great games on their systems then I do the rest of the third party industry combined. And that's not a slight against third party games- I just started playing The Witcher 3 yesterday. And it's absolutely fantastic. But the truth is I still enjoy games like Pikmin 3 and DKC Tropical Freeze more. Always have, always will.

There's nothing to be upset about if you're a gamer. Great games to go around on any console. Just buy the one that has the type of games you like most.



JaxonH commented on Video: Christopher Lloyd Revives Doc Brown Rol...:

Christopher Lloyd is LEGEND.

Wow I love that man. Should have seen his little skit with Samuel L Jackson running from Godzilla for the MTV awards about a decade ago. One of the most hilarious skits I've ever seen in my life.