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I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and some recent Ninty favorites include Pikmin 3, Fire Emblem Awakening, DKC Tropical Freeze and Zelda Link Between Worlds. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube and Wii.

Fri 15th February, 2013

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JaxonH commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

Well, my Smash GameCube Limited Edition bundle only just shipped out today, so it looks like I won't be playing Smash this weekend. However, my dual pack of Pokemon OR/AS did arrive today, as did seven of my Amiibos: Yoshi, Link, DK, Samus, Fox, Marth and Wii Fit Trainer. I must say, I'm rather impressed with the quality of these figures considering the low price. I figure if you're going to order these things it's best to order them right away before the die develops defects. Quality for castings is usually best at the start of the run.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

"(Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros) are like sports games. It doesn't matter how good they are, they're the sort of game that is always surpassed by the next iteration."

-Looks at Mario Kart Double Dash then looks at Mario Kart Wii. Looks at Smash Bros Melee then looks at Smash Bros Brawl...

Eh, might have to disagree on that one.



JaxonH commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

@Samurai_Goroh the problem is the game is a multiplat, and was designed with a simple "hold Y to hack" mechanic. As such, there's nothing that could be done to expound upon that, short of having a bright red button on the game pad that you touch.

Had the game actually had real hacking, then they could have transitioned it to the pad. But this game doesn't have hacking. It just has "hold Y".



JaxonH commented on Meta Knight amiibo to be Best Buy Exclusive in US:

@rjejr retailer exclusives don't bother me a bit. So I order from a different store? Who cares.

I'm buying them just for the figures, but the fact they all give you stuff in all these games is a no brainer bonus for me. Just the MK8 costumes alone are bad***



JaxonH commented on Meta Knight amiibo to be Best Buy Exclusive in US:


GameStop lol. Being a GCU member I never step foot into GameStop unless they have something exclusive. But Tales of Hearts R just released for Vita physically, only at GameStop, so I stopped in to pick up my copy last week. The Wii U section (if you could even call it that) was relegated to 4 feet of shelf space in the back corner of the store. Only three games were on display while the rest of the shelf space was empty, presumably for Smash. The other 25 copies of Wii U games they had, despite being brand-new, where shelved on their side like a pile of bargain bin used games. It was insulting, to say the least.

The other 97% of their shelf space was for PlayStation and Xbox. I understand those systems are popular but my goodness, I've seen more shelf space dedicated to air fresheners.

That's the main reason I lost respect for GameStop. I understand that Wii U is selling less but even the 3DS had no more shelf space than the Wii U, and that system is pushing product left and right. It's just a slap in the face to Nintendo and to be frank, it's just flat out embarrassing.



JaxonH commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

Lol. People getting angry about DLC when they haven't even played the game yet. Yep, that's gamers nowadays for you. This kind of DLC begging will only make developers strip away content and hold it back. They're already giving you two games worth of content on one game disc. My goodness how much content do you need?

That's not to say I wouldn't be pleased to see Dixie Kong for sale, or Proto Man, etc, but it is what it is. If it comes it comes and if it doesn't it doesn't. I'm not even remotely thinking about DLC yet when I haven't even played the game



JaxonH commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

Got this in the mail today, and I must say I am impressed. They even have DLC available on the eShop. So I went ahead and picked up both of the DLC packs for $11 total, which is like 7 DLC packs total between the two.

I also think having an interactive map on the gamepad ranks up there among one of the best possible things you could do with a second screen. I hate pausing games. I hate interrupting the flow of my game every 30 seconds to see where I'm at on the map. Interactive like Deus Ex? All the better.



JaxonH commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@FritzFrapp I second that. Best Nintendo console ever! Sorry to hear about those who feel otherwise, but it doesn't change how much I'm enjoying it.

I think the jump to HD is what really helped this console. That and the great controller variety, the rise of the eShop, and the fact the games are just excellent this generation.

Pikmin 3 still makes me want to hug Miamoto, just for making a game so good. And Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate almost makes me want to hug Capcom. I said ALMOST lol... Bayonetta 1 and 2 and Wonderful 101 make me want to hug Kamiya for creating such excellent games for us, and the list just goes on and on and on.

Nintendo really stepped up their game as far as software is concerned. Which is good. They have to continue making excellent games to compete with the entirety of the third-party industry.



JaxonH commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

Nothing to get flustered over, of course they're going to say that. It's their job.

No need to feel threatened when we know it's not true, they know it's not true, and the consumer knows it's not true.

As for the Wii, he's right. The Wii U is indeed a small shadow of the once almighty Wii. HOWEVER, the Wii was so great because the mass casual audience supported it. So while it was a smashing success, it left much to be desired for gamers like us. Ironically, while Wii U leaves much to be desired as far as commercial success is concerned, it's loaded with core software specifically designed for the habitual gamer.

I'll take core software and little sales over sales and little core software any day.



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

At work. 7 days a week two weeks in a row now (19 days straight without a day off), and it's gonna be the same thing next weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend. Even have to work Black Friday we're so busy. But, being that's a paid holiday (2 paid days for Thanxgiving) I'll get triple time for it so I'm not complaining



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

@rjejr well you can get a free Amiibo with Smash at TRU one of these days, right? That sounds like the best deal. Actually, signing up for Gamers Club Unlocked would probably be your best deal, seeing as it's selling for $30 right now instead of the normal $120. Then you could get Smash for $48, Amiibo for $10.39 and 20% off all your new games til basically 2017. Something to think about anyways



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

@rjejr I'll be accounting for that one copy of Watch Dogs lol... Best Buy had a sale on eBay for $50 PSN cards for $40 the other day so I was sure to jump on that. If you want a better deal on eShop cards though, Best Buy has doirbuster for 15% off eShop cards, including online. Not as good as the 20% off in times past, but it's the best I've seen since February so I'll take it, about $200-$300 worth to be exact. Got to stock up while it's on discount right?

I just got CoD AW, AC Unity, Halo Master Chief, Tales of Hearts R, Mario Kart 8 DLC, and had Watch Dogs, Smash Bros, Capt Toad, Persona Q, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby Dual Pack, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, GTAV, NES Remix U and NES Remix 3D on the way...

So ya, just a couple games is all ;)



JaxonH commented on Feature: Our Predictions For The Animal Crossi...:

The only franchise licensed stage I think we'll see in the Leaf Cup is Animal Crossing, with a track through the main city. PERHAPS a Luigi's Mansion stage as well.

As for the Bell Cup, surely a 3D World related stage would be in order, perhaps even a new Bowser's Castle considering Dry bowser.

As for the rest of the stages, I think we'll get mostly new stages with maybe one or two retro tracks. Which ones, your guess is as good as mine.



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

@Jazzer94 I posted about that deal after seeing it on CAG, but upon further investigation couldn't find the deal anywhere in their ad, so I removed the topic until the deal can be confirmed.

Right now the best deals we know of for sure are through Best buy GCU for $10.39/ea and the ToysRus deal were you get one free with Smash Bros



JaxonH commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

All of them! And I'll use all of them too, might as well. 8 player Smash- me getting stomped on by 7 amiibos lol...

Can't wait to unlock Captain Falcon suit in Mario Kart 8- it'll feel so good in the Blue Falcon racing the Mute City course



JaxonH commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

@Mr_G Well, with roughly 7.5 million Wii U owners, and over 80% of them age 18-35, and 97% over the age of 12, you'd really think the game would have done better. Especially when those gimped multiplats everyone complains about, even THEY have been known to sell 250k...

But it's like I said, the vast majority of Nintendo gamers don't really want to play anything but 1st party titles. There's a couple hundred thousand of us that have impeccable taste, mostly the fan site gamers really, but the rest just couldn't care less. In fact, not only do they not care about excellent 3rd party titles such as a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2, they don't even care about excellent 1st party titles such as Pikmin 3 and DKC Tropical Freeze.

The only games to really sell WELL on Wii U have been Mario, Mario Kart, 2D Mario, and Zelda. A shame, truly. Masterpiece after masterpiece drops on Wii U and struggles to sell a couple hundred thousand copies, while only one or two games a year sell over 1 million copies. It's like, what are people playing? Are they even playing anything at all? Cause it sure doesn't seem like they ever buy any games.



JaxonH commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:

Man, Mute City is a gem! But then again, it always has been hasn't it :)

Racing as Link in Mario Kart on an F-Zero course. Who woulda thunk...

Also, Dragon Driftwad is serene. Absolutely wonderful course that one. Haven't had a chance to play the 2nd cup, but I'm going to do that right now!



JaxonH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Continues to Dominat...:

@rjejr Indeed every sale does help, but I think I do it not to increase Nintendo's hardware numbers, but because I like others to share in the joy I feel when I play these games. Joy is meant to be shared, and I can't help myself sometimes when I see people who love video games are oblivious to what they're missing



JaxonH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Continues to Dominat...:

@rjejr I tell people about Wii U all the time. Most of the time they haven't a clue what I'm talking about when I tell them what games I'm playing, but I usually explain it to them and show them a few trailers so they understand.

I just tell em pretty much every game you've heard of, isn't going to be on the system. But you'll find an entirely new library of favorite games. It's a completely different way to game (right and proper way if you ask me, with games that still aren't afraid to be just that- games). I tell em you like CoD? Assassin's Creed? You like GTA and all that jab? Forget about those games. You won't find any of em on the Wii U. But you will find some of the best games I've ever played in my life- games that nobody talks about or seems to know about. But they put AAA to shame. That's usually what I tell them, and half the time they end up buying a Wii U. I'm working on coworker number five right now, who wants a Wii U after he gets a new TV.

Hey, on the bright side, concerning Madden and FIFA- Madden 13 and FIFA 13 are on the Wii U- which are basically the exact same games that just came out. In fact, those games should have you covered for the next five years or so ;)



JaxonH commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I was hoping UCraft would be successful, if for nothing else than to rid the Miiverse comments of the perpetual begging for Minecraft.

Judging by how many people post requests for Minecraft on Wii U, I'm VERY surprised this game barely raised $1000. Perhaps most of the requests are from children who do not yet have a means to contribute to crowdfunding? Idk, but I do know there's a demand for a game like that...



JaxonH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Continues to Dominat...:


It is what it is. I've accepted that the console just isn't going to catch on, and that it'll probably end up sitting alongside the GameCube as equals, not just sales wise, but games-wise too.

And ya know what? I can definitely live with that. I'd rather have great games and no sales than great sales and no games. At least Nintendo has finally moved on from this bygone Wii era and are really pumping out the kind of games I like to see now.



JaxonH commented on Review: The Swapper (Wii U eShop):

@Donutman Like heck it's not. Buying the game by definition is supporting them. Doesn't mean I have to buy it at $20 right now. I feel that's too high. So I'm not paying it. Doesn't mean I won't support them, just means I'm waiting for a lower price before I do.



JaxonH commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

@Ryu_Niiyama Glad I could be of service.

I've been trying to get the word out about Gamer's Club Unlocked but a lot of people still don't seem to know about it. Even at $120, you save so much money through the program, but with this current deal they're offering for just $30, it's a no-brainer.

Bear in mind that GCU memberships must be purchased at the customer service desk in store only, but once you have obtained GCU status you can order all your games through their website and get the discount.



JaxonH commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:


Best Buy is a gamer's paradise! Gamers Club Unlocked nets you 20% Off every single new game for the next 2 years! PLUS most AAA multiplats have $10 rewards bonuses for pre ordering, making games like Halo Master Chief, GTAV, Far Cry 4, etc all just $38. Even some Nintendo games like Mario Kart 8 had a $10 gas card bonus.

And on top of all that, you get 5% back in rewards for every dollar spent, and ANOTHER 5% if you use their credit card. Plus I'm an Elite member for buying so many games there, so I get 45 day return policy and free shipping on any purchase of any amount, and 10% extra back in rewards. In the end I'm paying around $35 on average for a game on release day.

Normally it's $120 for a GCU membership, but they have a special offer right now where you can get it for 30 bucks. Why anyone would not sign up immediately at that price is beyond me. You could go buy Bayonetta 2 and a GCU membership, and the grand total would only be $78. Which means you just paid 18 bucks to get 20% off every single new game for the next two years, on top of $10 pre order bonus offers that outclass every other retailer in the country.

Jus trying to spread the word. There IS a proper alternative to Gamestop.



JaxonH commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

I don't like GameStop anymore than the next guy, but if they have something I want and it's exclusive to their store, you best believe I'm going to buy it from them. Case in point- Tales of Hearts R for Vita. The physical release was exclusive to GameStop because they made it happen, and I gladly picked up my copy today. Probably won't set foot in a GameStop until the next time they have an exclusive product, which will be this Shulk Amiibo.

All I know is I'm all over this, and will most likely pick up two for good measure.



JaxonH commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

@spiffeh Great, because you don't have to pay $90. The current price is $49.99 for Xenoblade and $45 for Metroid Prime Trilogy (PUR). So basically for all its rarity and critical acclaim, you don't have to pay a cent more than when it released to store shelves. It'll just be unwrapped in the used games section. So at launch you paid $50 and got it in cellophane, now you pay $50 and get it without cellophane. So basically you're just giving up plastic wrap. A small price to pay for such a rare and wonderful game.



JaxonH commented on Review: The Swapper (Wii U eShop):

I'm gonna buy this now, but I think I'll wait for a sale.

But I'm definitely buying it. Feels good supporting Curve Studios- they make such great games



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

This is just how RFID chips work. The data they hold is miniscule. The whole point of the chip is for near field detection purposes. I don't think people have a good grasp on the limits of RFID technology at the moment.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Reveals 11 amiibo Super Smash Bros. F...:

And btw everyone, there is currently an Amiibo survey on Club Nintendo. They ask you what kind of features you would like to see them unlock, so this is a perfect opportunity to voice your opinion to Nintendo. Tell them what you would like to see Amiibo do.

In the survey I told them A) unlock characters B) unlock courses/stages C) unlock new outfits (like the Fusion suit in the next Metroid, stuff like that).

Not sure if everyone got the survey but I know I did.



JaxonH commented on Preview: Power Sliding Around The Legend of Ze...:

@Dave24 @whodatninja

Sorry to hear you guys aren't fans of Rainbow Road. I couldn't be more thrilled to have the SNES version included, seeing as we now have the top 3 iconic and memorable Rainbow Road courses of all time in one game.

Besides, for $11 we're getting half a game's worth of content. Even if you hated 50% of every course in the DLC pack, there still would be no room to complain.



JaxonH commented on Eiji Aonuma Confirms Majora's Mask 3D Has Been...:

People complained they wanted this game, turns out we're getting it so they complain about how long it took. Ever cross peoples' minds the Zelda dev teams have had MULTIPLE other, more important projects to work on? There's only so many people in a team and they can only do so much. Why put everything ELSE on the back burner for another remake? No, they did right. 3D already ha a remake. No way this should have taken priority.

And to the ones complaining about new franchises, you ARE joking, right? This is the Zelda dev team. They don't make new franchises. They do Zelda and only Zelda. Besides that, what do you call Wonderful 101, Code Name STEAM and Splatoon? Even Kid Icarus might as well be considered a new franchise, cause NOBODY was playing Kid Icarus games for the last 20 years, and certainly not like Uprising. Xenoblade and Xenoblade X, all new. Captain Toad, another new franchise. Ya Toad is familiar but the game is all new, unless people would rather have a new character slapped in an old game? Didn't think so...

Doesn't matter WHAT Nintendo does, people will complain.



JaxonH commented on Video: Take a Closer Look at the Awesome GameP...:

I bought this game the day it launched (I always support a good game on Wii U, otherwise we won't see more of them), but honestly I haven't had time to play it yet. With the onslaught of games lately across multiple platforms, combined with my recent desire to play every Wii game I never finished, most recently Metroid Other M, I've even got retail games I haven't touched yet.

But hopefully after I finish Bayonetta 2 (just beat the first one the other day) and Lords of the Fallen, and Sunset Overdrive, and once Smash, Captain Toad, Mario Kart 8 DLC, GTAV, Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4 and Halo Master Chief arrive, and once I've had a chance to experiment with them... hopefully then I'll be able to sit down and give this game a go lol...

I still need to finish the first one on Vita. Heck it'd be nice to see the first one brought to Wii U- I'd certainly buy it again