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United States

Mon 2nd Jun 2008

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j0mb13 commented on Protöthea:

Salutations.. I see some of you are apprehensive of this game.. I was too, but I purchased it anyway and took one for the team. I can say after playing it for the last couple hours and getting my arse handed to me that it is quite challenging and fun. There is alot of details that are not obvious in the trailer.. Example: there are ground targets as well and require the use of a air to ground weapon. They do a great job of dividing your attention, so you have to do some very skilled targeting of them back and forth between airborne enemies. The skill ramps up pretty quick and you will see alot more action after a short time. Also the visuals are quite spectacular. There are many weapons, bullet time and a few other things I have not figured out how to use yet. So there it is.. I recommend if you want a shooter thats gonna test your meat!