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Wed 15th Jun 2011

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ivn_r commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

Nintendo loves it's fans. All these titles have me hyped already Now I want school to start so time can go by faster and I can get these games already xD

The best part is that they don't mention all the titles, so I'm expecting even more Nintendo hits. I have been desperately waiting for Silver/Gold/Crystal to come out on VC, I never expected any GBA pokemon game coming to VC before the GBC ones, I'm assuming they might include a pokemon game , but who knows, it'll be awesome if they did. And whoever has to make the choice of which version would have a lot of pressure xD. <-- This is all me making assumptions of things, ppl, no pokemon game gba vc has been confirmed or anything

Also, it would be interesting if they include some sort of wireless multiplayer between 3DS for the gba vc, I'm aware yoshi's island has some multiplayer thing to it. It'd be nice if that was done. If four swords is coming to dsiware and will include wireless multiplayer, I can see multiplayer for the 3DS GBA VC a possibility as well




ivn_r commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

@105 This is my fear as well D: The only possible solution I see, Is importing Prepaid eShop cards from the USA and using them here, or having a credit card from the USA to add funds. But not all people actually have that, and I'm unsure as if Nintendo is willing to import their prepaid cards, since the card itself says USA only, that meaning of course, USA eShop only.

I can confirm this, on the 3DS you can change regions from USA to Mexico, to Canada etc... And I was doing this because of my Club Nintendo account, I noticed the Green Lantern trailer and downloaded it, then when I had the Mexican eshop again, it wasn't there D: At least I could still keep the trailer in my system.



ivn_r commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

That is not always the case.

North America includes the USA, Canada and Mexico yes?

Well it seems the new Green Lantern 3D trailer is not available in the Mexico eShop, and Mexico is located in North America. So it may not always be the case.

I'm pretty sure we mexicans don't really care about the languaje, anyone owning a 3DS in Mexico is bound to know some english, and besides, movies like Green Lantern are in english over here. So if it's just the subtitles I'm sure we don't care.

Also I hope Nintendo doesn't decide to NOT sell an eShop game in the Mexico eShop just because of language. I'd be devastated if I couldn't play Megaman Legends : Prototype. Me personally, I prefer english, even if I am Mexican. I just hope Nintendo is smart enough to realize that.