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Thu 2nd Apr 2009

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iSonic commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

@Viper or you could simply use a credit card (if you have one) and buy a 1000 points from the shop channel. At least then you would only have 800 points left on your Wii minus the drive time to GameStop.



iSonic commented on Introducing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing:

Sonic Party is up next, lol.
Oh crap...I hope not.
This game looks decent at least...I loved MKWii so this game could be fun too. Unless it's only a totally cheap spin-off of MK.



iSonic commented on Alien Havoc Coming to DSiWare:

Huh...this might turn out to be pretty fun. When I first saw it I was like, "Looks cheap, weird, and stupid" but now that I read more about it, it looks like it could be cool.



iSonic commented on New Game Play Video - Toribash:

Huh..this game looks worthy to buy. I've been dying for a new Wiiware game to download. This and Onslaught are on my "to download" list.