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Wed 18th Jul 2012

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inFamousSmash commented on Michael Pachter Admits That Wii U Pro Controll...:

I understand what you are saying about analysts, and most of the time you would be right. They are, as you say, " typically highly qualified" and they do "have a very deep understanding of the markets they cover." However, the analyst in question is Michael Pachter, and he has proved his incompetence many times over the years, as I'm sure you know. If you look back you'll notice that his predictions are usually wrong, and that reputation only gets worse when you look at his history with Nintendo. The man predicted that the Wii, the DS, and the 3DS would all fail horrendously. Look how that turned out.

I'm sure if any other analyst was making these comments, people would be nice and respectful. Or maybe not. This is the Internet. You were right about that at least But you really can't defend Pachter.