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Mon 8th Apr 2013

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ilikehockey commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

Pachter - "I don’t particularly “get” the GamePad controller, and it seems like the lower half of the DS to me. I’m not a huge player of DS titles, so the controls are largely lost on me. I don’t understand games like ZombiU, for example, as I think they would be more fun with conventional controls. I understand the features of games like Call of Duty — which really does use two screens — but I think that we’re unlikely to see much support from third parties going forward. As a console, I don’t really think that the Wii U is anything special."

I guess it's true... you can't teach and old dog new tricks.

I've owned many home consoles from the NES to WiiU, as well as PS3, played more hours than I'm proud to admit, and I must say i enjoy the WiiU and it's new control scheme more than any other.

If nintendo gets good games then it will be fine.