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Thu 25th Apr 2013

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Ickyptang commented on Wii U and 3DS Online Connection Rates Exceed 80%:

@PinkSpider I had similar issues with my Wii U - for me it was network interference. Unfortunately, the Wii U is far more sensitive to wireless interference than other devices. I didn't have to move mine far to increase my performance - just rearranged things in my entertainment center. Keep it away from speakers (which tend to cause more magnetic interference than other devices), and at least 4-6 inches away from other consoles. Also, try adjusting what channel your router is broadcasting on to minimize interference - mine was auto-selecting a channel, and I had to manually set it to use channel 11 (likely be different for you). All of this came from multiple, lengthy discussions with Nintendo support (who you can also try contacting). For me, these things helped - I used to get kicked out of the eShop, with an error message that closed the app, literally 95% of the time I opened the app, would have massive download issues, and a variety of Miiverse problems; now I only get eShop errors 5% of the time, have no download issues, and only the rare Miiverse problem - not perfect, but far, far better. I am also hoping the update takes care of my remaining issues - but I'm a much happier Wii U user since talking to support, and adjusting to avoid wireless interference.