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Tue 8th July, 2014

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icedude545 commented on Nintendo Download: 26th March (North America):

Things that can save vc, Ds vc on both Wii U and 3ds like downloadable wii games on 3ds, N64 and Gc vc games on Wii U, Gba and Snes vc on New3ds and on regular 3ds without savestates, Main Pokemon vc titles on Wii U/3ds with trading and pokemon bank, Mother 1 & 3, Either Better prices or Cross buy, Amiibo giving you Free Vc relative to the amiibo, Multiplayer for handheld vc. Also it would be nice if they released Metroid Zero Mission.



icedude545 commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

I been getting the puzzle peices legit for years (mostly mooching off 1 guy in my school) but I never had all of them completed before that changed today. I used this for 60 pieces. x) it takes looong its better to wait till e3 thats when they send 6 people at once



icedude545 commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

Hopeing it gets hatena back when they actually relese it and one other problem you cant transfer flipnotes from dsi. I made a bunch of flipnotes on the dsi after hatena went down..