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IceClimbers commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

@SUBTERRANEANguy True, but children and even teenagers are proven to take after what they see in the media, and that includes entertainment. Feminists bashed Disney to hell and back over portraying women as a princess and a damsel in distress, claiming that it was damaging to young girls' perception on women and gender roles.

The same thing applies here. If women aren't allowed to be portrayed showing skin in entertainment such as video games, then young girls will see that and apply it to themselves - showing skin would be objectifying and oversexualizing yourself.



IceClimbers commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

Hilarious thing I see with feminists is that they constantly make the point that women should be allowed to wear whatever they want because it's their body, and shaming women for showing skin is wrong.

Yet whenever a female character in any sort of entertainment media (comic books, video games, movies, TV, etc) shows skin like that, such as Shantae or Bayonetta, these same feminists will then turn around and shout claims of "sexism", "misogyny", "oversexualization", and "objectification of women".

Shouldn't women in entertainment media be allowed to wear whatever they want? Wouldn't all these claims of objectification of women in entertainment teach young girls that they shouldn't be allowed to show skin or they are objectifying themselves?



IceClimbers commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Continues to Thrash ...:

Let's be honest here, Smash Bros Wii U will flop in Japan too. Then the sales numbers come out, and all the Wii U fanboys will hate on Nintendo for releasing a 3DS version, or rather for releasing the 3DS at all, and then it will be followed by a Blackbond video.

I'll sit here on the sidelines with some popcorn, laughing.



IceClimbers commented on Mega Steelix and Mega Glalie Confirmed for Pok...:

@Yorumi At least it's not like Smash. Smash's competitive side usually gets the short end of the stick (though Smash 4 rectifies that for the most part). Pokemon is the other way around - the casual side gets the short end of the stick. Casual Pokemon fans have to go out of their way to find a casual battle, as most PSS battles are assumed to be competitive. Going out of your way to find a battle in the way you like to play contradicts the idea behind Pokemon, and is therefore a gimped experience to an extent.

To be fair though, ORAS is giving plenty of Megas to Pokemon who need it, such as Beedrill and Glalie (dat Refrigerate Explosion). Of course, there are fan favorites who got ones too like Metagross and Salamence (though those Pokemon lost a lot of their viability the last couple generations). Then there's the ones who got it for story reasons (Rayquaza) and those who got it as a gimmick to show off a new feature (Latias/Latios).

I do agree that the Pokemon should receive stat boosts for balancing reasons, and then get a Mega on top of that (no reason they can't).



IceClimbers commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Ships Over Two Milli...:

There's a reason why MH4U isn't on Wii U. Monster Hunter appeals to the Japanese market, and is niche in the west. Home consoles are pretty much dead in Japan, so putting it as a 3DS exclusive makes sense. Monster Hunter for Wii U won't boost it's sales there.

I'll say this: Want MH4U? Get a 3DS.



IceClimbers commented on More Mega Evolutions Appear for Pokémon Omega...:

I see people complaining about them "ignoring" Hoenn Pokemon as far as Megas go, yet Hoenn has more Megas overall than any other region.

Edit: I went and counted. Hoenn has 19 Megas, Kanto has 15, Johto and Sinnoh have 5, and Unova and Kalos have 1.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. Takes the Lead in Japan Once...:

@Faruko Some indie devs just simply chose to make their games exclusive to a certain platform. Scram Kitty, Stealth Inc 2, Shantae (would be 3DS-only, but they obviously wanted to avoid the usual "bring it to Wii U" begging that happens for every successful 3DS game), etc.

@Blast Why? Not every 3DS game needs to come to Wii U. Yokai Watch on Wii U doesn't make any sense anyway.



IceClimbers commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Finally Shakes ...:

I just hope they drop the price of Risky's Revenge. If it being DSiWare is preventing that, then it's time for Nintendo to discontinue the DSi Shop honestly. I seriously doubt enough money is made on there for it to be worth running anymore.

Also, not sure why people would want this on Wii U over 3DS. Shantae is designed for the handheld. Wouldn't feel right in my opinion to get the last part of the trilogy on a different platform. Half-Genie Hero has no importance to the first 3 plot-wise, so I'm ok with that. But hey, preferences.



IceClimbers commented on 3DS System Update 9.0.0-20 Is Now Live with Ho...:

Awesome update. The system stability is really noticeable this time. Scrolling through the home menu and loading pages on the eShop is much faster now - the home menu doesn't lag anymore, and actually gets faster as you scroll.

Went with the black theme for now, will buy one later.



IceClimbers commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Fall ...:

Pokemon and Shantae for me. By the way, Shantae will most likely be better on the 3DS than on the Wii U because the game was developed from the ground up for 3DS, while the Wii U gets a port. The Wii U port may not be as good, though I trust WayForward to do a good job porting.

Besides, Shantae feels like a handheld game to me. Half Genie Hero isn't part of the story of the trilogy, and is just a side game or spinoff. Will still be great of course.



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Sma...:

I have a feeling this is less censorship and more so trying to avoid criticism from SJWs. After Tomodachi Life they don't really need anymore than is necessary, given their current position with Wii U sales. Of course, Sakurai kinda gave the SJWs the middle finger with the alt costumes for ZSS and Shulk.



IceClimbers commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Questionable Expo ...:

@NintyLifer People know that, but it's essentially similar to Bayonetta 2. Wii U only owners keep telling 3DS owners to buy a Wii U for things like Mario Maker, GBA games on VC, and even NES Remix (they bashed Nintendo over Ultimate NES Remix) whenever they ask for them to come to 3DS, and then whenever something is 3DS exclusive, they beg for it to come to Wii U (such as MH4U, and even Pokemon ORAS).

Pretty similar to how Xbox/PS fans tell Nintendo-only owners to buy a Xbox/PS if they want to play a game, and then Bayonetta 2 became Wii U exclusive, resulting in them begging for it to come to Xbox/PS.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

@Yorumi Foto Showdown, Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal, Picture Perfect Hair Salon, System Flaw, and in Europe, Face Training: Facial exercises to strengthen and relax from Fumiko Inudo. They weren't exactly good games (except maybe Ghostwire, but that got delayed indefinitely), but the point still stands.

As for the price, it would definitely have been $300 minimum. Remember, Nintendo had always sold their hardware at a profit from launch up until the 3DS, which sold miserably because of Nintendo doing that. As the New 3DS is more powerful, then Nintendo would have done the same thing but priced it accordingly (at $300).

PS Vita was $250 because Sony sold it at that price to be competitive with the 3DS, but as a result they sold the system at a massive loss. Not sure if the current Vita (which is cheaper to produce because it doesn't have the OLED screen) is sold at a profit or not.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

@Yorumi Actually, you did. There were plenty of retail DS games that could only be played on DSi. Whether they were good games is another matter, but that is irrelevant.

Who's to say Nintendo won't label the few exclusives as only playable on New 3DS?

Also, it's not our fault Nintendo stuck with the Game Boy as their handheld for 3 console generations (NES, SNES, N64). Regardless of them being labeled as Game Boy Color games, it was still the same platform. The time lapse means absolutely nothing.

Xenoblade is the only game right now that is exclusive to the New 3DS. A Wii port. The other games just have added features that make them better on New 3DS, like many DS games did on DSi.

Also, if the New 3DS was the original hardware, the system would have cost $300 minimum. The 3DS would have taken longer to get off the ground (if at all), the handheld market could be nonexistant right now, and the Wii U would be selling like the Xbox does in Japan, if not worse (even with MK8 and Smash, which would be 2015 games in this case).



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

@Yorumi Game Boy Color and DSi say hi. The New 3DS is no different from those - hardware revisions of the same platform that had some exclusive games.

Want an example of a game? Pokemon Crystal. It's a Game Boy game that was not playable on the Game Boy, but was playable on the Game Boy Color, which was still the same platform. Sure, Nintendo may treat them as separate platforms now, but not then. I'm willing to bet that Nintendo will do the same for the New 3DS later on.

Also, think. Would Nintendo really want to make the majority of future 3DS games exclusive to the new model? Why would they cut their own software sales like that when they MAKE THEIR MONEY FROM SOFTWARE SALES?!!!! Very few games will be exclusive to the new model as a result.



IceClimbers commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

@Technosphile Not exactly like this would have come out anywhere else in the next six months if it was being localized anyway <img class=" />.

Besides, the lineup still has Yoshi.... and that's about it for Spring. Splatoon is clearly going to be a May title, as it and Zelda seem to be the pillars of their advertising for next year, like MK8 and Smash Bros this year.



IceClimbers commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@Yorumi You do have a point there. I was actually thinking about that after I had posted my previous comment. In my previous comment I said that the clones would have taken less time than the Ice Climbers, but that may not be true because the Ice Climbers were already built on both versions, it was just a matter of getting 4 of them to run smoothly on 3DS. Basically trial and error (and a bit of luck) - could take a few days, could take weeks.



IceClimbers commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@R_Champ @rp17 Both of you are wrong on that. Smash was announced for both systems before Wii U was out. It was never planned for 3DS only, and it being on 3DS is in no way because of "fans screaming and crying because of not wanting to buy a Wii U" as the SYSTEM WASN'T EVEN OUT YET!!!!

It was planned for both systems from the beginning, though Sakurai was trapped into a corner as he hadn't been planning on making one before Iwata announced it for both systems. Sakurai seemed more than willing to take on the game though.

@Yorumi All of the veterans were rebuilt from the ground up for Smash, which would include Ice Climbers as well. Dark Pit, Lucina, and Dr Mario's models were already built as alt skins, so it didn't take anywhere near as much time to modify Pit, Marth, and Mario for the clones' movesets. Ice Climbers would have taken much more time.



IceClimbers commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@Yorumi If they included the Ice Climbers as a Wii U exclusive, they'd be slapping 3DS owners in the face. The 3DS version and Wii U version aren't completely different games, they're 2 different versions of the same game, basically what they do with Pokemon.

Sakurai doesn't care about console sales one bit, and he isn't going to let that affect his design and development process. Why should Sakurai be forced to make the 3DS version inferior just to improve Wii U sales? The character roster (minus Lucina, Dr Mario, and Dark Pit) was decided upon at the beginning of development back in 2012. It's an all or nothing thing. He had already promised that both versions would have the same roster. Making Ice Climbers Wii U exclusive doesn't provide an incentive, it just slaps 45 million 3DS owners in the face with a broken promise.

Sakurai wanted to be all-inclusive with the roster. He's not going to make Ice Climbers Wii U exclusive, and they won't come back as New 3DS exclusive DLC (that's a VERY shady business move).

Oh yeah, and Smash was already announced for both 3DS and Wii U way before the Wii U even launched, so the Wii U's sales situation is completely irrelevant.

As for the hardware, 3DS has a weaker processor than the GCN did. It couldn't handle the extra AI, and so Ice Climbers had to be cut. Doesn't mean they won't come back in Smash 5.



IceClimbers commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

Sonic Boom launches on November 18th in North America, but the 21st in Europe. I personally think that Smash will likely have the same release schedule as Pokemon ORAS: November 21st in NA, a week later on November 28th in Europe.

I could be wrong about the European release date, but I'm almost 100% sure November 21st will be the NA release date.

I don't see Sonic Boom selling that well given that Nintendo cannot afford to release Smash Wii U after Black Friday in the US. Black Friday sales are absolutely crucial.