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IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Download: 5th March (North America):

@GuitarAnthony Nintendo gives a code for some reason. I think they do that so that people can give it to someone else if they want to. Yet they could have easily just had a "gift" button for that purpose. You know, a feature that the Wii Shop Channel had, and is probably one of the only ways that it is actually ahead of the eShop. Neither eShop has a standard that was on their last gen system.



IceClimbers commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Right to Take Its Ti...:

@elric257 The current setup allows games to be featured on the front page. What you're describing will result in games being buried. The 3DS eShop definitely could be improved though.

The eShops need to be merged though. No reason why I can't even view the page for say, Bayonetta 2, on the 3DS eShop and purchase it there to have it start downloading on my Wii U automatically via SpotPass. On the Wii U eShop I can view the pages for retail 3DS games and Game Boy/Game Boy Color VC games, but it tells me to look at the 3DS eShop. This should not be the case.



IceClimbers commented on 3DS System Update Shuts Off Web Browser Exploi...:

With the VC and the currently supported systems (GB, GBC, NES, SNES, and GBA), I'm pretty sure Nintendo has almost all of their 1st party content released with the exception of the GBA, which is missing games between regions and is lacking releases like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. As far as the GB, GBC, NES, and SNES go though, Nintendo has pretty much all of their 1st party content released with the exception of the main series Pokemon games, SuperFX chip SNES games, and the rest of the Light Gun games. Are there any games that are missing?



IceClimbers commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

@Quorthon I'd have to agree with that. The interesting thing with Pokemon though is that while it sells mainly to the same audience every time (and it's a fairly big one too), Game Freak's recent design choices made to attract new people have rather pissed off a lot of Pokemon fans such as @Bolt_Strike.

Basically, with the recent games Game Freak has been convinced that people are too busy nowadays and therefore don't have the time to appreciate things, particularly any sort of challenge. Essentially, they are trying to cater to kids who game on smart devices. This thinking has led them to believe that people don't want any challenge, resulting in them lowering the difficulty and even removing the Battle Frontier feature in ORAS (this pissed off 100% of Pokemon fans in one fell swoop).

This actually brings up an interesting topic of debate,albeit controversial: catering to a wider, "mainstream" audience and it's effect on game development (ignoring the business side). Games like Ninja Gaiden 3 and, arguably, the Resident Evil franchise, show evidence of where catering to the mainstream has been detrimental to game design. With NG3, Team Ninja toned down the violence, difficulty, and gore, (the reasons people buy Ninja Gaiden) and they received massive backlash. NG3: Razor's Edge then came out, which was basically a damage control game that put all of the stuff back in.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo is Not Moving Away From Games For QoL...:

I think the QoL venture is necessary is for the company in the long run. Right now, Nintendo has two ventures: video games and hanafuda cards. They basically live and die with the increasingly unstable gaming industry. That means that Nintendo is unstable as a company, no matter how much money they have.

Expanding outside of video games is necessary in order to stabilize the company. This QoL venture is them doing just that.

If this takes off, it could actually benefit their video game division. Look at Sony and Microsoft. Those two can afford to lose money on their gaming divisions because they have other divisions that cover up any losses. This especially applies to Microsoft as they didn't make profit on Xbox for several years despite the numerous sources of revenue (this is due to them not recouping the money spent on R&D on the original Xbox before spending even more money on R&D for the 360). Windows covered up those losses. If this takes off, it could allow them to put out a more competitive console with less risk.



IceClimbers commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

@StarDust4Ever Pokemon Stadium isn't a main series game. Neither is Colosseum. I'm talking about the main RPGs, which are handheld-only for a reason. Releasing one of those on a home console would be the death of them. People will buy the current handheld in droves just for Pokemon. Release a main series Pokemon game on the home console and people will expect it on the home console from there on out, which would ruin the franchise's ability to sell handhelds the way it does.

Just look at Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the number of people who refuse to buy it until it comes to Wii U.



IceClimbers commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

The worst business decision they could make right now: putting a main series Pokemon game on the Wii U. Would consoles sales increase? Yeah they would. But it would COMPLETELY undermine their handhelds, ruining the franchise's ability to sell Nintendo's handhelds like no other. That would guarantee their eventual demise as a company. Not just hardware, but software as well.

Maybe it's best that Nintendo goes handheld only.



IceClimbers commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights the Crisis and Opportu...:

He's correct on the devaluation of content. While free or cheap "app" games is obviously a big part of it, the problem also exists with other parts of the industry. Steam sales being a big one. People would rather wait for a sale on Steam.

It's a known fact that Nintendo-published games are the only ones in the industry that still retain their value years later, and therefore don't drop in price for a long time.

Anyways, he's wise to be slower and cautious when it comes to digital stuff. Nintendo's approach to DLC is proof of that. However, Nintendo is too slow at it. That's where the problem is. There needs to be a balance.

Thankfully, Nintendo is catching up. They mainly need to just implement cross-buy, untie the NNIDs from the hardware, unify everything under the NNID, merge the two eShops, allow cross-purchasing (ie purchasing a Wii U game on the 3DS eShop and have it start downloading on my Wii U via SpotPass and vice-versa), make it easier to communicate with friends, and a few other things.



IceClimbers commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

@Quorthon I don't know, some of those developers seem pretty content where they're at, particularly Takahashi and the people at Monolith Soft. Granted, that's most likely because they only have to focus on one platform and Nintendo gives them creative freedom.

Xenoblade Chronicles sold fairly well I thought. About 800k isn't too bad. Yeah, it might seem like a flop given the 100m install base of the Wii, but the actual userbase at the time likely wasn't even a fourth of that.

Will be interesting to see which sells best: Splatoon, XCX, Devil's Third, or Codename STEAM. My bet is on XCX honestly.

Pokemon is sort of a weird one. It has virtually no effect on the home consoles, but is the killer app of killer apps on the handhelds. No other franchise can sell hardware the way Pokemon does. There's a good number of people who will even ignore Mario and Zelda and only play Pokemon on the thing (that number is shrinking I believe). Thankfully, Nintendo's handhelds actually have 3rd party support, even if it is pretty much all Japanese.



IceClimbers commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

@Quorthon @BinaryFragger Problem is that third party multiplats won't sell Nintendo hardware at all - Nintendo's core fanbase doesn't care for the most part and other gamers won't see that as a reason to switch over when they can get those games on Xbox and PlayStation already. They'll look to Nintendo's own software, which quite clearly they have no interest in.

They'd have to get a large number of 3rd party exclusives to potentially win over other gamers. Even then it may not work as it may piss people off (see: outrage over Bayo 2 and ROTR), causing them to boycott Nintendo and the 3rd party companies until they port those games over to Xbox/PlayStation.

Also, @Quorthon, you listed Destiny, Titanfall, and Evolve, all three of which are under constant fire by gamers. Those games may have scored fairly well with the critics, but people seem to be almost unanimously against those games (the former two for being massive disappointments and for being hyped as something they're not, with the later for it's abusive day 1 DLC that's not included in the season pass).

Oh, and Pokemon has changed a fair amount over the years. If you compare say, Gold/Silver to ORAS, there's a vast amount of changes that have occurred, though the basic core formula remains unchanged for the most part. It's changes have progressed the series, unlike Mario and Zelda.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo of America's Damon Baker Explains the...:

For me, I don't care that we're only getting the N3DSXL, as I felt that both New 3DS models were a waste of money. Why would I spend $200 on a simple stopgap upgrade when I know damn well that Nintendo will release the actual successor to the 3DS family within a couple years? Not wasting my money on a New 3DS when I can just wait a couple more years and get a next gen handheld that will more than likely be backwards compatible with all 3DS games, including N3DS exclusives.

This whole industry is a mess. Anyone who tries to deny it is foolish. Anyone who says it can't crash is even more foolish. In the past I said that this industry will crash and burn at some point, yet I came under attack for spouting things according to my agenda. Well, it looks like people are finally waking up. This industry WILL crash and burn, and the sooner it does the better.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo to Introduce Free Software With NES a...:

Reading (or trying to, at least) the investors meeting with Google Translate. It seems Iwata is applying the "Same Generation Hypothesis" to Majora's Mask 3D. It also seems Iwata can use common sense, saying that the 3DS XL had low sales over the holidays because people were waiting for the N3DS.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo to Introduce Free Software With NES a...:

So these unlock a particular scene in a game(s)? So for example, a Little Mac amiibo would unlock a fight with Mr Dream? Cool, I guess.

Obviously the Peach amiibo unlocks the "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!" scene ;)



IceClimbers commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

The only Zelda game that's truly "open world" is The Legend of Zelda. Every other game is hampered by linearity and various conventions that started with ALttP and OoT, two games claimed to be masterpieces (they are masterpieces). It's a bit like Resident Evil, don't you think? Resident Evil 4 is claimed to be one of the best games of all time, yet is the very game that set RE down the non-survival horror path that people didn't like.

In any case, yes every Zelda game has a big world to explore to an extent, but only LoZ was truly open world.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (Europe):

If there's one thing I know, if you're trying to choose between some game and SMTIV (or some other Atlus game), choose the other game. The Atlus game will be on sale again at least 5 more times throughout the year ;)



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

Very well done fake. Also, for those wondering why Rayman would ever be in Smash with how bad of a relationship there is between Nintendo and Ubisoft, Sakurai DOES NOT CARE. He doesn't care about that. If he wanted to put Rayman in Smash, he would. Business politics don't affect Sakurai's decisions.



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

Something tells me Sakurai finds a company's poor treatment of a platform to be irrelevant to whether a character should be in Smash or not. So Ubisoft and Konami screwing over Nintendo's fanbase has no effect on Rayman or Snake being in Smash. Business politics shouldn't affect creativity and the director's vision.



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

Now that I'm on my PC, that render looks pretty legit. It has that "clean" look to it like the rest of the renders. Plus that video footage puts stock in it being real. I think it might be legit.

Sakurai will have to nerf Rayman - he'll be broken on release! .... I'll leave now.

@Chaozrush21 Don't remind me.....



IceClimbers commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

@datamonkey I fear for the gaming industry as a whole. The fact that devs have to rely on nickel and dining customers with microtransactions and DLC that was cut content (see: Evolve and it's $130 worth of DLC that's not part of the season pass) in AAA games makes me question the industry as a whole. If they have to continue to do this then the industry will collapse as people will eventually get fed up with it.



IceClimbers commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

@Quorthon Meanwhile, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony do not have a library of 3D platformers. They do not have a library of JRPGs. The fact that Sony and Microsoft have to rely on indies for platformers in general is pathetic if you ask me.

The only genres that get major support these days are 1st person shooters, 2D platformers, racing games, sports games, WRPGs, and 3rd person cover shooters. It's an industry wide problem that needs fixed.



IceClimbers commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

@JamesCoote I'd suspect that the same is true for Xbox One and PS4. Most indie games aren't economically viable unless they are for iOS, Android, or Steam. Even then many indie devs fail. Flappy Bird was on the app store and Google play store for quite some time before it went viral.

With the indie scene you either have to have a big name attached (Comcept with Inafune) or have a game that becomes popular (Shovel Knight, FNAF).



IceClimbers commented on Ubisoft's Unreleased and Finished Wii U Game H...:

@Funbunz Their attitude towards gamers period has been horrible lately. It started with PC gamers and shoving uPlay down their throats (its forced DRM on PC), then Nintendo gamers with the Rayman delay and all the other bs, and finally Xbox/PlayStation gamers after the Watch_Dogs and AC Unity disasters.



IceClimbers commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

@theberrage The New 3DS's hardware power upgrade over the 3DS is comparable to that of the Wii and GameCube. The 3DS is roughly on par with the GameCube (the CPU being weaker; hence no Ice Climbers in Smash), while the New 3DS is almost on par with the Wii.

@IAmDeclanJay The "4DS", or whatever the successor to the 3DS family will be called, will probably be about on par with the PS3 or even the Vita (don't remember which is more powerful).

Actually, that brings up a point geared towards the general discussion: seeing as how the successor to the 3DS family will likely be HD (720p, no way it will be 1080p), then Nintendo will definitely have to move towards more integration with a universal OS in order to avoid having an even worse version of the droughts that currently pendulum swing between the 3DS and Wii U.

@Windy 3 hours for the GamePad is about average. Still weird how the GamePad has such low battery life even with the high capacity battery, yet the Pro Controller has an absolutely ridiculous battery life. I've only had to charge my Pro Controller 2-3 times in the almost 2 years I've had the thing!



IceClimbers commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

@Quorthon True. To be honest I actually don't own the Vita as the memory card prices were a turnoff at first, and now I'm simply choosing to focus on my 3DS/Wii U/PS4 as I only have so much time and money for gaming as it is. I was keeping up with the Vita for a while but I've sorta stopped so I don't really know the full extent of the Vita's upcoming library.

Anyways, as far as gimmicks vs innovation goes, I'd say the best example would be touch screens. When the DS came out, people questioned it and thought it was a gimmick at the time. Now touch screens are a standard not just in the gaming industry, but in many other places as well. Smartphones, tablets, PC monitors, etc. all use (or are starting to use) touch screens.



IceClimbers commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

@Quorthon Correction: Sony did do that. Not anymore as they have dropped 1st party support of the Vita. As a PlayStation fan, I've seen many people pissed at Sony's poor treatment of the Vita, and several aren't likely to support Sony's next handheld if there even is one.



IceClimbers commented on Rumour: A Planned 2.5D Metroid Title For 3DS G...:

@Henmii Did you not read that interview from last year's E3? They're looking at the future of Metroid and hopefully will have something concrete to announce soon. Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it is still a sign.

Plus Metroid is the one major franchise still missing from both systems' libraries. Wii U will only be missing Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, and Metroid once this year is over. Sure, there's stuff like Advance Wars and Golden Sun that are both missing from the 3DS' lineup, but I doubt either are in development or coming at all this generation (IS is too busy, Camelot is disgruntled with the Golden Sun franchise). Process of elimination points towards a Metroid game. Also kinda sad that we can literally go down the list of Nintendo's franchises like that.



IceClimbers commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

Out of all of Nintendo's franchises, Kid Icarus, Kirby, and Donkey Kong wouldn't work in a live action setting at all. That being said, Metroid could definitely work with live action; probably more so than Zelda.

Anyways, I'd absolutely love to see Nintendo hire Shaft to make a full blown Kid Icarus anime. Only problem is that they'd have to find ways to make sure the humor doesn't get stale, though there are more serious things they can do with it (coughMagnusbackstorycough).