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IceClimbers commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

I hope you guys realize that making a system that's on par with the competitors hardware-wise doesn't mean anything regarding 3rd parties. Say Nintendo's new system has identical guts to the PS5. Ok and...? Doesn't mean 3rd parties are going to start magically developing for it. They can still choose to ignore Nintendo.

"Make your system on par with the competition so that 3rd party games aren't gimped" (looks at the number of AAA titles that were broken messes this year on PS4/XB1) Yeah... hardware means nothing there. That's on the developers (Ubisoft, I'm looking at you).

@Quorthon I can tell you how your hypothesis about Nintendo launching a new system sooner to cut the generation short and force MS/Sony to rush theirs will play out:
>Nintendo releases powerful new console, cutting the generation short.
>Sony and MS are forced to rush their new systems
>Sony and MS release new systems
>Nintendo's system once again becomes the weakest of the generation
>3rd parties jump ship from Nintendo's system, if they even bother to get on in the first place
>The new system ends up in the same situation as the Wii U as a result (though this depends on if Nintendo actually advertises the thing and doesn't screw up on the handheld beforehand like they did with the 3DS)
Yeah, it won't work out very well for Nintendo. They're absolutely SCREWED when it comes to 3rd parties next gen.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Titles Struggle to Make an Impact in ...:

@Quorthon Quit believing that Nintendo will EVER get 3rd party support for their home consoles. It will NEVER happen. Why? It's a two way street. Yes, Nintendo has to want to support 3rd parties, but 3rd parties also have to want to support Nintendo. Nintendo HAD 3rd party support at the Wii U's launch. They all jumped ship. Amiibo could scare away Skylanders and Disney Infinity too.

3rd parties DO NOT want to support Nintendo. There's nothing Nintendo can do to fix that besides moneyhatting like Sony and MS do, but if Nintendo were to do that, 3rd parties would take advantage of it and ruin Nintendo financially. This is why Nintendo has been courting indies so much - they actually want to support Nintendo, unlike major 3rd parties.

3rd parties have been unable to sell well on Nintendo's home consoles. Nintendo's consumer base won't put up with any of the bs that 3rd parties pull, unlike Sony and MS's consumer base who will buy it up anyway (though they are starting to wake up finally). When you release late, unoptimized ports with missing features and little to no DLC support, then you should expect low sales. Why should I buy a 3rd party game on my Wii U when it's an inferior version to the other platforms and I could buy it on my PS4? People aren't stupid - they KNOW they're getting the short end of the stick. You have to build a relationship with the consumer base, and so far 3rd parties have FAILED to do so on Nintendo home consoles because they expect overnight success.

3rd party games also seem to struggle to coexist with Nintendo's 1st party offerings on their home consoles, whereas on Xbox and PlayStation they can do easily. In fact, they're top dog on those platforms - without those 3rd parties the Xbox and PlayStation would not survive. Nintendo is capable of surviving just on their 1st party games (thriving is another story) and 3rd parties most likely realize that and probably don't like it.

On the other hand, the 3DS has a fair amount of 3rd party support from Japanese devs. In fact, they're making up a lot of the 3DS's upcoming lineup while Nintendo focuses on the Wii U. If Nintendo didn't have that, then the Vita would have a better lineup because of Nintendo's relatively weak 1st party offerings in the upcoming lineup (a new IP that is extremely niche and a remake of a 15 year old game that's probably been done for months now).

As far as advertising goes, when will people on here realize that there's a point where they can't blame lack of advertising for the Wii U's struggles? No amount of advertising will fix the Wii U's situation. That being said, Smash Bros Wii U has been advertised quite well here in the US - I've surprisingly seen more advertising for Smash Wii U, Captain Toad, and Smash 3DS than I have for Pokemon. A couple days ago I was watching Comedy Central for several hours and saw several Smash Wii U commercials, a ****ton of CoD commercials for XB1, and 1 Halo MCC commercial - not one PlayStation commercial.

As far as conspiracy theories go, I will say that the UK and Europe in general might have a slight "grudge" against Nintendo after how the company treated the market for 20+ years. It wasn't until the DS/Wii era that Nintendo took the European market even remotely seriously. Iwata has actually improved Nintendo's situation in the European market - it was Yamauchi who disregarded the European market for the most part.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

@darthllama Won't matter, as that momentum will be lost once the holidays are over anyway. They won't regain any until Xenoblade/Star Fox/Zelda release in late 2015 unless Splatoon takes off, which will require a heavy marketing campaign (getting the game into people's hands, FREQUENT TV commercials on multiple channels, a dedicated Nintendo Direct, etc) to do so as new IPs from Nintendo don't have much luck these days.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (North America):

@Windy Nintendo has no control over those prices as they didn't publish them. The digital version is the same price as the physical because of the retailers, who can threaten to not carry said company's games. Retailers don't like losing money on digital sales.



IceClimbers commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

I think the issue with advertising as far as TV comemrcials go is that Nintendo is trying to advertise the 3DS as well as the Wii U, which means that the latter suffers. It might have been a better idea to simply let TPCi handle the 3DS with Pokemon ads, and for NoA to pump it's advertising solely on the Wii U.



IceClimbers commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

If you want 3rd parties, get a PS4/XB1. Nintendo will NEVER get major 3rd parties again. Period. End of story.

EDIT: As far as advertising goes, Nintendo DID advertise. Smash ads were everywhere, and Captain Toad is on fairly often. There's more to advertising than TV commercials, people. I'm not even sure TV commercials are as effective as they once were anyways. Problem is, they have a handheld to advertise too. People might also not care enough to buy one, regardless of what's on the system. No amount of advertising can fix that.



IceClimbers commented on 1.5 Million Copies Of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Al...:

I'd say that as far as Pokemon designs go, Gen 5 (Unova) had some really bad ones, but also a few good ones (Hydreigon is one of my favs!). Gen 6 I thought had some really great Pokemon designs. I don't remember there being a major backlash to the Gen 6 designs like there was to the Gen 5 ones.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sells Nearly 500,0...:

Ya know, Nintendo is trying to sell the 3DS this holiday on nostalgia. Think about it - their big 3DS game this holiday is Pokemon ORAS, a remake. They're banking on nostalgia as far as the 3DS goes. Luckily Pokemon nostalgia is a powerful force.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Sells Nearly 500,0...:

@darthllama That $360 bundle with 4 games (Nintendo Land, 3D World, DKC, and Smash) at Best Buy is a pretty good deal if you ask me. You could also technically do the same thing at any retailer and replace DKC and Smash with Bayonetta 2 since it comes with Bayo 1 anyway. Or better yet, spend $420 and get the Wii U and 6 games (3D World, Nintendo Land, DKC, Smash, and both Bayonetta games). Not a bad deal at all.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Etrian Odyssey Untold and Pokemon don't count for best handheld because they're remakes, so they're automatically disqualified outside of the Best Remaster category, and SMTIV is from last year since this is a US awards show.
Edit: Also, the Monolith that's nominated for developer of the year isn't Monolith Soft by the way.

Bayonetta 2 for GOTY!



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (Europe):

@electrolite77 The Captain Toad delay is likely for strategic placement. Europe isn't getting Kirby in February like the US is, so they likely delayed Captain Toad there to even out the dry periods.

Unity doing well essentially means that people keep falling for the hype and marketing by preordering the game. The preorder culture in the industry is why games like AC Unity happen - they already know people are getting the game, so why bother finishing it? Games rarely sell out anyway, especially major AAA titles like AC. Only the niche games like Bayonetta 2 have a chance to sell out. Halo MCC selling well was a given - it's Halo, and four of them at that! People just need to stop preordering games like that unless they fully trust the publisher (and even then, it's not the best idea).



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Is Bringing Holiday Magic To Shopping...:

@Yorumi Well that's weird cause Spike, Comedy Central, and Disney are where Nintendo usually likes to advertise. I remember seeing Hyrule Warriors on Comedy Central at least once, and both versions of Smash probably 10+ times.

Believe it or not, but I'd honestly say I've seen more Wii U ads this year than 3DS ads. As far as the 3DS goes, I've seen Smash a bunch of times, and then Kirby a few times. That's it.



IceClimbers commented on Nintendo Is Bringing Holiday Magic To Shopping...:

@Yorumi Then you're watching the wrong channels cause I've seen a ton of commercials for DKC, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Bayo 2, and definitely Smash within the last year. Bayonetta 2's commercial I only saw once though because the channel it was on had limited ad space that Nintendo was competing with themselves for due to Fantasy Life and Smash 3DS.



IceClimbers commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

@Peach64 And then falls of a cliff again as Kirby does as well as Bayo 2 did. Kirby won't keep up momentum - if it was a traditional Kirby instead of a Canvas Curse spiritual sequel, then it would be a solid hitter (in terms of impact and sales) like Triple Deluxe was. Yoshi is likely to follow right after, which will do the same thing. Splatoon in likely May is the next time they can make a splash.



IceClimbers commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

One of the above posters hit the nail on the head: it's Gamestop exclusive due to the contract over Xenoblade Chronicles. Hopefully said contract is only for that specific game, and not for the IP (which would make XCX Gamestop exclusive as well).



IceClimbers commented on Spike VGAs To Be Replaced By The Game Awards 2014:

Without Spike and with a board of advisers that includes Phil Spencer and Reggie, I think this awards show will be better. Plus it will probably be streamed on Twitch, so you can still get your facepalms in from the Twitch chat rather than the actual show.



IceClimbers commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

@Yorumi I'm pretty sure that Miyamoto meant that telling a story to the point where the game is more of an interactive movie and less of a video game (like The Last of Us) is what's worrying him, not story-telling in general.

The Last of Us is the prime example in this case. Every single one of my family members who doesn't play video games said that "it looks like a movie", and they're right, it does play like a movie.



IceClimbers commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

Iwata: "Please Understand, I'm back and ready to deliver news directly to you!"

Anyways, keep your expectations in check people. It's talking about games we already know about. We'll probably see MK8 DLC, HW DLC, amiibo, Captain Toad, Duck Hunt reveal trailer, and then a couple other things. Don't expect anything else.



IceClimbers commented on Bayonetta 2 Falls From UK Charts After One Week:

Much expected. It's a niche game for a niche audience. Nintendo has definitely done some advertising in the US. Nintendo actually does a ton of website banners, but it's a waste of money when everybody uses adblock except on select sites (like this one).

We'll see how well Bayonetta 2 does in the US market. I actually think that digital sales might be higher than we expect, and since Nintendo almost never reports digital sales, we have skewed data.