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Thu 30th April, 2009

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iphys commented on Nintendo Announces a Charming New Princess Pea...:

I already have the Mario, Luigi, and Zelda Wiimotes plus 5 others and had 2 extra Wiimotes before that that I gave to my dad, so I better stop buying Wiimotes. It's easy to say no to this since I hate pink anyway.



iphys commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

I pre-ordered for 3DS with no intention of getting the Wii U version, so I'm just fine with the Wii U version coming out later to help sell Wii U systems for x-mas. Of course, if everyone just buys it for 3DS, then maybe the Wii U version won't really be much of a system seller.



iphys commented on 'Mr. Tetris', Henk Rogers, Discusses Game Boy ...:

If we don't get a Tetris game for Wii U, I'll consider it a failure as a console. If a third party won't make it, all the better if Nintendo does it. Tetris DS was more polished than any other Tetris game of late.



iphys commented on Weirdness: Tetris Multitool Changes Lives, Ope...:

I got the multitool, and on all 5 sides of the packaging that are labelled, it correctly says "multitool" — sigh. The quality is much higher than I expected: feels more substantial than my mini Swiss army knife that I have used as a keychain up till now. I was expecting it to be plastic on the exterior, but it seems to be metal, and weighs much more than my Swiss army knife of similar length.



iphys commented on Features: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spri...:

Maybe it didn't make the list because it's just a remake, but Steel Empire is really the only game I'm looking forward to for 3DS. I pre-ordered Smash Bros, but I've honestly never been thrilled by the series, and I only pre-ordered because I got it for half price.



iphys commented on Review: Ice Hockey (Wii U eShop / NES):

I always found it really easy to defend in this game. You just leave your goalie back on the goal line and dead centre of the net, as opposed to coming out to challenge like a real goalie would. Only a perfect shot will be able to get by on either side, so just leave your goalie in position and patiently watch the other team take their shots until you gain possession and can go on offense.



iphys commented on Steel Diver: Sub Wars Update Applies Fixes and...:

@Aqueous For the Sea Hound they also increased surface speed a notch, decreased submerged speed a notch, and decreased the torpedoes by 2 I believe. For the Neptune they added 2 torpedoes, decreased the reload by 1 second, decreased the surface speed a notch, and increased the dive speed a notch. All the other subs seem identical, including the ones in the shop (which they really should have improved if they expected to sell them, lol).



iphys commented on NES Remix Confirmed And Available Today on the...:

@unrandomsam Sales tax isn't included in the sticker price the way VAT is so generally it makes it look like people in North America are being charged far less, when the reality is that Nintendo's profit may not be that different. People from Europe may not realize that some of us are paying 15% in sales tax on top of the North American price, so the total amount we are paying may not necessarily be as low as they think it is either.



iphys commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Are Updated for December:

Mario's Picross and Starship Defense are well worth it if you didn't get them previously. Would have got Lost Levels if it were actually for Wii U, but it's not so I'll live with my Super Mario All Stars version. Got Balloon Fight for 30 cents, and it would barely be worth 150 coins in my mind, never mind 200. Way to reward your new Wii U purchasers, Nintendo, lol.



iphys commented on Fit Meter Iwata Asks Outlines Panasonic Partne...:

I got one, and it's pretty cool. I feel like it overestimates my Calories burned, but it's neat seeing where you walk up and down around town or else being able to see weather patterns due to air pressure changes over the course of a couple days. Also comes in handy if you lose your watch.



iphys commented on Nintendo Download: 28th November (North America):

Getting Mario & DK on sale (been waiting for one), and both 3D Classics. Also the Contra III upgrade once I finally do my Wii to Wii U transfer. Very interested in that Louvre app if it's worth the money.



iphys commented on Happy Birthday, Wii U - You're One Today:

My Wii U is probably my least-loved video game system I've ever owned. The game delays made being an early adopter pointless, but at least the games have finally been coming the past couple months, and I'm sure it will succeed eventually.



iphys commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Friends Gallery Disabled in...:

Hard to believe this is an objective decision when they stand to profit by getting rid of the friend gallery and having people pay for the world gallery. We could share our DSi flipnotes with the world and communicate with our friends on Swapnote for a couple years, yet Nintendo only reacts now? Seems a bit suspect to me.



iphys commented on 3DS XL Coloured Charging Cradles Sold Out On C...:

I grabbed a red one in the first 5 minutes, but it wasn't easy. The site was sluggish, and when the page loaded with the button to complete my order, the page looked barebones and nothing would happen when I clicked the button, so I had to reload the page to get it to render properly with a button that worked.



iphys commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd October (North America):

Been trying to find a copy of Rhythm Thief for $20 for a while, since I saw it on sale for that price at EB but couldn't find a copy at local stores. Was sort of hoping it would come to the eShop. Yay!



iphys commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europ...:

Playing Wii games on the GamePad is a feature we always should have had. It's a little awkward setting it up on the stand and using a separate controller, but it's a great feature to have if you need your TV for something else or just don't want to waste as much power. I'm really happy they finally added support for USB keyboards, because using the stylus isn't optimal, and even the Wii had keyboard support.



iphys commented on Review: Star Wars Pinball (3DS eShop):

The bugs with the Zen Pinball 2 leaderboards on Wii U was enough to convince me never to buy their tables again. I'm glad I avoided the temptation to download this.



iphys commented on Japan Getting Two New 3DS Colours, Pure White ...:

I think they just quietly wanted to discontinue all the original 2 GB models to introduce 4 GB ones, or maybe it's cheaper for them to manufacture a plain black paint job than the varied black on the original.



iphys commented on Wii U Family Hardware Bundles Revealed in Japan:

Good deal, but Bundle 2 seems a bit silly, as you need a balance board already, and anyone that does would most likely not need a sensor bar or wiimote. Assuming they're doing the same "buy a Fit Meter, get Wii Fit U for free" thing in Japan, I don't see the need for Bundle 2 at all — might as well have done a completely different bundle from Bundle 1 to try to attract a different crowd.