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Thu 4th Jun 2009

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Hyperstar96 commented on Weirdness: Super Meat Boy Is Calling For Your ...:

@Tman If that made you dislike Team Meat, I can't even imaging how much you hate Jonathan Blow or Phil Fish. Team Meat were the only ones not acting pretentious and were relatively laid back (Blow's pretentiousness was justified due to the nature of his game, but still).



Hyperstar96 commented on Mother 4 Is On The Way, But It's Not Being Mad...:

@King47 "Yeah, I HATE it when people show their appreciation for something by carrying on its legacy through a tribute, or when fans get together to create something for free that a large number of people can enjoy! Creators of fan art, animations, music, mods, fan fiction, and fan sites should all drop dead!!!"

Do you see how horribly though out and bitter your logic is yet?



Hyperstar96 commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

That's... brilliant. It's true that it does make Nintendo and the eShop look bad, but it really does prove a point. There's not a single hole in his logic; people really will buy anything if it's cheap enough.

So follow his advice, people: If you don't want cheap, soul-less games to flood the eShop, then stop buying cheap, soul-less games for any reason, even as a joke.



Hyperstar96 commented on Video: This New Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo...:

@Porky No, nor did I say that. No one likes a strawman, so stop being one.

I'm saying I'd much rather them not use the same stages for three games in a row. They could use other Melee stages that weren't in Brawl like Peach's Castle or Fountain of Dreams, or they could bring back some more Brawl stages instead, or even N64.



Hyperstar96 commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

If this doesn't come to Wii U, it'll be one of Nintendo's worst ideas ever. It'll be up there with using cartridges on the N64, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and the name "Wii U".

Wii U owners want this. Non-Wii U owners have been waiting for this. Do not waste this opportunity, Nintendo.



Hyperstar96 commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

Computers and the Internet also allow people to break the law. Should they be banned, too? People are going to download ROMs for use in an emulator regardless of whether or not they own a flash cart, so flash carts aren't even a problem at all.

I think everyone here (who has half an idea of how the law should work) can agree that, at the very least, ROM distribution and downloading of new games (DS/Wii and later) is bad. Old games, however, are an entirely different story:

  • In the case of games that aren't on the Virtual Console, there's no way Nintendo can make a profit on them anymore, so who cares? Maybe they should actually try with the VC if they care so much <_<
  • As for games that are on the Virtual Console, as long as people don't use ROMs as as an excuse to not buy a new copy of a game, it's okay. Unfortunately, a lot of people do see it as an excuse, so this point may be moot.

I say ROMs (and by extension flash carts) of older games/systems are completely fine as long as they don't take sales from Nintendo. That means if you download a ROM, you should also buy a copy of the game on the Virtual Console (if such a version exists, otherwise do whatever you want... release more VC games already, Nintendo! It's been almost two years for Wii U alone!).



Hyperstar96 commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@SkywardLink98 That simply means any past modification that's meant to affect non-current 3DS software could brick your 3DS since it won't work with current firmware. That's not anything Nintendo has put into effect; it's just common sense. Like I said, don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. It's like saying "smashing your 3DS with a brick will render it permanently unplayable"; it's just common sense, because that's how technology works. Don't try to install incompatible software.

Regardless, that still doesn't change the fact that no 3DS has ever been bricked by Nintendo.



Hyperstar96 commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@SkywardLink98 Why won't people get this through their thick, uneducated skulls...?

A 3DS is a good, not a service. Nintendo doesn't have the legal right to brick anyone's system, nor have they ever bricked a system in the past. The absolute worst they can do is ban your Nintendo Network account.

And to everyone who thinks this will open up piracy: THAT ALREADY HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO. 3DS flashcarts (flashcarts that can play 3DS ROMs) have been around for a while, and no company has "gone bankrupt". Please stop your whining and stop acting like you know everything when you clearly don't.



Hyperstar96 commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Nimious Once again, you don't get the point I'm making. If you hate Meta Knight so much, then don't play as Meta Knight. One single bad character doesn't ruin an entire game, no matter how much you want to think it does. Did Oddjob ruin Goldeneye for everyone? No; it's still considered one of the best multiplayer games on the N64, if not the best. One big reason Brawl doesn't have as much of a competitive scene now is because Meta Knight wasn't banned as soon as people realized he was broken. We all get that the floaty physics are responsible for Brawl not being as popular as Melee in the competitive scene, but don't try to place all - or even half - of the blame on one character.

Likewise, a character being good in one game doesn't automatically mean they're going to be good in the next. Again, look at Kirby. He was #2 on the tier lists in 64, and where was he in Melee? At the very bottom. Even Pichu beat him, and Pichu was supposed to be a joke character. Just trust that Sakurai and his team know what they're doing and maybe you won't feel so bitter. If Meta Knight is still broken when Smash 4 cones out, then you feel free to complain about it all you want. But until then, remember that you haven't actually played the game and have no right to make any objective comments about it other than what Sakurai has said.



Hyperstar96 commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@Nimious Did you also whine about Pikachu and Kirby being in SSB64? Or Fox and Falco in Melee? Because those four were broken and you don't seem to be complaining about them. And if you don't like Meta Knight, then just don't play as/against Meta Knight; it doesn't ruin the entire game like you claim it does.

Also, make sure you actually READ the Miiverse post before discussing it; Sakurai said his new Up+B has no glide and is more tactical (meaning it requires more skill to properly use). It's definitely nerfed.

Melee fanboys...



Hyperstar96 commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

@DarkKirby In other words, you're saying:

"Too many unmemorable characters. I'd rather have the one with the totally memorable and not at all generic kawaii desu anime girl."

Anyway, if I didn't already have my Zelda 3DS XL (which seems to be one of the more valuable XLs from what I've seen), I'd definitely get this.



Hyperstar96 commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

"there are attempts — so far unsuccessful — to release a mainstream product to allow people to play 3DS game ROMS off an SD card"

3DS piracy has been possible for a while now, albeit not on current firmware. Gateway 3DS supports every 3DS ROM to date, and it's been around since August 2013.



Hyperstar96 commented on Flappy Bird is Now Playable on the DSi and 3DS...:

@NavySpheal I agree completely. The guy who made Flappy Bird is just that: a simple, humble iOS game developer who didn't like the (negative) attention he was getting from something that got much bigger than it should have. The game itself isn't bad, but it should only be seen for what it is. If people think it's one of the best things gaming has to offer, then that speaks volumes about what mobile has been conditioning (for lack of a better word) people to like.