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Thu 6th February, 2014

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Hy8ogen commented on Animal Crossing Director Talks More About Happ...:

Just give us an actual Animal Crossing game instead of all this nonsense. This game should be a FEATURE in the actual game. I'm sorry but these 2 animal crossing titles is just ridiculous and are simply cash grabs. Shame on you Nintendo.



Hy8ogen commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Honestly this year's digital event is pretty meh. The only big announcement is Star Fox. The rest of the titles are either we already know about or small titles. A party AC game? Really? Sony and Microsoft' presentation was way better.



Hy8ogen commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

This is still ridiculous. Instead of removing voice chat, they could have given players the option to USE it or DISABLE it. Simply taking it away is not nice. I'm glad this game is very good even when voice chat is absent. Still, wish it was available.

Voice chat in a multiplayer game is a must. Dayum, I miss my voice chat in monster hunter.



Hy8ogen commented on Natsume Planning Wii U and 3DS E3 Reveals, Mor...:

@Blast Bruh, it's a knockoff harvest moon.

Guys Natsume is not the people who made the original harvest moons. Marvelous are. So please keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment. IF it's a good farming sim, I may give it a try. If it sucks as hard as the latest entry on the 3DS, I won't even play if it is given out for free.



Hy8ogen commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@JaxonH Welp the studio is now owned by Bandai Namco, so a law action against them is very unlikely. No one would want to go against a giant like BN. Not to mention the PS360 version was also included in the original goals, but was removed as well. If nobody did anyting regarding the PS360 version, I don't think anyone would give a damn about the Wii U version. Just my 2 cents.

Personally I see this cancellation coming from miles away. The indicators were extremely obvious. The most obvious one being that they did not show us ANY footage/pictures/screenshot/gamepad features of the Wii U version throughout the game's development. How can that be normal?

It is stuff like this that keeps me away from crowd funding.



Hy8ogen commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

People canceling or changed their minds on splatoon because of a connection hiccup on a TESTING session? Hahaha man, that's a whole new level of entitlement.

I've participated I'm a lot of CBTS and BTS. Trust me yesterday's connection issue is not really an issue lol.



Hy8ogen commented on Art Academy: Atelier Sketched In For 26th June...:

@Souldin I thought the sketchpad does not provide lessons? It's just an App that provides you with a variety of drawing tools to create your drawings. Whereas this full release contains lessons on how to draw? Which is why I never bothered with the sketchpad, since I don't know how to draw AT ALL.

@ThomasBW84 Hope you're right! I really need to learn how to draw so my future children won't look down on me :(



Hy8ogen commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:

@ikki5 I don't know which part of Canada you live in, but in Vancouver the PS4 is priced at 449 and Xbone at 399, both are MSRP. Remember sales/discount price doesn't count.

Back on topic, I really hope splatoon does well. Finally a new IP I'm such a long time lol. However I'm not picking it up day 1. At 70 CAD I need to make sure this game is worth that price.



Hy8ogen commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

@ikki5 I never once said people should buy the cheaper console. People should buy the console they want for the games. I live by this rule, which is why I will always have a Nintendo console as primary simply because they offer the experience that cannot be found on anywhere else.

Which is why I have both the PS4 and Wii U ;)



Hy8ogen commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:

@ikki5 The very first company to do this was Sony. They increase the price of the PS4 by 50 dollars mere months after it was launched. Not only that, Sony also increase 5 dollars on EVERY accessories available for the PS4 (Controllers, Camera etc). Furthermore, the games on both PS4 and Xbone were already 70 dollars per piece since early 2014.

Also FYI, with the current currency exchange rate, gaming goods in Canada are slightly cheaper than USA.