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Re: Kaio: King of Pirates, by Keiji Inafune's Comcept, is Officially Cancelled



And that's not all.

Anyone here remembers Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z? Jusy another disaster made by Comcept's incompetence. Pretty sure Koei lost money in that scam too.

If game publishers are minimally smart, they will stay away from Inafune's projects. Everything he is involved on turns to dirt.

Inafune is just as bad as Capcom, if not worse. Guy just scams everyone for a quick, easy buck.

Re: Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringement, Looking For $9.43 million Settlement



Again, couldn't have said it better.

There were even some other issues they did, and, at least for me, they were just as bad:

First one, and the oldest I can think of, was the western version of the original Sengoku Basara, named Devil Kings. For the west release, there were a few gameplay changes, added difficulty and removal of japanese history references. All of this, in itself, wouldn't have been a problem if the "geniuses" as Capcom hadn't decided to cut the game's playable cast in half for no apparent reason. We basically got a gimped version in the west. An then they wondered why it didn't sell enough.

Then, we also have Resident Evil :the Mercenaries 3D fiasco. In one of their anti-consumer acts, they simply decided to remove the option to delete save data in an attempt to block used sales of the game, not to mention the game itself is more of a tech demo than anything. And, to make it worse, they add the option to delete saves years later only in the digital version of the game, which, obviously, cannot be resold, due to "user requests". Ooookay...

Then, we have Asura's Wrath. That game wouldn't have been that bad if it wasn't for the fact that you need to purchase the game's true ending as DLC. Any further commentary on this one would be unnecessary.

Then we have Resident Evil 6, the game that doesn't know if it's a survival horror or a dudebro cover-based shooter. Although, even if it was only one of those genres,thanks to the exagerrated amount of QTEs and, especially, the cheap level design, this games can be defined as nothing more than an exercise of frustration.

And we have Street Fighter X Tekken, a crossover between the two biggest fighters ever. It had everything to be great, so what happened? Simple: Capcom happened to be the publisher and decided to lock half of the game's roster as on-disc DLC. Fortunately for us, consumers saw it was a ripoff and simply ignores the game, making it bomb really hard.

Last but not least, the Ninja Theory DmC fiasco. If bad design choices and anti-consumer practices weren't enough, this time they went as far as not only making a "reboot" no one asked for, but also insulting everything about and everyone who liked the original series. DmC wasn't a reboot, wasn't a remake, wasn't a proper sequel. It was an insult from a publisher that thought they do no wrong and a mid-tier developer who thought they were the big deal. This scene basically sums what was wrong with this one:

After all of this, the only thing that surprises me is how a very few people still buy Capcom games to this day.

Re: Capcom Cuts Profit Projections By Over 50%, Despite "Strong Sales of Monster Hunter 4"


Way to go, C(r)apcom!

  • Outsource Resident Evil ORC to a talentless dev
  • Turn Resident Evil into a Gears of War clone
  • Cannot delete save data on RE Mercenaries 3D to "block" used sales
  • Milk Street Fighter IV through an entire generation
  • Release "Ultimate" Marvel vs Capcom 3 about 6 months after the original without giving owners of the vanilla game the option to upgrade
  • Outsource Devil may Cry to another talentless dev who not only doesn't know the series, but also insults potential consumers,, while completely ruining the storyline in a "reboot" no one asked for
  • Lock half the roster of Street Fighter x Tekken as on-disc DLC
  • Cancel Mega Man Legends 3 and blames the fans for it
  • No phisical release of Phoenix Wright
  • Invest a crapton of money on Mobile for no returns

What's the next one, Capcom?

Re: Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warner Bros. Cancels Batman: Arkham Origins Wii U DLC


@hcfwesker Now that s correct.

This "Wii U owners need to support 3rd party and buy their games" is really utter BS. People aren't supposed to buy bad games so that MAYBE, and the key word here is MAYBE, the 3rd party in question releases a good game.

As for the case of Arkham Origins, the simple fact that the Wii U version was missing the online multiplayer already shows how much effort WB Games put into it.

Not to mention the game deserved to sell low, not only on the Nintendo system, but on all consoles. Most reviewers stated the game is broken and even the fans of the series acknowledge it is a cash-in. Unfortunately, it was able to sell on other systems relying on brand name alone.

Re: The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartphone Strategy, to be Announced This Week


@xevious While I do not think Virtual Console is a selling point, the rest is correct. The whole point of producing hardware is to get as many software as possible to drive sales. Nintendo should be thinking about "importing" games, not "exporting" them.

Releasing games on Android/iOS will just make Nintendo hardware less attractive. Every casula is going to think "Why buy a 3DS whem my phone can already play Mario?".

And, once again, I insist, Microsoft and Sony aren't doinng this. Want to play Gran Turismo? Buy a PlayStation. Want to play Halo? Buy an Xbox. It's simple as that.

And, to close the package, it doesn't resolve the Wii U's problem of having little to no support. Putting games on mobile won't bring Metal Gear, Castlevania,Silent Hill, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Dead or Alive, Dynasty Warriors, Need for Speed, Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, Destiny, Borderlands, Soul Calibur, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts... All these games aren't on Wii U, but I'm 100% sure that the majorly hated Xbox One will be getting them all.

Re: The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartphone Strategy, to be Announced This Week


@vamkar I just think it has a pretty big chance of backfiring...

What if all those casuals think "I already got Super Mario on my phone. No need to put $170,00 on a 3DS.".

And the worst part is, if this actually happens, it's their handheld (their hardware that is doing well) that will suffer the most.

Nintendo should be trying to bring software to its platforms, not deliver software to someone else's.

Lest we forget, as far as I know, there isn't a single Sony or Microsoft game on iOS/Android.

Re: The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartphone Strategy, to be Announced This Week


I keep imagining the execs at Nintendo discussing this:

Guy 1 - Our hardware isn't selling as much as we wanted to. What do we do?

Guy 2 - Bring more software to our platforms?

Guy 1 - No, that's horrible! Why would that work?

Guy 3 - So let's release our software on other devices and give people even less reason to buy our hardware.

Guy 1 - Genius! Yes, that's it! Software on other devices! That will fix all of our hardware problems!

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