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HopeNForever commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

Many people thought Skyward Sword was going to have a dual-launch on the Wii and its successor at the time itself got delayed. Why do analysts make these doom-and-gloom assumptions simply based on the present nature, rather than what is to come? I mean, maybe the announcement for Nintendo's and DeNA's partnership was poorly timed, and they should have waited until after E3 to confirm the Wii U is still pretty much important.



HopeNForever commented on Video: Donkey Kong 64 Tumbles Onto Wii U Virtu...:

Nintendo must have had some serious background discussions with Microsoft to retain all the Rare-owned references in the Virtual Console re-release, including the full, classic Jetpac game, which is an integral mini-game of sorts. I also have reason to believe Rare owns much of the game's code too, which in a way also belong to Microsoft.



HopeNForever commented on Rodea the Sky Soldier Glides to European Conso...:

@Varoennauraa NIS America is only doing publishing duties in favour of the developer, and are very unlikely going to touch the core coding after the game has already gone gold in Japan. The Wii Remote control support is going to remain a Wii-exclusive thing, but that's fine in some ways, as the Wii disc is coming within the Wii U retail case anyway, and since Wii U is backwards-compatible, well, you get the idea.



HopeNForever commented on Super Mario 64 HD Creator Bows To Legal Action...:

@abe_hikura That depends. The way I understand it, Nintendo's legal department asked the creator to take down this game because it was using assets hacked from Nintendo own games, which is technically not legit, despite the fair use. That other HD remake project is being fully made from scratch, build from the ground up, including the Mario animations. They even made a speed art video showing people the actual process of the model animation being made in Blender:

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HopeNForever commented on Video: Marvel At The Fabulous amiibo Unlocks I...:

Hopefully, amazing, premium fashion games like this would encourage more young female gaming enthusiasts to play on the Nintendo 3DS rather than all the fashion game shovelware you can find in the mobile space, especially the ones endorsed by certain celebrities that don't know anything about good games. The amiibo inclusion really brings the Nintendo identity to their own fashion game series - a lot of young gamers do love their Nintendo reference fix in various games, and with the popularity of amiibo itself, well, this would make a lot of sense.



HopeNForever commented on Gallery: Splatoon Development Updates Show Off...:

I wonder if there is really some significance to the fictional branding in this game. Not only are the gear and outfits branded, but also the weapons themselves have specific brands. I'm pretty sure there ought to be more to it than being somewhat realistic compared to real world marketing.



HopeNForever commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

I'm not sure why so many people are misunderstanding his article. Aonuma only clarified their original intension for a 2015 release is no longer a priority after they realised a potential scope of the project. This does not necessarily mean a 2015 release will not happen, rather he's saying there is a great chance it wouldn't happen anyway just to realise these new potentials and make it the best The Legend of Zelda game yet!



HopeNForever commented on Weirdness: The Mail on Sunday Still Thinks We'...:

Why do non-gaming journalism have to continue cover gaming with their disinterest and lack of research about the main subject in their articles? Good thing not all publishers are that careless.

@Discostew Yep, those are indeed the custom sprites Dorkly uses in their game parody animations.



HopeNForever commented on Freedom Planet Bringing Its Brand of Sonic-Sty...:

Wasn't Freedom Planet originally an actual Sonic the Hedgehog fan game before development went a different direction with an original IP? I mean, much of the gameplay from a potential 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game is still there on the current game.



HopeNForever commented on Fan Discovers StarTropics Music Tracks that We...:

Holy nuts and fruit chocolate! I was personally and obsessively looking up info on StarTropics for the past few weeks, and suddenly there is new development appearing on a 25 year old game?! My mind is blown - it's like it was meant to be!

I recently acquired a license to download the sequel - Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II - on my Wii, thanks to Club Nintendo, and been trying to beat it for the first time, although it's a pretty tough game. However, it is a shame Club Nintendo didn't include the first title, and I still need to use an emulator and ROM file to play the original just because I am unable to purchase anything from the Wii Shop Channel on my own. This is simply because Nintendo won't accept my debit card info as it is not issued by a bank in the United States or Canada, and Nintendo Points prepaid cards have long been outta print. Why couldn't Nintendo of America revamp the system so that eShop prepaid cards work with the older digital stores like it does on the PAL and Japanese systems?



HopeNForever commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains Why Tingle is Such a Pecu...:

Wasn't it already established that Tingle is into women when the character shown some interest in the equally odd Pinkle from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland? Although, to be fair, she did look a little masculine, and her outfit works nicely for a drag queen. Still, she was a woman all right.



HopeNForever commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

In case there are a few DSiWare games and apps available on the old system's native memory (due to the fact DSiWare cannot be launched directly from the SD card), it is imperative to transfer all DSiWare to the SD card prior to transferring system data between old and New systems?



HopeNForever commented on Curve Studios Talks About The Future Of The Hy...:

I personally got both instalments of Fluidity, albeit I technically did not buy either one - managed to get them during periodic Club Nintendo give-aways. I really enjoyed both titles, but I would not have been aware of it and how awesome it is if Nintendo hasn't originally released a demo version of the first game on WiiWare.



HopeNForever commented on Video: SEGA's 3D Classics Collection Now Avail...:

I feel so fortunate I mastered the art of "cross-eyed 3D" viewing, especially with a screen that is stretched just right for the job. I can see the 3D effect so clearly without blurs and without any need to fully focus on it, and it looks so awesome - I am sure I wouldn't be disappointed either if my Nintendo 3DS could do the same job for me in any case.



HopeNForever commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

Am I the only person bothered by the fact that iJustine acted like a typical Xbox/PlayStation gamer getting all giddy about notable Nintendo products that she should know about as a gaming journalist? Quite frankly, I even question her journalistic credibility especially since some of her questions towards a busy man like Miyamoto felt very trivial. We may have gotten a few good points, but it still does not change the fact it was a horridly performed interview.

I suspect this interview wouldn't have happened if Nintendo didn't make such a huge mind-blowing impression at the recent Game Awards ceremony.



HopeNForever commented on Sega Looking To Turn Streets Of Rage, Shinobi,...:

I really dunno why so many gaming companies are lately obliged to push their IPs for more mainstream audiences via other mediums. Even when a few film adaptations are commercial successes, it doesn't mean they are respectable films with critical successes, and those listed ever received either mixed or bad reviews.



HopeNForever commented on The New Nintendo 3DS Doesn't Come With An Inte...:

@mr12calvin You would be able to login the same Nintendo Network ID account you have just fine on the new console if you successfully did the System Transfer correctly in the System Settings, and the new console will also be able to read all the games and save files you have on your SD card, even if you transferred all data from a regular SD card to a Micro one, as long as you managed the System Transfer to the new console.

By the way, I just learned from someone that apparently the New Nintendo 3DS cannot be registered on Club Nintendo, either manually (like on older consoles) or digitally (like on the Wii U). I don't know if the situation would be different in the European release, but for now people cannot register the console on Club Nintendo anyway, not in Australia or Japan.