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Wed 10th Nov 2010

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honza commented on Eurosport Video App Coming to 3DS For Free:

I'm really interested what do they mean by the term "across Europe". Most of their services are supported only in very few European countries (the largest ones), others are ignored. I will check the Eurosport app, but I would be really surprised if it works for me.



honza commented on 3DS eShop Has Officially Opened Its Doors:

OMG? What is this? I downloaded the update, and sorry to say, it is really 10 years old design...

  • downloading not on background, but you have to wait. They must be kidding
  • still using "blocks" as the unit — what the *** is "block"? I want megabytes
  • only 2 trailers (Ocarina 3D and DoA Dimensions); probably there are no more 3DS trailers available in the world
  • screenshots from 3DS games are in 2D — really a way to show the game
  • only 20 DSíWare titles — where is the rest?
  • no PayPal payments — I don't want to share my credit card with everyone
  • this may be personal, but the GUI of eShop is not intuitive for me.

The browser is also bad. No YouTube support. No Search function. No URL history (when entering URL). Loading pages like takes ages. Getting errors like "Image display failed" and "Script execution is taking a long time. Do you want to continue executing the script?"

Sorry, but it is typical Nintendo fail. I hope Café gets proper network system, as they outsorced the development of network for their next home console.



honza commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

While I see the success of iOS downloadable games, I also see these games are mostly of small size. The big titles for 3DS are enormous in size, e.g. Samurai Warriors: Chronicle is 2GB. Is there a single iOS game of that size? I doubt that. Can you imagine how long would you donwload it? At the end people would have several SD cards with their games and carry them around, just like with today cartridges.

Of course, on the other hand titles like Super Monkey Ball or Steel Diver are perfect candidates for download service. So I think, cartridges still have their place, of course it should be more considdered, whether a particular title is good for traditional retail shops.