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Thu 11th Feb 2010

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HolyMackerel commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

I just wonder about the controller's ergonomics and battery life. The start, select and home buttons really shouldn't be way down there - and in even harder-to-reach places than the power button of all things.

Still, looks great so far. Built-in mic and speakers, massive 6.2" touchscreen... this really is quite exciting.



HolyMackerel commented on Nintendo Drops Wii to $149.99 and Launches Bud...:

Nice. Re-releases are always welcome. I'd totally get Animal Crossing at this price and, if it's released, Smooth Moves as well. A little puzzled about Wii Sports since everyone already has it. (And $20 is a little high for what you get.)



HolyMackerel commented on Behold This Boppin' BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer:

BEAT was great, I don't mind more. I expect FLUX to be wonderfully difficult. But I also can't see how anyone could get really hyped about this.

However, one question: why is it only 2P coop when BEAT was 4P? Is there something new that prevents 4 players from playing together?



HolyMackerel commented on Review: Jam City Rollergirls (WiiWare):

Sounds cool. I love "extreme" arcade sports games and it's a shame that they didn't release this as a retail game so it could have more content and polish.

Maybe they could release an upgraded, more complete version for Steam?



HolyMackerel commented on Australian 3DS Event Set for February 8th:

komicturtle92 wrote:

And funny how you guys are just south of Japan and have to pay twice more than the US.

The distance between Australia and Japan is not too different from the US and Japan, both geographically and culturally speaking. Far enough that Australia would have its own separate economy from Japan, certainly.

It's too bad the computer and video games market in Australia is so small, relatively speaking. I wonder if that's one of the reasons Aussie distributors use to justify the high prices. I suppose they would have to mark up the price due to shipping and customs, but also to make up for the smaller number of eventual sales.



HolyMackerel commented on Konami to Take Over Hudson in April:

@6 KeeperBvK Are you serious? A decade's worth of Suikodens, Castlevanias, Silent Hills, Metal Gears, Beatmanias, Dance Dance Revolutions, Gradiuses and Contra 4 just aren't enough for you? What kind of mind-blowing publishers have you been following? (Well apart from Capcom. But they're a special case.)



HolyMackerel commented on 3DS Hardware Details:

Overall it seems already. No 802.11n wireless card, but that's not a big issue since b/g is fast enough for pretty much anything and the added range isn't necessary in most cases. My biggest problem is that 3-5 hour battery life. And it may get even shorter than that depending on what other functions are being used? Sigh.



HolyMackerel commented on 3DS Launches in Europe on March 25th:

@PSICOffee All 3DSes will have a black lid. Apparently it's less intrusive to the top screen's 3D effect. Perhaps there will be some limited edition ones with different lid colours, but don't expect a totally red 3DS any time soon.

£229 is a ridiculous price btw.



HolyMackerel commented on 3DS Launches in Europe on March 25th:

Yeah, the event on stage was pretty poor but I didn't mind. The Japanese producers and developers were totally confident and knew their stuff. Very professional and in the zone. Their translator on the other hand was sweating buckets. The French dudes were nervous as well. Very interesting, but also a little embarrassing.

And the price being unannounced isn't a surprise. Each country in the EU will have a different price so announcing one at the event will just make people jealous of one another.



HolyMackerel commented on Nintendo Confirms 3DS Will Be Region-Locked:

@34 HeroOfTime007 First of all, Nintendo (yes, even NoJ) will never publish hentai games. Period. Getting involved in the seedy side of things would ruin their mass market family-friendly reputation forever.

Secondly, if you think import gamers are only wapanese losers who play "archaic" JRPGs then you really have narrow-minded misconceptions about gaming everywhere. So much of gaming as a whole has come from Japan and they continue to deliver excellent products. As an old example, you do know that the real Super Mario Bros. 2 never had a western release until NoA luckily decided to include it in Super Mario All-Stars, right? Then, like @edhe said, there are the poor, poor EU/AU gamers who are quite severely handicapped unless they can import NA titles.

Thirdly, yes, if hackers open the 3DS to be region-free then import gamers will jump on board with that and potentially just start pirating games for free instead of importing. It just gives people one more reason (and a legitimate one) to hack their 3DS. This is a stupid move by Nintendo.



HolyMackerel commented on Contents of 3DS Box Revealed:

@zez Isn't it obvious? The included SD card is there to clue people in and get them started with the online store. That was one of the failings of the Wii and the DSi. If someone downloads more than 2GB worth of apps then they'll know they can buy a bigger SD card.

Besides, if a larger capacity SD card was included then the retail price of the 3DS would increase even more. You don't actually want that, do you?